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  1. To all you guys calling him a POS and how you would boycott the team - i hope you all know that there are guys on the team Right Now that support Kaep and what he stands for.. so let the boycotting begin.. right? Look - im not trying to disrespect anyone.. i dont think Kaep was either - and has said so on multiple occasions.. he has family members in the military.. what he was doing was bringing attention to a problem in the country - accountability for the police who break the law.. he even said - "I have seen men n women who have been in the military and have come home and been treated unjustly by the country they were protecting.." c'mon @JARROD - you know our country is corrupt in a lot of different areas (ie. politics, police, media, etc.).. i love it here and wouldn't want to live anywhere else, but if you can't question the motive and actions of the ones in power then nuthin will change for the better.. And finally but certainly not least - Thank you for serving and protecting me and my family. I am sorry to hear about your fallen brothers and will pray for them and their families..
  2. Agreed, but that doesn't seem to be the main reason some people don't want to sign him..
  3. I would not have a problem with it at all. As a matter of fact - Kaep is a pretty good person. Doing a lot for the community and other countries..
  4. You shut your filthy mouth.... Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  5. Wrong.. if that was my sister - i would have been mad at her for pushing and slapping him and then expecting nothing to happen back.. yeah, he's a jerk for knocking her the FUG out - but you don't just push and slap a dude and expect no reaction whatsoever.. my sis and daughter know better than that.. bitches be trippin sometimes..
  6. I really like this mock - we get our Bell Cow RB, High Motor DE, Hard Hitting S and Speedy Slot WR
  7. I was thinkin about going to that game as well but know we gunna get blown out.. Anyway - goto ticketmaster.. They usually have tix behind hornets bench or by the tunnel around $50 a tix. Very reasonable prices. My son got batum, belinelli and kembas sigs last time we were there Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  8. Ouch.. That does puncture Igos theory a bit.. I just hope we come out of the trade not looking like turds in a year or two.. Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  9. is it confirmed we traded our first 3rd rounder and not the comp pick for Norman?
  10. I came in after the half.. Proceeded to let them go on 8-0 run.. I turned it off. We won. Will not be watching anymore games in hopes we keep winning Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  11. I've watced that^^^ gif 50 times straight without blinking..
  12. I disagree on your first point.. a single star alone won't get you to compete for championships.. Kemba is a star - matter fact, he is now an Allstar.. to compete for championships - you need 3 Allstar caliber players to even start thinking about it.. (tier 1) 1 star gets you competing for playoffs.. (tier 2) 2 stars gets you an automatic bid usually but truly only competing for a chance for a seat at your conference championship.. (tier 3) 3 stars gets you in the conference championship usually but competing for a title is still not a given.. (tier 1) Everyone, basically.. i mean look at Denver in the 8th spot of the West currently.. unless you are tanking - you have a shot at the playoffs in today's NBA.. (tier 2) Raptors - DeRozen, Lowry Wiz - Wall, Beal OKC - Westbrook, Westbrook's jock Celtics - Thomas, Horford Rockets - Harden, Gordon (tier 3) - Cavs - LeBron, Kyrie, Love Warrios - Curry, Klay, Green, KD Clippers - CP3, Blake, Jordan Spurs - Kawhi, Aldridge, Pop (he counts, lol) When you think about it - there is a ton of talent in the NBA, not just star talent.. The mid level players - Batums, Kanters, Korvers, Livingstons, Morris twins, Ibakas and so on - are everywhere.. you need the Allstars to compete, and the mid level players to step in.. but if you just have a single star and 2-3 mid level players like we do - you can't compete night in and night out.. if you have a bunch of no-names filling out your roster, you might as well pack it up..
  13. Just imagine you are Kemba for a moment.. it's the 4th quarter and you have already dropped 30 on the opponent.. you are dead tired and are bringing the ball up the court.. your defender is all up in your grill and then out of NOWHERE a 2nd guy collapses on you to force the ball out of your hand.. you look to Batum and his guy is all over him - Zeller is jocking for position down in the post, Belinelli is running around a screen set by Frank but you cant get him the ball because the extra defender is on you .......... where the hell did this guy come from anyway??? then you see it... a glimpse of MKG over in the corner all by himself like:
  14. ever since he crushed it in the Allstar weekend - US vs World game