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    Rap/Hip-Hop purveyors, here's a song. What you think?

    Artists today are not artists.. they have not studied their craft and it shows.. their goal is to use hiphop as a platform to get them famous and they disrespect the vets shoulders they are standing on today.. Funny thing is - only a select few (Kendrick, J.Cole, etc.) will have longevity because they have put in the work.. So all the flashin' that you are supposed to do when you 'get on' will just wash these new rappers out and make way for the next pawn for the radios, business execs and corporations to push in front of the masses.. sad thing is - the masses eat this sh!t up.. Imagine if an NFL owner could have Aaron Rogers or Cam Newton or OBJ on their rookie contracts forever?? sounds like a good deal right!? well, thats what the hiphop industry has done.. the industry MAKES the artists now.. in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s - hiphop was (for the most part) dictated by the fans and the artists together.. But ima stop.. fug this new era..

    Possible changes to anthem guidelines

    It is sad that this has become a political issue.. putting a stop to innocent, dead American bodies laying in the streets seems like a pretty simple issue Every American can get behind.. until you mention they are black and brown bodies shot down by the bodies wrapped in blue..
  3. One thing we can all agree on - Anything is better than Frank. And the fact we exercised his 5th yr option 2 seconds into the year - right after he had his monthly 20pt game he is always good for when we are ready to ship him out on the 1st thing smokin
  4. I always go back to the Biz/Kemba draft: - Biz was a whift but I don't fault the team for that really - Kemba was the first building block we got - That next year we continued the tank-mode and should have gotten the #1 overall pick - we got shived by the league and missed out on Anthony Davis. With the 2nd pick we took MKG over Bradley Beal, Harrison Barnes and Andre Drummond. - We continued to stink and got a decent pick but it was possibly the worst draft class of all-time. We just happen to take Cody Zeller. Not a complete bust - we could have done worse in that draft. - Next year we get Noah Vonleh to fall in our laps - obvious pick at the time. We let his "potential" hide on the bench and flip that next year for Nicolas Batum. Great trade! We also pick up Marvin Williams at some point close to here. - We also pick up Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lamb and Courtney Lee that year. All solid moves. We have our best year in a long, LOOONG time and almost beat the Heat in the 1st round of the playoffs. THING ARE LOOKING UP for the future - somehow we look like a competent team... BUT - Lee, Lin, Batum and Marvin Williams become FAs in the same offseason when the salary cap jumps through the roof. Money is being thrown around like crazy - we end up only being able to keep Batum and Williams on bloated contracts. - We draft Frank Kaminsky instead of trading with Boston on draft night for a SH!T ton of 1st round picks (Jordan loved Frank - we could have had Terry Rozier & Jalen Brown supposedly, maybe more). - We stink the next season and make a panic move for Miles Plumlee at the trade deadline - possibly the worst contract in the league right now. But magically we are able to flip that for Dwight Howard in the offseason. Things are looking up after a bad year and... - We then get a gift of all gifts and Malik Monk drops to us in the draft. We take him, passing on Donavan Mitchell, who we would have drafted if it weren't for Monk falling. - Dwight plays great all year, Jeremy Lamb finally puts it all together, but Monk hides on the bench because coach Clifford won't play the rookie. Batum has worse year of career. Kemba is due for a max contract next year. That is a quick summary. Bad drafting and TERRIBLE re-signings of players have put us here.
  5. plays at :50 and :57 are not even highlights.. and to put this reel to a song saying "You will remember me for centuries!!!" is funny because i won't remember a single play in that Highlight reel.. I remember Smitty saying it irritated him when a WR beats a CB and the WR drops the ball and the CB will jump up and signal an incomplete pass or cross his arms with swag - when they literally did nothing to stop that play.. I'm not saying this is the case in this vid - but it just reminded me of that statement.. I understand he wasn't out-of-position and had some really good pass breakups against some Vet WRs - but when I want to see a CB's highlights - you would at least want to see 1 INT, right? It was just very underwhelming.. that is all..
  6. went looking for some highlights and couldn't help but laugh at this.. Hope he does well for us - but this was just too good not to share..

    Thank you Big Cat!

    Thank you for bringing the NFL to the Carolinas. I truly appreciate that. This team has been, and forever will be, the thorn in my side and a love of my life. Thank you for giving this to me and every other Panther fan. Now, get the fug out.

    Bill Voth: Taylor Moton Speaks

    Holy Sh!t - you're right.. how did I miss that!?! Williams and Turner holding it down on the Right Side!!!

    Bill Voth: Taylor Moton Speaks

    Is Williams really a All-Pro RT? I dunno bout that - but haven't even been able to study O-linemen like some people on here can. Unless they jump off the screen like Norwell or Turner pancaking a D-lineman and then moving to the secondary and erasing a LB - I just assume they are decent.


    Panthers are winning the overall record between the franchises.. owning us – hardly...

    ESPN Insider Mock Draft before the Lottery and poo

    I think Knox would be good if we are looking to move towards a 3pt shooting team. Bridges isn't a bad idea. I kinda like his athleticism. Just don't draft a big-white-guy that has a high motor and bball IQ = I will be happy. Kemba, Lamb, Monk, Knox and even Bacon - All spreading the floor. We need to have our GO-TO iso guy though. I don't see Monk being that guy because he is so undersized, but you never know

    Coach Borrego LOVES Malik Monk

    "Monk is good"