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  1. i think maybe he should get it. Do your magic Panther Nation.
  2. This packers fan wants attention

    LOL i was surprised by that as well.
  3. This packers fan wants attention

    But check out that badass profile pic. Man... intimidating.
  4. Cam "Caucasian Invasion"

    Lol, cam is the mf'ing man! He is on a roll today lol...
  5. Only other cheap shot i can remember TD taking his entire career was aginst Jimmy Graham when he was still woth NO and TD repeatedly blew him up running routes away from the ball... that's it. But, i was going to say, it did appear TD was pouring his heart out to ARod after we stopped them on that 4th down in the 4th qtr before the refs took over and tried to get them back in the game. I'll see if I can find the exact time in the qtr it was, but it appeared TD was apologizing and ARod wouldn't look at him and just kept trying to dismiss him... Regardless, sour grapes and all. I have always respected ARod, but this was a bitch move bc he just got knocked out of the playoffs. Also, of the league gets TD, they better get Adams for flipping fans off on his way to the locker room.
  6. colin jones with the game of his life

    The Farmhand coming on strong.
  7. I know, im just saying they turned it up with ignored calls/made calls in that last 3 mins. Their OL was holding all game too, especially when Rodgers broke the pocket the last two drives. And yeah, the intentional grounding was legit, and their last TD shouldn't have even been a live play bc they didnt allow ours subs time to get in. Complete trash.
  8. We beat the packers and escaped a last minute coup by the refs. fug em. keep pounding!
  9. I've been waiting to discuss this with someone, but is it just me, or does Mike McCarthy have thr world's largest head?
  10. The article says he left this year. But, we still have no idea if he talked about it with anyone else or if anyone else was around when it (the slur) was said.
  11. Sadly, luke has been a big reason why it's been bad so far. He hasn't been playing very well the last few weeks... bad angles, missed arm tackles, blown assignments (Cobb TD), bad reads, etc. I hope he gets it together.
  12. Someone tell Ron JR is about to lose ownership and the next guy is ready to fire him and bring in his own HC. Watch how differently he coaches lol... it's the only way to get the best out of Ron.
  13. Sounds like you got it... Ron treats a 3 point lead like it's 30, and it's fuging old. And Shula falls asleep at the wheel after the opening drive every week. Rinse, repeat.
  14. This offense is so hard to watch every week after the opening drive. Shula is such a braindead idiot. And Ron isn't any better for letting it continue every week and putting all of that pressure on Cam and the defense...
  15. That's awesome. I was wondering what Cam was smiling about and coupd tell he was laughing, but didn't hear what he said on the broadcast lol. That's hilarious. Yes, Cam is a savage. Too bad our coaching staff are a bunch of pussies.
  16. Luke is just way out of sorts this year. That was horrible.
  17. Man, luke has not been very sharp lately. Good grief.
  18. Well, that was a waste of an offensive possession.
  19. Let's please slow down with the hero worship. He may very well have been fired for standing up to JR, but it could just have very well been due to not making the personnel deicisions that JR wanted more than anything else. We don't know who knew about the racial slur outside of JR and the scout. We also don't know what the specific racial slur was (not that it would make it any less bad, bc it's horrible regardless). JR clearly has been living a double life, with the majority of it being as a racist, sexist, bigoted good ol' boy. We know that to be true. We also know it's time for a new owner. But, a lot of OP is speculation and in this time and place, I think the dilineation between facts and everything else needs to be crystal clear before we grab something and run with it.
  20. Inactives today - Full List

    I guessed right... gunter is active. I wonder if he gets run in the nickel more over colin.
  21. I think this is a mistake... wonder if Gunter gets activated?
  22. Idk... isn't JR tight with Goodell? It woupdn't be the first time Roger "protected the shield."
  23. Yeah, it's pretty obvious it's an effort to control the narrative and eventually sweep it under the rug. JR has handled the organization in the same fashion for years, so it's not a surprise - keeping things quiet/in-house, pushing out critics (Gantt), fired/"resigning" employees go quietly and never share their side of the story... Well, i don't think it flies this time. And I don't think JR is going to make it out of this retaining his majority hold on ownership, if any.