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  1. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Anyone Watching The Post-Game Rivera Presser?   

    Dammit...   I should've went to sleep 4 hours ago lol.   Should work now. 
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  2. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Anyone Watching The Post-Game Rivera Presser?   

    I had a feeling that maybe they didn't want to post it on the official site, partly because it was relatively short and mostly uninformative, but also because Joe pretty much turned it into a Dutch Oven.
    So, you're welcome huddle... A couple of more observations:  notice how Rivera stops making eye contact with Joe after that initial exchange, that is when he starts sighing, rolling his eyes, and letting out a deep breath after he finishes answering him like it took a lot of will power lol.   Also, I did not realize it earlier, but Joe goes back to the injury questions and asks about Kalil, Rivera briefly answers it and then walks off as Joe starts asking about Tillman.   The added bonus is that Rivera is smiling as he gives his walk-off answer lol. 
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  3. Proudiddy added a post in a topic A Name To Keep An Eye On   

    Why would he be playing til the end of the game in the 4th preseason game?  Why is he wearing a single-digit number?  It isn't because he is a lock to make the roster. 
    SD has a lot of talent at WR.  Their top three are Floyd, Keenan Allen, and Stevie Johnson.  I also had completely forgot they signed Jacoby Jones.  So there's four.  The Tribune article lays all of that out.  After those four guys, he is in competition with four other young reciever they like, one of who, Inman, Rivers REALLY trusts, so there's five.  He's basically competing with three or four other guys for the last spot, and I believe several of them have been with SD for the last year (PS and such). 
    If I was them, there is no way I'd cut him... But either way, if they cut him or keep him, they're going to be cutting a really good WR who will contribute on Sundays this fall for an NFL team.  My hopes are that they cut him and he sees the opportunity to be had here now with KB injured and signs (if we're still interested). 
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  4. Proudiddy added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    A Name To Keep An Eye On
    Tyrell Williams. 
    6-3, 204 lbs. 4.42 forty, 39.5 inch vert, and what would've been the best three cone drill at the combine, all measured at his pro day.  He went to D2 at Western Oregon. 
    I just turned on the SD/SF game while waiting on NFL Total Access and the dude is magic.  You ever watch a game, on any level, and there is that one guy that stands out on the field above everyone else?  He just looks like he is operating at a completely different speed and level of athleticism and skill?  That was what I just saw in this guy.  He caught a ball on a crossing route coming across the middle of the field, made at least two guys miss as he continued running laterally, then saw a crease between a couple of defenders and darted to the daylight, only to completely pull away convincingly from the remaining defenders with an angle on him.  I hadn't heard of him prior, but once he caught it, I never expected all of that because build-wise, he looks pretty hulking...  But he has some jets.  
    So I looked at the clock, and he's making this play about halfway through the 4th quarter.  So I think to myself, "there's hope!"  He continued to play all the way through the 4th,and made another spectacular play later as the QB threw a bullet out of desperation to avoid the rush and Williams dove in the air, reached behind to catch it and snagged it out of midair against his body's momentum (as the throw was well behind him).  
    At this point, I know you're likely thinking, "great thread asshole, he's on another team, why does he get his own thread and why do I care?"  Because, it hit me...   He has several traits that Gettleman loves and I thought how ideal of a fit here he would be because of them...   He's big, athletic, strong hands, from many accounts seems to be a polished route runner, and is a willing and imposing blocker for a WR.  
    Still wondering why he got this thread? 
    I did some more digging...   As I said his measureables were ridiculous at his pro day, and I'm not impressed by pro day numbers unless I see it on the field, and this guy shows all of that and then some.  And here, as Panthers fans, is where we care - he played the entire 4th quarter, meaning obviously he is fighting for a roster spot, ANNNND, we apparently tried to sign him after the draft but he chose San Diego instead.  So, we have already shown interest and there's a chance he might be available.  Only thing is, he apparently made the decision to go with SD, in part because he wanted to stay on the west coast. 
    Anyway, there was interest, and I imagine there still would be after the tape he has put out there this preseason.   Additionally, the San Diego Tribune wrote an article stating SD needs to keep Williams or risk losing him to another team, mentioning us as ideal/potential suitors.  Daddy likey...
    Here are some of the goods:
    -The article where Williams himself mentions that we made him an offer but he chose SD.
    (beware, there is a lot of homer to that article) 
    -The Tribune article laying out possible scenarios if the Chargers fug up and try to put him on the PS, mentioning us as a team that would target him.
    -And a poor man's scouting report with highlights included from prior to the draft.
    IMHO, if we were able to get this guy, he would step in as a starter IMMEDIATELY.  He is explosive and stands out among his peers.  I would love it, if the Chargers were willing to do it, to see Gettleman make a deal for him like he did for Norwood, if the Chargers try to cut him.  If he is cut, I don't see him making it to us in waivers, because he has the measureables, and more importantly, he now has the tape and a growing reputation. 
    The end... 
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  5. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Anyone Watching The Post-Game Rivera Presser?   

    I'm not trying to pile on, because I don't know him, but he has so many memorable moments...  I also thoroughly enjoyed him tweeting out erroneous information and several fans corrected him and then lambasted him for it, to which he replied with simply, "VACAY DUDE."
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  6. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Anyone Watching The Post-Game Rivera Presser?   

