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  1. Kevin Greene has finally made the HOF

    Rams no doubt
  2. Really?  Kinda surprised by that one tbh.  Coach of the Year is up in the air too.
  3. I'm more interested to see HoF finalists and DPoY.  The rest are pretty much as expexted.
  4. Manning is 0-1 in SBs for the  Broncos.  It's  an easy game to play :)
  5. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Way tl:dr
  6. Wednesday...

    Surely you're not thinking of the song referring to Caroline Kennedy, that in no way references the states of North or South Carolina?
  7. Wednesday...

  8. Wednesday...

    (Not that I loathe Skynyrd that much, but it's SB week and I'm playing superstitions pretty close to the vest.)
  9. Wednesday...

    If I ever had to listen to a LS song again, I had the the luxury of punching the closest person.  My ride home obliged.  End.  Pie.  (Not kidding)
  10. Lady Gaga will be performing the national anthem

    What's cool about her is she uses her stage name from a fantastic Queen song, Radio Gaga:      
  11. Luke is so white hahaha

    If someone asked me what car I would be my reply would be "the one I drive."
  12. Always really liked Eugene, and the timing of all that really was terrible.
  13. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    I love my autocorrect sometimes :)
  14. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    I went to go cook and eat a frozen pizza.  Judith by the replies I didn't miss a thing lol.