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  1. We've missed consistency since Kasay, and Gano is still unreliable despite a strong showing so far this year. I hadn't kept up with Butker since his first game with KC until tonight... he is a rookie, has made 11 straight attempts and just drilled a 53 yarder right down the middle, and again, he's younger and cheaper than Gano. I know, no use in crying over spilled milk, but Hurney screwed up here.
  2. Some takeaways from the game

    I was really surprised at just how bad Frank was last night. Again, with Monk, it was his first official NBA game, and from what we saw of him in the preseason, i believe his issues were all attributed to jitters. Frank actually started to look solid at points last season, so i expected him to improve on that... he actually looked 10x worse. Idk if Clifford gave him the green light that wasnt there previously, but some of the shots he took were just unbelievably bad. Actually, most of them were. And it just looked like our guys, aside from Kemba, and maybe Dwight and Bacon, just rolled out of bed and decided to play basketball. They all looked like your average joe who hasn't played pickup in a couple months and shows back up at the gym and tries to do the same things he was doing before. They looked uncoordinated and sloppy. Bad dribbling, bad passing, bad catching, bad feel for the game... it was really, really hard to watch. Also had to say, I had to go back and look at Dwight's stats again after the game, when I saw he only had 10 pts. Watching the whole game, I swore he had at least 15. His presence is crazy though.
  3. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    Ooh wee mayne, that was atrocious.
  4. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    Yuck, yuck, yuck...
  5. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    Monk needs to calm down.
  6. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    This 2nd unit sucks so far and it starts with Stone. Yuck. Where do they find these PGs? And Monk is surprisingly way off early. Must be nerves.
  7. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    Oh okay. I hadnt checked any news leading up to the game.
  8. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    MKG out for "personal reasons"? Whaaaa?
  9. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    Somebody might wanna guard Harris. Also, D12 is doing work so far. Great post work early.
  10. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    Although, i have to say... i noticed it in the preseason too, but does D12 have a problem with passing it to Kemba? Seems like everytime he gets a dreb, he dribbles it up court himself or oultets to a wing and Kemba is standing right beside him.
  11. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    Meant to post it after our espn preseason game, but this may have been out best draft (and offseason) ever. Bacon was an absolute steal in the 2nd. He is a baller. And Monk is gonna be ridiculous. And getting Howard for nothing...
  12. I'm not gonna lie, I've been worried about their run game with Howard and Cohen. I think they could give us a lot of trouble. I'm not worried about Trubisky at all. I think our defense is going to have him rattled early... but again, that run game is what I'm worried about.
  13. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Ok... Hurney is the devil and anything he has successfully done was not of his volition. I really wish the huddle was just as enlightened and objective when it came to judging Gettleman's moves during his tenure.
  14. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Admittedly the huddle isn't a good place to gauge such things lol, but again, 8 teams passed him up. Hurney could have too, especially with already having Beason, regardless of injury. That wasn't an easy pick.
  15. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Yeah, but i weigh Kaaya or Gilbert's ability to develop into something significant versus a 3rd QB who is active on gameday because he is also a competent gunner and coverage guy on ST and can play WR as well. At the end of the day, it isnt going to make or break us, I just think it's been a lot of wasted movement at the bottom of the roster.
  16. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    If that was the case, Luke wouldnt have lasted until the 9th pick. And a lot of this board may be idiots then, because i recall a pretty big split down the middle regarding Cam, with many wanting Dareus instead. I know it's fun to beat up on Hurney, and he has made plenty of stupid moves, but he also deserves credit where it's due. His first round picks are pretty flawless.
  17. What it boils down to is, people dont like to admit when they're wrong. So, people who were claiming Worley is going to develop into a great player are now trying to make a comparison to Josh Norman. Lol... if you wanted Josh, you should've asked demigod Gettleman to not screw the pooch on that one and we would still have Josh to pair with a budding Bradberry. Worley is not anywhere near the player Norman was or is. Nor will he ever be. Could he develop into a serviceable player? Possibly, but he isnt a starter and I dont foresee him being much more than he is now. If you want a more accurate comparison to a former Panther, I think somewhere along the lines of Melvin White is more accurate. Josh didnt play early because he lacked discipline, not skill or ability. He wasn't getting burned repeatedly by blocking TEs. He wasnt targeted by every opposing QB. In fact, there is a lot of revisionist history going on in defense of Worley... IIRC, Josh led the preseason 2 years in a row in INTs/Forced Turnovers before he earned his way out of Rivera's dog house. Going back to that Bills game in which he gave up that final TD, I cant remember who it was, but a vet signaled to him where to go right before the play and Josh elsewhere trying to get a pick. His issue wasnt that he couldnt play... he freelanced and didnt listen, and thats why he got benched and had to dig his way out of that hole. Worley does not have Norman's ballskills or ability. Point blank, period. And for those saying, "well, he's good in run support." Josh was better there as well, as he would flat lay someone out. There is no comparison. Worley is getting picked on every week because he's not good. Josh put himself on the bench trying to do more than he was supposed to, but his maturation allowed him to harness his ability in a less reckless manner. Very different situations.
  18. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Not surprising though. I always thought Kaaya was a bum with a noodle arm. Still not sure what he or Gilbert offer that Webb didnt though.
  19. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Cam and Luke say hi.
  20. Good to hear we've made the move.
  21. Weird. If Hurney can find a trade for DA, he is a fuggin boss. It's the best i can hope for, otherwise this poo makes no sense.
  22. Speedsters and no Ginn

    I keep saying it... Gettleman f'ed up not once, but twice with Ginn. He was our best pure WR, inconsistent hands and all, and just so happened to have world-class speed. No matter what Shepherd does, he's not Ginn. And furthermore, even if he's getting open, it's clear Cam doesnt trust him like he did Ginn.
  23. I still think Stew is past his prime, by a lot. That being said, the run blocking was obviously atrocious. I also have to put a bulk of the blame on Shula. As another poster said, they need to simplify the rum game and utilize a FB ad thr lead blocker. Also, the read option slowed their rush A LOT. Yet, Shula only called it maybe 3 times that I can remember? They weren't even playing Cam on it. They came into the game keying on the RBs and locked in on them as soon as they knew it was a run. Just horrible playcalling.
  24. It's because, just like so many of our losses under this staff, it was winnable. VERY winnable. And it feels like we lost to a lesser team - because we did. The difference between our team and theirs is that we were outcoached, first and foremost. I take nothing away from Philly. They are a good, quality, most likely division-winning playoff team. But, we are more talented where it matters... difference is, we were outcoached, and thus outexecuted. They put their players in positions to succeed, whereas our staff repeatedly put ours in positions to fail, and it is beyond frustrating.