    Another one of his greatest hits:

    "Yeah, we (huuuh huuuh) got a lot (huuuuuh) better (huuuuuuuuuaaaaaah) today, and I think we improved (huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaah).  Got (hoo) some (hooo) reps (huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuahhhhhh) in and feel good (huuuuur ahhhhhhhhhhh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) going forward."
    Never noticed it until now, but that appears to be the same shirt...  Was he just on a roll that day, or does he really like that shirt?
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  7. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Anyone Watching The Post-Game Rivera Presser?   

    That never gets old.
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  8. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Now That Preseason Has Concluded, What Is Your Depth Chart at RB, WR, and TE On The Current Roster?   

    ...  DAMN...  I'm sleepy, and looking was eager to get to TE...  updating...
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  9. Proudiddy added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Anyone Watching The Post-Game Rivera Presser?
    This is the second week in a row that Rivera was both visually and audibly irritated with Joe Person.  It was extremely uncomfortable and seems to revolve around Joe's insistence that Rivera disclose what the exact injuries from the game are.  Rivera has told him two weeks in a row that he doesn't know until after the presser, but Joe continues to press him.  Rivera argued with him and insisted that he didn't know anything and that he keeps telling him this...  But, Joe wouldn't give up, lol.
    Finally, when Joe moved on to ask non-injury questions, Rivera audibly, and LOUDLY sighed as Joe was speaking and rolled his eyes and then started answering his questions before Joe even finished asking them, interrupting him in the process.  Then, Joe goes back to injuries and asks about Kalil.  Rivera is irritated again.  As Rivera was walking off the podium to end the presser, Joe asks for an update on Tillman's injury from last week lol.

    I know, worthless without video, but I'm guessing it should be up on the official site soon.
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  10. Proudiddy added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Now That Preseason Has Concluded, What Is Your Depth Chart at RB, WR, and TE On The Current Roster?
    Obviously, we can't foresee who we may bring in, as it is rumored that Gettleman is still looking for help and I'm sure plenty more options will become available following final cuts.  So, who of the current crop makes it, and at WR, who is the guy that gets the axe if we bring in someone else?  I chose these three positions because offense is obviously our weaker facet and these positions seem to be the most important, plus, I think the 53-projection threads get convoluted.  NOTE:  This is who YOU would keep, not who you think the staff will...  But, feel free to include both if you want, as it makes for good discussion.

    RB: Stew, CAP, Todman, Wegher
    *I like Fozzy, but I think Todman makes him replaceable and they're too similar to keep both.  Todman offers the same versatility as Fozzy with ST play, and he is faster and quicker as well, which is what Fozzy's strength was out of this group.  I'm don't think Rivera would keep Wegher over Fozzy, but this is MY thread.
    WRs: Funch, Ginn, Bersin, Norwood, (reluctantly) Philly Brown
    *We need help, and honestly, after the preseason he had, Philly should be the last WR on the depth chart if he is on the final roster...  But, knowing Rivera, that's not happening.  He wants Philly to succeed, and he will give him every opportunity.  Regardless of whatever happens with the guys on the current roster, we have to add another guy IMO, and my preference would be to upgrade Bersin and Brown.  Bersin is fairly reliable on offense, but he isn't going to make many big plays for you once the ball is in his hands.  I'd have no problem if we signed two potential upgrades, cut Philly, and Bersin remains as the last WR, because he has earned that.  But, I doubt that happens.  I think we keep the guys I listed and then add another WR with no plans of playing him over Bersin or Brown.  *EDIT* Like an idiot, I did it on the fly while watching and listening to the post game presser following the game and completely left out Ginn and Cotch.  Ginn may have been subconscious, because as I've said numerous times, I view him more as a returner than a receiver, but with our lack of talent at the position, he is my #2.  Cotch would be cut in my universe, but I fully expect Cotch to be a starter come Jacksonville.
    TEs: Olsen, obvs., Williams, Dickson, LUCAS
    *I don't see the staff thinking like this, but I think over the last two PS, Lucas has shown enough to merit a roster spot - IF WE'RE COMMITTED TO OUR CURRENT ROSTER PLAYERS.  I don't necessarily think Lucas has a position, as his blocking still has a ways to go, but he can definitely get open and make plays in the passing game.  I would keep him as a sort of flex/hybrid guy...  He's listed as a TE, but he is more a WR because of his weakness as an in-line blocker.  He essentially is the 6th WR until we find something better.  And honestly, Philly would still be the first guy I cut in favor of a new signee.
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  11. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Does anyone have the gut feeling that we should throw a BBQ/Cookout for Police Officers?   

    I appreciate the "good" police officers, but as a general rule, I don't care for them as a whole, and due to my past experiences with them, I go out of my way to avoid interaction with them.

    To Lumps, that's another part of the problem...  You're assuming people have a distrust of police because media told us to feel that way, which i actually discounting and dismissing those of us who have legitimate experiences where officers didn't help, protect, or serve where they were supposed to...  Instead, we have a life full of experiences of dealing with the "bad ones."  Don't get me wrong, I've had a few good experiences with law enforcement, but I've had far more bad experiences that have made me wary of them.

    All of the media coverage of recent unjustified shootings just feeds into that uneasiness. 
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  12. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread   

    Byndom's NFL career is flashing before his eyes.
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  13. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread   

    "and west will hear about it in the film room, from his teammates."
    Except he won't...  LOL.
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  14. Proudiddy added a post in a topic The Official South Carolina vs North Carolina CFB Game Thread 6 PM ESPN   

    Yeah, I pretty much gave up on Fedora last year.  Seems like a cool ass dude, but he is a mediocre coach.
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  15. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread   

    Last i heard was a head injury.
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