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  1. Proudiddy added a post in a topic: Hornets Starting A D-League Team   

    fug Raleigh for withdrawing.
    And fug Asheville for not.
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  2. Proudiddy added a post in a topic: Bulls Fire Thibs   

    He also plays people based on their ability,  not their years of service.
    Jimmy Butler wouldn't be Jimmy Butler if his ass sat on the bench his first two years in the league. 
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  3. Proudiddy added a post in a topic: Bulls Fire Thibs   

    Cho and MJ,  get on the phone now. 
    Per NBA Gametime app.   Tried to link it but this new board layout isn't allowing me to paste the source.  Smh... 
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  4. Proudiddy added a post in a topic: UNC receives Notice of Allegations   

    ​Why is it so important to you?
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  5. Proudiddy added a post in a topic: NBA Finals Thread   

    I feel conflicted.
    I've always kind of felt like the Warriors were my adopted west coast team.  I grew up reading about RUN TMC, then their runs with players like Webber, Sprewell, when Muggsy played for them a few years, J-Rich, B-Diddy (I could pull for him again after he left New Orleans, F THEM), Captain Jack...  And now, they have Charlotte's own, Steph at the helm...  And if you don't like him, you just don't like life.

    BUT, I said last year when LeBron went back to Cleveland last offseason, that if we were out of playoff contention, I would be pulling for them...  I hate them as long as we're alive, but we WEREN'T from the season opener lol.  And it's not because of some affinity I have for Cleveland, but I am a LeBron fan, and I was happy he did the right thing.  It was the best thing for him and Cleveland.  It should be a fairy tale ending for his career to finish it out there and finally bring home a championship to their long suffering fans (the REAL reason I would like to see them get one), and it all is for his home state. 

    I feel like it's one of those things where you truly don't have a dog in the fight, just a couple of dogs you found walking around on the street and gave them what was left off your Big Mac.  I feel like it's one of those matchups where I don't truly know who I want to win until it tips off.  I have reasons I'd like to see both of them win, but I also would feel sad for either of them if they lose, lol...  SO, what I'm saying is, is that this is going to be an awesome NBA Finals. 
    IMO, this is probably going to be the best Finals since the Mavs came back and beat the Heat for Dirk's chip...  In all honesty, all of the season-ending injuries to the Cavs was probably the best thing that could happen for basketball.  Love never really found, or adapted to, his role in Cleveland and then once his injury ended the idea of their "big three," it forced the rest of the team to play as a team and LeBron to step his game up to MJ-esque levels of greatness.  But, it also made them a lot more complete, just as the Warriors are, from top to bottom.  So, I expect a highly competitive series!  It's gonna be fun!
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