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  1. He's not a choirboy, so we won't be interested.
  2. Kemba Interview: Inside the NBA

    Man... I'm telling you... all the greats we had that I grew up with - Zo, LJ, Muggsy, Dell, EJ, Glen, Baron... and I think Kemba has surpassed them all as my favorite. I really hope we get our poo together and turn this franchise into a contender while he's still in his prime. He deserves it.
  3. Oh yeah, if I haven't been clear, i have stated repeatedly over the last few years that i think clifford is a huge problem, and I just can't figure out how his job goes unchallenged with how poorly he coaches. So, we're on the same page there.
  4. Updates on the team sale

    fug kid rock. Piece of poo.
  5. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

  6. Luke just had surgery

    This. It makes a lot of sense now in hindsight to me... bc many of the angles he took, he wouldn't approach a player head on and squared up. There was multiple times against the Saints where it appeared he had a ball carrier sized up, and it looked like he almost stepped to the side of them and then tried to tackle.
  7. Luke just had surgery

    Explains why he didn't look 100%, specifically taking un-Luke-like angles throughout the year, especially late.
  8. I said it when we signed him, I absolutely wanted no part of him. Dude is trash. I will never understand a) how he ever won rookie of the Year and b) how tf he managed to get a contract from us this off-season. He should never be allowed to touch a basketball again in his life... it's an insult to the game itself. Meanwhile, Monk rots on the bench, because Clifford. fug that guy.
  9. Kemba Named All-Star

    Dropped 40 points on Lillard last night and was betrayed by both the refs and Clifford, as usual.
  10. Kemba Named All-Star

    Amen brother! Happy for us and Kemba!
  11. Peppers just had surgery?

    FWIW to those of ya'll saying he had it late and won't be ready for the season... Cam had shoulder surgery in March lol. And he actually used the shoulder operated on to run an entire offense. Pep will be fine and I believe SIGCHI in that he will be back as well. At this age, if he was retiring he probably would've already announced it.
  12. Cleveland get's its PG - not Kemba

    Wow. I didnt see the guys they sent out aside from IT and Frye.
  13. Cleveland get's its PG - not Kemba

    Yeah, i absolutely did NOT want Vonleh that draft.
  14. Cleveland get's its PG - not Kemba

    Damn, Cavs got Rodney Hood too?