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  1. https://media.giphy.com/media/1IwEg7isn7aWk/giphy.gif
  2. Zeller out with torn meniscus

    I guess you can kiss our Championship dreams goodbye now.... Pfft In all seriousness, hope he heals up.. Now we need a backup PG, PF and Center.. Wasnt this supposed to be the deepest Hornets team evar?!?
  3. Hornets vs Warriors

    If we even want to dream about making the playoffs- we need to ship MCW outta here and get a real backup PG + a starting PF. These are MUST haves - no compromises
  4. Hornets vs Warriors

    Im checking out at the half.. U dont deserve our fandome
  5. Hornets vs Warriors

    I have never seen us play this terrible.. Like Bobcats were better than this..
  6. Hornets vs Warriors

    MCW, Frank, Marvin, Batum need to be shipped out.. Too much average
  7. Clifford's Leave

    Prayers and thoughts for Cliff.. Hope everything is okay with his heart.. I'm sure it has to do with that - but it's just speculation on my part..
  8. I'm sure Cliff's thought process is: He isn't a PG but I can help him develop into a PG. This way , he can won't be matched up with the opposing team's bigger SG." ^^im not saying I agree with that.. I'm just giving some insight..
  9. Dude, not one person knows what the fug you are talking about.. seriously, gtfoh..
  10. IMHO, We are about halfway through the storm..

    Frank does come off the bench.. Malik shudn't be above MCW on PG depth chart - he shud be playing SG.. you just have to hide him on defense depending on the matchup/lineup.. PG: Kemba - MCW SG: Lamb - Monk - Bacon SF: Batum - MKG - Bacon PF: Marvin - Frank C: Dwight - Zeller
  11. just trying to help you gals out..
  12. Before the season even started - I ran through the schedule game-by-game.. now mind you this was before Batum, MCW and MKG ever got injured.. I estimated that we would go 4-3 in October (we went 4-3, perfect).. 5-8 in November (4-9, on game off).. and finally 6-10 in December (just wait).. BUT after this tough beginning, our schedule gets easier and we go 10-4 in January, 9-3 in Feb, 10-5 in March and 4-1 in April = finishing around 45 wins.. We are halfway through the toughest part of our schedule.. December is gunna be tough, no doubt.. but i would encourage you to keep your pitchforks and torches at home.. the team is still working through sh!t.. still figuring out how to play together.. the first month and a half we were without 2-3 KEY pieces.. now that they are all back - figuring out how to play off each other is going to get better.. turn that frown upside down OR grow a fuggin set and stop complaining..