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  1. Cam & Kia pregnant again

    Cammy Cam loves da kids.. "All In W/Cam Newton" was my kids fav TV show that summer..
  2. Guards: Kemba, Monk, Bacon, MCW.. we have decent guards (minus MCW, but he's gone this offseason) even if we decide to move on from Kemba as our #1 option.. Wings: MKG, Lamb, Graham, Batum.. aside from Lamb (who only decide to turn it "ON" this year) we have below average to piss-poor wing scorers.. THIS is the area of need.. what was the last Wing-Scorer we could really lean on as a team? - Captain Jack?? Bigs: Marvin, Frank, Dwight, Zeller.. this looks more and more like a 90s front-court, but their is obvious talent there.. we just need to decide to change with the times..
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars are dead to me.

    yo - fu<K outta here with that bullsh!t.. foreal lame ass bamas.. move ur bum asses to London.. u kno, where ur only 2 fans live
  4. The Forgotten Man: Taylor Moton

    M.Kalil>Moton>R.Kalil<Turner<Williams Looks like it could be an average unit when healthy.. 1 injury away from Drama!!!
  5. Breeland a Panther

    Some semi-inside info: Only becus I'm from DC and know the mood of the Skins fans and FO.. Breeland was considered a Probowl snub by a lot up here 2 years ago - they thought he was playing great but then the front office started fugging everything up - typical Redskins.. he had it out with coaching staff, Norman too.. Then Fuller started getting more play as a promising young rookie - but they just traded him to KC for Alex Smith.. the bridge was kinda burnt and i am happy to have him.. he is a younger Josh Norman - physical player that has a chip on his shoulder.. the end.. now please get Moncrief in here..
  6. Andrew Norwell to Jags

    glad Gman didnt get him... yeah - im still salty
  7. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    so you admit it is terrible??
  8. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    Torrey Smith hasn't been good in awhile - terrible trade because it eliminates us from the actual good WRs
  9. https://clutchpoints.com/hornets-news-michael-carter-williams-might-require-season-ending-shoulder-surgery/ This will give Monk more minutes.. Funny how a 3 game losing streak will do that to you..
  10. So... how did the Raptors get good?

    1) drafted DeRozen in 09' 2) drafted Valanciunas in 11' 3) traded (no name player) + 1st Rd pick = Lowry in 12' 4) traded (Calderon) = Rudy Gay in 13' 5) less than a year after trading for Gay - they trade him away to the Kings for spare parts 6) Lou Williams wins 6th Man of the Year in 15' 7) traded (Terrence Ross) + 1st Rd pick = Serge Ibaka in 17' 8) traded Cory Joseph to Pacers ( in a sign and trade for CJ Miles) in 17' They knew who were the solid players and quickly realized the bad ones = Rudy Gay, Bizmack Biyombo - and got rid of them ASAP. They weren't afraid to trade 1st round picks for Quality talent. The underachieved for a long time and got swept in the playoffs but kept building. Once they got Ibaka and CJ Miles - they were deep enough that when Lowry or DeRozen had "off nights" - they could pick up the slack. It's been a long road for them to get where they are at. We have hung onto the Hendos, MKGs, Kaminskys, BIZs for far too long hoping the talent would be realized and consistent. Lamb is probably the only one when we bought in early and he has finally developed in our system. Kemba was a star out the gate - everyone knew that.
  11. Top 10?

    I'm breaking the rule - cus if you can go back past the Bobcats, we aren't that sad of a franchise.. PG: Kemba, Muggsy SG: Curry, Jackson SF: Rice, Wallace PF: LJ, Mason C: Dwight, Zo Kemba and Curry backcourt would be amazing off the dribble and spot up shooting. Rice's mid-range would also jell well with Kemba's slashing ability to kick out. Rice could also go iso with this playmaking ability and give Kemba a breather. LJ and Dwight would be monstrous on the glass and crashing. Bench would do well too. Jackson at the 2 would help Muggsy's size out on defense. Wallace, Mason and Zo would be high energy-motor guys that can finish at the rim.
  12. Panthers meet with Sony Michel

    tbh - it is ALL bad data to build your team off of.. more teams have been hurt by falling in love with 'X' player at the combine
  13. 5 wins in a row..

    i stand corrected.. it's no longer an active streak.. but the heart of the issue still is true.. all the close games we have lost - even if we won .250% of them - it would be an improvement..