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  1. Sapper added a post in a topic Just when the guy you poked fun at...RESPONDS!!   

    Well damn, I was at Duckworths over on Montford earlier today.
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  2. Sapper added a post in a topic Panthers - Jaguars - What Jaguar Fans Are Saying   

    I guess we're at the 'yeah well my dad can beat up your dad' stage of week 1.
    Before things start getting full blown idiotic on both sides, take an objective look at the Jags.  They are no rollover team like a lot of people on this board are predicting them to be.  Think '12-'13 Carolina in terms of competitiveness.
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  3. Sapper added a post in a topic PIE PIE PIE   

    Haven't eaten yet either!
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  4. Sapper added a post in a topic windows 10 and the forum loading   

    That's a lot of transferred bandwidth and process requests for this site.
    It should be somewhere around 500 requests with about 2.5 MB of bandwidth.  What processes do you have running in the background?  Try killing as many tasks and processes as you can [ctrl-alt-del: task manager].
    Also, are all of your drivers up to date with the new release?  This is all vanilla troubleshooting, but the problem seems pretty broad especially since not one specific method jumped out on your network refresh.  Something seems to be sabotaging your connection and drilling your network speed.
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  5. Sapper added a post in a topic windows 10 and the forum loading   

    Ha, although Jeremy and the brass behind the site would love for you to fix this problem with a premium membership, I'm sure you're issue is just technical.
    Do a hard reset and check your network load on the site and see what takes the longest to load.
    (ie:  in Chrome, pull up dev tools - (hit ctrl->shift->i) and click the network tab on the popup bar that comes up).
    Make sure disable cache is checked and then refresh the page.  Check the bottom to see what your load time in MS is.  Also, of the items that populate in the pop-up bar, which take the most time in MS to load?
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  6. Sapper added a post in a topic I need at least 3 Huddle friends to infiltrate the Jags website   

    The city of Jacksonville won't know what hit them.
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  7. Sapper added a post in a topic Breathing new life into a 2010 Macbook pro   

    Yea, like d-dave said, go for SSD all day.  HDD still has its uses (especially for mainframes) but there aren't many.
    I found this off Tom's:
    They had a few benchmarks on some newer models on cnet and techradar worth looking into it seems.
    I'm not sure on your RAM spec/requirements - but this popped up based on what you mentioned:
    8GB should be more than enough, and RAM is a very cheap component.
    Keeps you under $200 and should get you up to speed with where you need to be.  As for additional storage, I always opt for cloud.  But if you need the comfort level of a handheld, there's always the scalable:
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  8. Sapper added a post in a topic Good lord....   

    I still get the paper (I have no idea why since I mainly just do the crossword) and today they only sent us the main section and nothing else.  Completely threw off my morning Saturday routine.
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  9. Sapper added a post in a topic Week 1 relevant - Jaguars DE Andre Branch to miss 'significant time,' with knee injury   

    He's a really big part of their pass rush rotation so is a pretty big set back for them.
    Having followed Jax the past few weeks or so, they could end up being a playoff contender this year and are certainly no pushover for Carolina.
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  10. Sapper added a post in a topic Preseason Game 3 Thread: Patriots vs Panthers 730 P.M. General thoughts, previews, etc in here   

    Nice to see Janeane Garofalo found another niche after acting.
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  11. Sapper added a post in a topic Historical Correlation between 3rd Preseason Game and Season Record (for last 12 seasons)   

    I'd be interested in looking at the OLS using the data from only the 1st 3 quarters.  Some games seem like they could have swung based on differential.
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  12. Sapper added a post in a topic Who is going to the game Friday night?   

    348 5 3
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  13. Sapper added a post in a topic Will the Panthers win Super Bowl 50?   

    Not even at 100% healthy right now =/.
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  14. Sapper added a post in a topic 2nd Preseason comeback victory. PIE FOR EVERYONE   

    Wins still feel better than losses every way you cut it ;)
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