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  1. We don't currently have ownership. Under JR? Absolutely, our franchise wouldn't touch him, but until we have a new owner, we can sign whoever we want regardless of off-field stances. This is also why I'm thinking a guy like Goodnight would be ideal. He's from NC and from what I gather, a very forward-thinking and progressive mind.
  2. Bucs trade for JPP

    Lol, Gettleman once again, endearing himself to his fanbase... all while making things more difficult for us. JPP is still a great DE. f u Gettleman.
  3. Yeah, I hope this was just a one-time thing related to some drug he used and not the onset of mental illness.
  4. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    Yeah, I have a feeling that Hurney was smart about it and didn't come anywhere near 7-8M a year.
  5. Yeah, IIRC, Wright actually is quite a bit more athletic than Cotchery ever was.
  6. REPORT: Panthers exploring CB FA market

    I still think DRC has several years worth of gas left in the tank.
  7. Juan must'e been making light of biggercat's Voth talk because pretty much all of the non-sourced rumors this year turned out to be fake. But as of now, only news out there is that he is visiting the Colts today. If the money is close, I really hope he gives us a chance to match. Who tf would want to play with bum shoulder Luck, a talent depleted roster, and a new coaching staff anyway?
  8. And he hasn't signed anywhere yet. He's visiting the Colts today though.
  9. Official Numbers For Dontari Poe Signing

    Wait... is 2020 a team or player option? Pretty sure player options aren' as common in NFL as they are on the NBA, but still...
  10. Thanks for this. I shared that I thought based off his tweet after his visit with us that he must've been in a positive mood. I really hope he joins us soon... super excited for his addition if it works out!
  11. It does if he ends up signing with us. Look, I know it's cool to bash people posting subjective analysis of tweets, but I didn't make an entirely new thread for it. I simply posted his tweet with possible reasons as to why we should remain optimistic about adding him.
  12. Seems like a pretty positive tweet after a visit and he didn't sign anywhere yesterday, so...
  13. I agree with this usually, but I have a feeling we're still in the running... his last tweet, still on the day of his visit with us, was this: He was then scheduled to meet with Indy today, and "potentially" but not confirmed, with Patriots later. I gotta think he would like our situation better with Cam and the potential to become the #1 TE when Greg retires than what Indy has to offer, and I would think we would offer more money than the Pats, if they are indeed interested. So, I think what it comes down to is his role and whether he'd be willing to be the 2nd TE here for now.
  14. Tidbits from my source

    Yeah that makes zero sense.
  15. Tidbits from my source

    Another poster made a good point in the Crabtree thread, I believe, and said it's possible that if Crabtree or Crabtree's agent made it clear they didn't want to come here, then the Raiders were likely to honor that to maintain good standing with the agent. It's the only plausible explanation I can think of as to why they wouldn't do that trade.
  16. I have a feeling that assessment you quoted was from a spurned Failcon fan.
  17. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    Yeah, not saying I thought Wentz would pan out either, but I'm almost certain this crop of QBs will disappoint. I think this is a much bigger gamble... I feel like only 1 of those 3 that keep being talked about in the top 10 will even be respectable.
  18. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    *awaiting the never disappointing "well, according to this draft value chart" post.*
  19. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    Damn, that seems a little steep.
  20. Yeah, Mike Mitchell actually tweeted Mathieu the other day and jokingly told him to hurry up and sign with someone bc all of the other safeties were waiting on him. Pretty sure they aren't happy with what he signed for lol. That being said, I expect we're gonna move quickly now on one of the other guys, possibly parker.
  21. W T F ... That is a match made in hell. Possibly the dirtiest team in football getting probably the nastiest, dirtiest player the NFL has ever seen in the modern era outside of Burfict. And again, when will they ever run out of cap?