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  1. Time to consider Kaepernick

    i would love to be the team that brings him back - but i think the media hype would force a QB controversy to start him if Cam stumbled in the slightest.. I have 0 problem with Kaeps kneeling or his beliefs but for the Good of the PAnthers - i dont think it would be good
  2. all nice words but it's all a matter of doing it on the court at this point for him..
  3. Jeter/Jordan buy Marlins

    Quick Question: I live in VA and am not as hip to the mood of Charlotte or Raleigh anymore. Do you guys think NC/SC could legit support a MLB team? Is there a Want/Need for a Major League Baseball team in NC/SC? I mean only 9 states/cities have all 4 major sports: Boston, MA Chicago, IL Dallas, TX Denver, CO Detroit, MI Los Angeles, CA San Fran, CA Miami, FL Minny, MN New York, NY Philly, PA Phoenix, AZ Washington, DC
  4. Hey there - Introduce Yourself

    Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is.....
  5. NBA 2K18 to have all-time rosters for every team

    PG: Kemba - Muggsy - BD SG: Curry - Tripucka SF: Rice - Wallace PF: LJ - Mason C: Zo - Oak
  6. Jeter/Jordan buy Marlins

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/11/sports/baseball/miami-marlins-sold-derek-jeter.html?mcubz=3 It's Official - Hornets moving to Florida.....
  7. Best Fantasy Football Team Names

    Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles Honey Funchess of Oats The Olsen Twins K.B. Toys
  8. Dae Dae

    Dae Dae is a Top Flight DE in the league, Craig!!!
  9. NBA schedule released

    Early part of our schedule is pretty brutal. November/December in particular. The remaining months seems to be pretty easy - I'll break it down: OCT: 4-3 - tough games Vs Bucks, Rockets and Grizz NOV: 5-8 - 4 game road trip - also games Vs Bucks, Spurs, Wolves x2, Celtics, Cavs x2, Clips, Spurs and Raptors DEC: 6-10 - tough games Vs OKC, GS x2, Heat x2, Bucks x2, Rockets, Raptors, Celtics and Clips JAN: 10-4 - there is a West road trip that crosses Dec-Jan but things clear up.. only tough games Vs OKC, Wiz, Heat FEB: 9-3 - another West road trip but Vs easier opponents: Pho, Den, Port, Utah.. add in the Allstar break and only real tough games Vs Blazers, Raptors, Wiz and Celtics MAR: 10-5 - winding down with a lot of scrubs to boost our record.. only tough games Vs Raps, Cavs and Wiz APR: 4-1 - finish it out vs Philly, Bulls, Magic and Pacers x2 --------------- if my estimations are correct or close - we end up with a 48-34 record.. I'll even grade on a curve and drop 3 games for some 'homer picks' and say we have a 45-37 record.. if we can manage the early half of the schedule and end December with a record somewhere close to .500 - we can make a lot of noise in the 2nd half.. very exciting..
  10. FINAL ROUND: (3) Larry Johnson vs (1) Kemba Walker

    So I guess Kemba is the Winner..
  11. Giants had terrible tackles that entire game.. they were eliminated from playoff contention and we just took it to them.. oooff.. That's also the game where Smitty caught a TD while breaking his wrist on a Giant player's helmet..
  12. NFCN - Green Bay NFCE - Dallas NFCW - Seattle NFCS - Carolina WC 1 - Atlanta WC 2 - Philly