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  1. Ohhh boy.. I am on vacation and can't give a full proper write up - but best believe I will when I get back home. Cheers! Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  2. Monk - for the mufuggin win! Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  3. Oh my fuggin gawd.. Never did i think we would get out from under the Plumlee deal.. I will further break this down but rightnow its time to celebrate Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  4. It's not difficult to see who is a playoff team, a contender and dumpster fire.......... ---------------------------------------------------- Cavs: James, Love, Irving, Thompson Celtics: Horford, Bradley, Amir Johnson, Tyler Zeller Wiz: Beal, Wall, Ian Mahinmi, Gortat Raptors: DeRozen, Valaciunes, Carrol, Ibaka Hawks: Howard, Millsap, Bazemore, Ilyasova Pacers: George, Thad Young, Monta, Big Al Bulls: Wade, Butler, Rondo, Robin Lopez Bucks: Monroe, Middleton, Jon Henson, Teletovic (Parker & Giannis on rookie contracts) Pistons: Drummond, Tobias Harris, Reggie Jackson, Jon Leuer Hornets: Batum, MKG, Plumlee, Marvin Williams Heat: Bosh, Whiteside, Dragic, Ellington Knicks: Melo, Rose, Noah, Courtney Lee Magic: Fournier, BIZ, Jeff Green, Vucevic 76ers: Bayless, Hendo, Rodriguez, Splitter Nets: B. Lopez, Lin, Booker, A. Nicholson ---------------------------------------------------- BONUS - NBA Champ GS Warriors: KD, Klay, Green, Steph
  5. Freedom! Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  6. If ESPN analyses hockey - they trot our Barry Melrose and he gives his 'take' on whatever the topic is. He is the only reporter I know off hand. With the way ESPN is cutting back it's staff - I thought what if the NFL, NBA and other sports only had 1 name/face that would strut out whenever they talked their specific sport. (Essentially this is just an off-season "Who is your favorite specific sports analyst thread?") My list of analysts is as follows: NBA - Jalen Rose - I love his commentary and his delivery. He usually doesn't sugar coat anything and keeps it real while staying professional. He Never plays devils advocate and just argues for argument's sake. He has a ton of knowledge of the X & O's but also how the NBA runs behind the scenes. Honorable mentions: Ryen Russilo & the TNT Crew (Ernie, Kenny, Chuck & Shaq) - HUBIE BROWN!!! NFL - Marshall Faulk - I just always have valued his opinion on everything football. He can breakdown RBs, defenses and QBs. Some analysts can come in and tell you everything about WRs and CBs but Marshall can give it all to you. I can't rely on anyone on ESPN for football knowledge. Honorable mentions: Mike Mayok & Michael Strahan NCAA Basketball - Jay Bilas - He is probably the closest thing to Barry Melrose. They push Bilas out all the time for NCAA hoops, but I get why. He is really good. He never rambles or spits boring cliche' commentary. Honorable mentions: Jay Williams NCAA Football - Ryen Russilo - I don't consume college football like most do - but I appreciate it for sure. Russilo knows his college sports - especially football. He kinda is like Jalen where he doesn't do the talked head gimmick of arguing for no reason. He gives it to you straight up. Honorable mentions: Kirk Herbstreit MLB - Harold Reynolds - Not a big baseball fan but it get's me through the summer. Enjoy Harold's takes and knowledge of the game. I seriously could live with 80% of the remaining commentators/analysts to be removed and only get my info from these guys and be happy.
  7. Y'all n*ggas be scrambling, gambling Up in restaurants with mandolins, and violins We just sitting here trying to win, trying not to sin High off weed and lots of gin
  8. Agreed that the SC anchors are ill equipped to discuss complex topics intelligently - such as HB2 or Adam Jones vs the city of Boston or whatever.. sh*t, there are only a handful that are decent at breaking down X's and O's film - but that doesn't mean they shouldn't cover HB2 or Boston at all.. it would be a HUGE fug up on the media's part if they didn't cover those topics.. ESPN didn't cover the Eric Gardner case until LeBron wore the "I Can't Breathe" shirts at warm ups.. It might just be that there is tension all throughout the country right now and it is bleeding into all areas.. Because it ruffles a few people's feathers - the media should not say anything about it?? That would be grossly irresponsible.
  9. to be honest - it's not the media's job to act - that's the public's job.. it is the media's job to report.. and if sports and politics overlaps - they can report on said topic.. and if we chose to not act or not care - they won't report on it anymore..
  10. sometimes you can't escape powerful political issues and they bleed into other areas of the your life and you can't turn away from them anymore.. Sometimes they enhance a good story and create an even greater story (ie. Miracle on Ice, Jesse Owens) but sometimes they create for a dark story that a lot of people don't want to face (ie. Kaep, Jones vs Boston fans, nazi soccer fans).. I think if it's easy to turn away from something and not hear about it ever again - it probably isn't that big an issue - but when you start to hear about something at multiple areas of life: the water-cooler at work, sports stations, social gatherings, etc. - maybe it's calling for your attention for a reason? Now back to Clayton.. sux he got the axe.. but he's great - i'm sure he'll find another gig soon..
  11. I don't work for dead presidents. I'd rather see the President {dead} It's never been said, but I set precedents.
  12. Do you realize on Day 1 of the new NBA season - we will be over the cap by $12 mil!!!!!!!! Our disgusting roster puts us over by 11.7 mil to be exact, but that is EVEN WITH the Cap going up from last year.. Naw man, naw.. Cho has got to go.. he has to.. You have a bit of wiggle room, maybe, in that we have a team option on Sessions - so we can save 6 mil by not picking that up - but then we need a backup PG as our #1b priority (#1a = wing scorer).. and anybody knows a backup PG worth a damn is easily gunna cost us more than 6 mil for sure.. Naw man.. he fugged the team.. maybe he was just doing what Jordan told him to do - but that doesn't make it any better: - if he made the move because he is a shitty GM and talent evaluator = Fire his ass, you aren't fit to run a NBA franchise - if he made the move because Jordan was pressuring him and he caved = Fire his ass, you aren't fit to run a NBA franchise
  13. 6'3 for a SG is a bit concerning.. I understand he has a 6'10 wingspan but still.. Aye, at the end of the day - if he can help us drain the 3 and play solid D then I'm all for it.. Kemba - Mitchell - Batum - Marvin - Zeller (Frank, Lamb coming off the bench).. MKG is being shipped out this offseason by the way.. we will have to attach Belinelli's expiring deal to make it work but that is what I believe..
  14. Am I glad it's back?? yeah.. but I'm still a lil salty over the whole situation..
  15. 1 - Ninja Gaiden (NES version/Xbox) 2 - Mike Tyson's Punchout 3 - Street Fighter 2 4 - Pac-man 5 - TMNT 2: Arcade Version 6 - Super Castlevania IV 7 - Super Mario World and #3 8 - Donkey Kong Country 9 - Tetris 10 - Double Dragon Honorable Mentions: Halo 2 Killer Instinct Metal Gear Solid Soul Calibur Breath of Fire Megan Man X F-Zero Adventure Island Super Ghouls and Ghosts Duck Tales