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  1. panthersphan

    DJ Moore in Panthers gear

    Hopefully he turns around that number 12 legacy that looms in Panthers history...
  2. panthersphan

    What Business Side Changes Would You Like to See?

    Not everywhere is hot in July. Move Training camp to Boone , higher elevation for training and the facilities are there. I’m sure that will never happen, but it would be much more appealing for fans to venture up to Training Camp and make a weekend out of it - See the Panthers and explore the mountains.
  3. panthersphan

    Our projected LG from NFL.com

    Larsen looked pretty damn solid for us last year in the various rolls he played.
  4. The dude is one of the most well-known political cartoonist. But yeah, just some leftist garbage...O.o Go yell at some 16 year old for standing up against gun violence or something...
  5. panthersphan

    Navarro issues a statement

    “Keeping the team in the Carolinas” sounds like he he wanted that Stateline (Fort Mill, SC) stadium... F THAT.
  6. Lol what. People in Columbia can’t afford to attend a Panthers game? Geeeez Not to mention, they could easily play at NC State and U of South Carolina stadiums. Remember, the Panthers played their inaugural 1995 season at Clemson. Just like the location of the real Four Corners, where you can visit 4 states at once (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico) - sounds like the Huddle’s @4corners is a little off too...
  7. Hell, play home preseason games in Columbia and Raleigh. Spread the fan base in the Carolinas. I’m all for that. but never regular season games.
  8. Should be Navarro , NFL is a f’n joke.
  9. panthersphan

    Fansided Names Top 5 Panthers of All Time

    List is right for once.
  10. panthersphan

    Where is your confidence level?

    Our OLine really worries me.
  11. panthersphan

    DJ working out. Lookin good

    Bwahahaha gotta love “God YOUR dumbass” because that makes sense .......... you’re......it’s f’n YOU’RE ....it would be “God, you’re a dumbass!” O.o
  12. panthersphan

    Carolina Panthers Select Dj Moore

    Kiper is buds with Clausens agent, and they pumped $$$$$ his way to blow smoke up Clausen’s a$$ leading up to the draft. Kiper is a hack, why do ppl even pay attention to that clown??
  13. panthersphan

    Possible delay in the team sale