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  1. Hornets vs. Kings

    Wasnt able to watch til about 2 minutes left in OT.  But, i listened through the Hornets app while i was out until then and that was amazing.  Hope we start seeing more Frank as a result.  Dude shut down Rudy Gay down the stretch and Kemba just went off!  Amazing comeback!  
  2. Lol Vegas knows Goodell is sending his minions to officiate.  fug all them.  We're gonna send Romo back home to bake some more crownies.
  3. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    Lol i doubt he even makes it out of the bottom 5 teams on waivers.
  4. Panthers have two opponents this week.

    Been thinking the same thing for a few weeks now...  we will have our work cut out for us.  My biggest worry with the officiating is that they'll do so much early that change the way we play and, in turn, change the whole dynamic of the game, much like that group of zebra jackoffs in the 2013 playoff game.  That was just disgusting...   But honestly, there is something about this team that tells me no matter what, we'll be fine.  Very mentally tough group we have.
  5. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Can someone please explain to me why Rivera and McDermott thought it was okay to "cover" Desean Jackson with NOT Josh Norman, NOT Benwikere, NOT Teddy Williams, BUT COLIN JONES.  fuging genius.
  6. Taunting.....

    I said it in the other thread, but pretty much the same thing Ginn said.  Cam g3ts under opponents' skin because he is so gifted, almost impossible to stop, AND has swag like no other.  Even if he didnt dance after big plays, he would still piss people off because they cant stop him lol.  He, lioe many of his peers, happen to enjoy celebrating big plays, which again, because of his immense, unearthly talent, he's able to make far more often than those same peers.  In summary, you mad bro.
  7. Kony! Koni! Koné!

    Should we dig up how many people didnt want Cam or Luke when i wanted us to draft them before they were even rumored to be our guys?  How bout when i said we should take Josh Norman before that draft?   Don't get carried away.  I'm right much, much more often than i am wrong, but i dont have a problem admitting when I'm wrong either, which is few and far between.
  8. Hornets vs Trailblazers

    Yeah, thats part of the reason we lost to chicago, Friday.
  9. Hornets vs Trailblazers

    Kind of overlooked due to our huge Panther win today, but we've got a really good basketball team lol. We are up on the Blazers 71 -45 at the half, everyone is passing, and everyone seems to be hitting.  Al is 9/9 with 20 points and Batum is killing with 20 points and 6 assists.  Awesome.
  10. I almost made this thread a few weeks back, and although the title would have been the same, the subject definitely would not. I, for once, didnt go Proudiddy and decided to wait...  just let it play out.  And im glad i did. I really did not think Devin would develop or show any consistency or dependability this season, or possibly ever.  Drops typically arent something guys just get over, but if he maintains this level of play from the last two weeks, i am ecstatic.  Credit to him to keep pounding and credit to Cam for never losing faith in him.  He has come up BIG the last two weeks, and i am happily eating crow. And to Kony...  I'm enjoying a heaping second serving lol.  The reason both of them stood out to me before was because i was worried with our franchise's history of second round busts, that maybe regardless of the GM, it just was a bad round for us lol.  Thankfully, they both seemed to have turned the corner and i am happy to admit i was wrong and couldnt be happier with the results.
  11. Mike Mularkey was SALTY after this game

    Also, i was curious to know what he said to Ron at the end of the game.  That seemed like a long, awkward exchange.  Im guessing he said something about Cam to him. But again, Cam dominated them, our defense dominated them, and you think a couple of penalties were the difference in the game?  Tbh, i felt like the refs were calling it in favor of the titans for the most part.  For example, that block in the back call negating Ginn's PR was a bullshit call.
  12. Mike Mularkey was SALTY after this game

    Think about what this dumbass is saying...  lol. "Im mad that Cam kept celebrating everytime he made a key play such as a first down or a TD.  That was the difference in the game." What a fuging idiot.  You dont like him celebrating, stop him.  Bitch.
  13. Keep it classy Titan's fans.

    Honestly, ive said it since even before we drafted him, the vast majority of people who hate him, hate on him, or think they're uniquely critical of him are simply racists trying to find clever (and sometimes completely overt)ways to disguise it. Thats why i love that Cam is our QB and pisses them off lol.  Take your asses to your clan meetings and get the fug off the internet you backwoods, cousin-f*cking, worthless pieces of inbred trailer poo.
  14. Cam's celebration was not excessive

    Im glad you were there to provide even further context, Jeremy.  Makes sense.  Since he came in the league, Cam is just so imposing, he pisses people off because they know the game is his.  We see it every game.  And because he cant be stopped and celebrates big plays, it really gets under the opponents' skin...  and i love it. Even if Jeremy hadnt been there to hear it, and maybe my unabashed love of all things Cam makes me the wrong person to ask, but i thought it was perfectly justified just from what was going on in the game.  They tried to "out-physical" us, and had some success with pressure on Cam early and got hits on him....  they didnt hesitate to celebrate either.  So, after those early frustrations and having to endure their celebrating routine plays, Cam owned their entire defense and returned the favor.  Good stuff.  F*ck them.
  15. Kony! Koni! Koné!

    I would like some texas pete with my crow, please.  Delish.