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  1. O-line, specifically our OTs - and it's not even close.. Shula is a pain in the arse but when he got good production from the entire Oline, we flourished offensively and went to the SB..
  2. article says we may have had our best draft ever

    Monk has proven to me he will be a NBA scorer for sure- but will he be a Allen Iverson type? - where he gets 25 pts but takes 20 shots? or will he be efficient and a turn-style on Defense like Harden? I hope he gets that tenacious fire in him to take on his man but am not expecting it.. just be efficient on D and rockstar on O..
  3. Maybe it's because I had to talk my 12 yr old son from jumping off the ledge last night - but I am not THAT upset over this loss.. We gave them the ball twice inside out 20 yard line.. 2 gimmie TDs.. They harassed our O-line all night but we had the ball in hand to beat them twice.. C-mac has made me comfortable with him being a reliable go-to guy on 3rd or goal line situations.. Oh - and we get Olsen back in a few weeks.. if you told me at the beginning of the season we would go through the 49ers, @Bills, Saints, @ Pats, @ Lions, Eagles = and come out with 2 losses = I woulda said sign me up.. Last year we were friggin 1-5.... 1-5!!! Everyone take today to sh*t your paints and cry.. we get the Bears next.. 5-2 will feel much better
  4. Michael Bennett needs to be making apologies...

    Everyone is running out because someone is shooting.. They said because he was running and ducking between slot machines made him a suspect?? wtf?? There are a bunch of people running and ducking all over the casino.. There was hundreds of people running and ducking and the Mandalay Bay shooting.. thats what people do when there is an active shooter.. Let's tackle "that guy" and not explain to him why he is being detained when he asks "Why am I being detained?" "If you don't see it - you don't want to see it" - omg.. talk about projection.. I bet he agrees with Mike Ditka..
  5. The Walking Dead Season 8

    FTWD - I don't care about any of the characters at all - no emotional connection to anyone except maybe Victor Strand - and he was barely in this last season.. I have no idea why they are on that fuggin ranch.. I'm out after this last season.. TWD - I am on the fence with a good landing spot picked out on the other side.. This season better step it up or I am jumping ship..
  6. Nic Batum out for season?

    ^^ agreed.. Batum is really our Point/Forward.. he can guard any position from the 1-4 and not give up much.. it is really beneficial to have a distributor that is as big as he is becus he can see over most of his defenders - lobbing passes to Dwight and finding shooters on the outside or a cutting MKG.. he will be missed but i think this will speed up the growth of Monk - you can see he is already dominating the shots/minutes in preseason.. Kemba was 2-4 and Monk was 7-22.. never ever gunna happen in a regular game.. lets keep our stars healthy and bring along the young buck now..
  7. Nic Batum out for season?

    i "poo'd" your post and then took it away.. What's your thought process on the subject..?
  8. Nic Batum out for season?

    Monta Ellis is available. We shud sign him to vet min for sure. But it makes too much sense so it wont happen
  9. Batum went down with elbow injury early. Monk dropped 19 and Lamb also had 17pts. How long til we are forced to throw one of them in the starting SG spot and slide Batum to SF (more natural position)? Mkg off the bench would be awesome..
  10. once Kemba and Batum realize you shouldn't throw it down to Dwight - and just let him get easy put-backs - our team will get much better.. forcing offense through Big Al is way different then forcing offense through D12.. Lamb by the way - has been getting great praise from Cliff and coaching staff for offseason.. hope it translates and isnt just fluff..
  11. What makes u think the coaching staff will sit him this year if he is hurt? Ride cam til the wheels fall off #dobetter
  12. under.. Olsen will be missed.. a lot
  13. man - this NEW LOOK offense has some long routes being run by all the WRs.. the quick outs don't seem to be there.. However, those quick outs usually need a lil-mustard on the throw - do you think Cam's arm strength could be a factor? prolly not.. idk meh - fire Shula
  14. Olsen could be out just 6 games

    my guess is he will return after the Bye week..