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  1. panthersphan

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    Not from the Panthers.
  2. Funchess needs to start going to the damn ball... he waits on the ball to come to him every time.
  3. Torrey Smith is a dinosaur guy in prime of career vs guy in last year of career hmmmmm..... Funchess needs to step it up.
  4. Love your sarcastic yet utterly real tone here
  5. panthersphan

    Sean Lee is Luke Kuechly

    Troy wouldn’t stop trying to say Lee is basically Luke without the hype. Good god I cant believe I survived a Panthers/Cowboys broadcast with Aikman.....
  6. panthersphan

    Official Uniform Thread

    Was a commercial break... non-stop Panthers over here. I don’t post during the game bc I can’t focus on the game. But it’s a commercial now, so I go to the Huddle. But thanks for taking the time to make a comment during the game in the uniforms thread.. really strengthens your case there:)
  7. panthersphan

    Official Uniform Thread

    VS ??? I mean come on!! Such a better look now...well done Panthers FO!
  8. With all the new uniform combinations we saw in the preseason and the debut of the black socks with the white uniforms today (which make the white uniforms look SO MUCH BETTER!!!!) we might as well have one thread to discuss it all. I feel we’ll continue to see new combos and potentially new/updated uniforms sooner than later with Tepper running the show. Who knows maybe we’ll see those beloved black helmets or even the sweet chrome ones we recently saw...it’s been long overdue for some sort of update/tinkering of the uniforms, so to me, this has been an interesting few weeks. I personally think our Black on Silver combo is one of the best looks like the NFL.
  9. panthersphan

    So while Tepper’s at it...

  10. panthersphan

    So while Tepper’s at it...

    Hahaha that’s too funny yet so sad... I can’t even listen to Panthers radio during the game anymore. He’s that bad.
  11. Can we get rid of Mick Mixon already and bring back Bill Rosinski ....? ”Yes Charlotte, there is a Super Bowl....and we’re in it!!!!” Is still my all time favorite Panthers call...Can you think of one memorable call from Mixon?
  12. panthersphan

    "Two States, One Team"

    I absolutely love that logo.
  13. New Balances are far from “fresh”
  14. I like the eyes idea.. kind of like LSU or the black logo with the Panther on top of NC/SC
  15. panthersphan

    Preseason Week 1: Winners and Losers

    Mixon is a joke, sooooo bad. And Rucker?? Dude is as interesting as a potato. I rrrrreally hope Tepper mixes up the Panthers announcers sooner than later... Damn, I miss Bill Rosinski...