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    Hornets Summer League

    Bridges was 1-8 from 3pt land.. I gotta give it to him though - he keeps shooting.. MKG would never even think about attempting 8 different 3's in a game..

    Potential Targets left?

    2018 --------------------------------------- 2015 PG: Kemba - Parker ---------------- PG: Kemba - J.Lin SG: Lamb - Monk - Bacon ------- SG: Batum - C.Lee SF: Batum - MKG - Bridges ----- SF: MKG - Lamb (before he blossomed) PF: Marvin - Frank ------------------ PF: Marvin - Hawes C: Zeller - Biz - Willy ---------------- C: Jefferson - Zeller Ima go out on a limb and say our current roster looks better than we were in 2015. PG is equal, SG is about equal, SF is much better, PF is better, C is better

    Potential Targets left?

    Every move we make from here on out (if we make any) needs to keep in mind next year.. Right now - if we let Lamb, Frank and Kemba expire we will be sitting around 24mil in cap space. I doubt that will be enough to keep Kemba. I wish we could keep Lamb as well, but this could get interesting. We have to move one of 5 BIG Fuggin Contracts (BFC): MKG, Zeller, Marvin, Batum or Biz to generate some cap room before Kemba starts getting offers. If we trade away Frank or Lamb's expiring's this year for help (aka Kevin Love or whomever) we will have nothing really to offer Kemba. I think the smart thing is to let the contracts expire and try to move one (or two) of the 5 BFCs next season. Right now our lineup is pretty decent. Probably the best we have been since the Courtney Lee & Jeremy Lin team: PG - Kemba - Parker SG - Lamb - Monk - Bacon SF - Batum - MKG - Bridges PF - Marvin - Frank C - Zeller - Biz - Willy If what we heard is correct - and Borrego wants Frank to move to play Center - We HAVE TO move Zeller or Biz for cap space. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Real Key is just having a successful season This year. Kemba will get all warm and fuzzy if we have a playoff run in us. Also - the higher we go - the lower our 1st round pick will be next year. If we make the playoffs - attaching a lower 1st round draft pick to MKG and/or Zeller will allow us to shed their contracts easier via trading them away. If we fug it all up and are in the lottery again - we surly will lose Kemba, and NEED to keep that pick to really start the rebuilding process. The saying Winning cures all - has never applied more to us this year.

    Trade Idea!

    swap the 2 second rounders with a 1st and they might make the trade - otherwise - no way.. they will keep him at the beginning of the season and might flip him at the deadline.. I'm sure Mitch is trying to put something together but without a 1st round draft pick - i don't see Cleveland giving him up for role players..

    Trade Idea!

    I'm still interested to see what Cleveland does with their roster. When u look at the team - it's a lineup of over-leveraged players on terrible contracts.. but there is a lot of talent that can help any team: Kevin Love, Larry Nance, Jordan Clarkson, JR Smith, Tristan Thompson and Kyle Korver Love OR Nance could really be a huge help for us if we move any of the PFs or Cs on our team. Throw in MKG for good measure since we are heavy on Wing players.
  6. I still follow a few ex-Panthers and still have love for them. However, some of these guys catch a lot of heat from Huddles and I just wanted to run through a few guys to see if we are still mad or do they get a black&blue check by their names? DeAngelo Williams - Greg Hardy - Mike Tolbert - Tedd Ginn - Dwayne Jarrett - Brandon Lafell - J.No24 - A.J. Klein - Star Lotulelei - Michael Oher - 89 - J.Stew -

    The new era is here: Three questions

    DO WANT: Midfield logo replaced with Panther logo - Richardson statue removed (the 2 panthers can stay) DON'T WANT: A drastic change in organization. One thing I think people loved about Carolina (players and fans) was that it was a family atmosphere. I don't want to become Cinci or even Pittsburgh for that matter. We are who we though we are.. WHAT WILL HAPPEN: apparently refreshments!?
  8. Daeshon Hall, Ian Thomas, Shaq Thompson, Gaulden/Searcy/Cockrell

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Agreed.. don't care..
  10. Frank Kaminsky is a RFA next year - his qualifying offer would only be $4.9m. If any other team extends an offer that beats that - do you let him walk? I guess this is his final shot to prove himself worth a damn this year. It's a 'wait and see' issue but wanted to run the idea of creating more space next year.

    Tell me why we don't do this...

    For making this thread
  12. OKC is looking to unload Melo's massive contract (about $28m) and they know they will get nothing of real use back.. Charlotte gets Melo ($28m) = OKC gets Marvin + MKG ($27m) Thoughts? Would either of us pull the trigger on this? We create cap space for next year's FA class instantly and help OKC out in the process. I might be too fugged up rite now to realize why this shudn't happen.. PG - Kemba - Parker SG - Lamb - Monk SF - Batum - Bacon PF - Melo - Frank C - Zeller - Biz

    Mozgov/Stone Traded for Biyombo(!!)

    to flip an absolute non-factor (Mozgov) into a backup center (Biz) for practically nuthin!?!? In Mitch I trust.. I thought there would be 0 chance we do anything creative this summer and had to just eat some of these contracts.. I.am.pleased.

    Monk out 6 to 8 weeks with fracture thumb!!

    I have seen enough of Monk to know he is a legit NBA player and has star potential.. he has earned more regular season minutes - the 2-4 more summer league games he might have played in would not determine his regular season production one bit.. It's not good news - but it's not terrible news.. get healthy Monk and we will see you when the season starts..
  15. 1-Celtics - Just a great, deep squad with incredible coaching 2-Raptors - #1 seed last year, lost nobody and won't have to face Lebron but once or twice a year 3-Sixers - Team coming together. As always, injuries are a huge factor here 4-Wizards - Wall was out for a huge last year, add Dwight to Beal/Wall/Porter - we got problems in our division 5-Bucks - They could collapse if the Jabari Parker thing doesn't go well this year - but Middleton/Giannis are great 6-Pacers - They over-achieved last year. Losing Lance might not be bad - but I think they come back to earth. 7-Hornets - Monk at SG, Batum at SF and MKG on bench. Who woulda thunk-it!? Success!! 8-Pistons - I can see it getting ugly with Blake vs Jackson/Drummond, but if they come together = too much talent.