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  1. Early bye week.

    What these guys ^^^ said.
  2. MSNBC Blocked Me From Covering Bernie - Ed Schultz

    Affordable education, healthcare for all our citizens, reigning in criminal behavior on Wall Street, ending the nonstop wars. These are supposed to be hallmarks of the left. They are all things US Senator Sanders supports and yet the network most people point to as the "most liberal" of all cable news networks refuses to cover his announcement to run for POTUS. The best you can do is "editorializing"? You don't have to agree with Senator Sanders or his political agenda to recognize the media in this country severely limited his coverage despite his early success/grass roots support/huge donations and drawing significantly larger crowds than every other candidate not named Donald Trump.
  3. MSNBC Blocked Me From Covering Bernie - Ed Schultz

    As stated, you have nothing of any merit to contribute to this thread. And as if to prove my point, you've already resorted to ad hominem attacks. Nice. Thanks for validating my previous comments.
  4. MSNBC Blocked Me From Covering Bernie - Ed Schultz

    And as for Chris Matthews, he was the network's cheerleader for the Iraq War. He is also a shill for whatever the establishment's latest narrative is on issues of the day. His job, and he does it well, is to manufacture consent for whatever the establishment wants. So Chris doesn't need any rope, he is already well trained by his corporate masters, and an extremely wealthy man because of it.
  5. MSNBC Blocked Me From Covering Bernie - Ed Schultz

    You can't help me because you don't have a legitimate case to make beyond corporate media effectively blacked out coverage of Senator Sanders because they didn't agree with his political views. Especially Bernie's views about 6 corporations controlling 90% of this nation's media content.
  6. MSNBC Blocked Me From Covering Bernie - Ed Schultz

    Most "Liberal" US network, stops primetime program host that has sent a camera team to Vermont and is actually in the US Senator's backyard setup and ready to go, from broadcasting a live announcement that the Senator is running for POTUS. Just "editorializing", nothing to see here. Right. How about 30 minutes of Trump's empty podium instead of Bernie giving a primary victory speech MSNBC? Now we're talking newsworthy!
  7. Ex-MSNBC host Ed Schultz in a recent interview ripped his former network as "in the tank for Hillary Clinton" and suggested he was fired in 2015 because of his support for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.). Schultz, who now anchors a show on RT, told National Review‘s Jamie Weinstein in an an interview posted Friday that MSNBC chief Phil Griffin was a "watchdog," and he said he was often given direction on what stories to cover. Sanders gave his official campaign launch speech in Burlington, Vermont on May 26, 2015, and Schultz said he was the only cable news host planning to air it live. He had also taped an interview with Sanders at the lawmaker's home ahead of the speech...
  8. Amazon is not what it used to be...

    Yeah, haven't had any issues with Amazon and have been dealing with them for a decade now. Delivery has always been on time or early. Great tracking notification system that doesn't leave me in the dark like other stores. Easy returns. Prices are usually competitive with what I'm seeing at the brick and mortar stores for the most part, but that is not always the case and as always, it pays to compare before buying. Amazon has turned retail on its head much like Walmart did several decades ago. Stores that can't compete or find a niche market to serve end up like Woolworth, Sears and Kmart, dead or soon to be dead and life goes on. It's a dog-eats-dog world out there.
  9. Senator Rand Paul Tells Pompeo why he is Against him getting Trump's Secretary of State Job April 12, 2018
  10. Question about Syria

  11. Question about Syria

    Why are you the only poster in this thread to recognize this? Newsflash: Syria is a sovereign nation, that means they are the only ones that have the right to decide who is permitted to run a pipeline through their national territory. The OP and other dolts in this thread should reverse the roles of the USA and Syria for a moment to see how incredibly imperialistic and immoral their sense of entitlement as Americans has become. Oh, and about 600,000 civilians have been killed during the Syrian Civil War.
  12. Going to WAR?

  13. Going to WAR?

  14. Going to WAR?

    Professor Stuns MSNBC Panel On Syria
  15. Going to WAR?

    Congresswoman Tusli Gabbard says the United States and its allies have been supporting terrorist groups inside Syria with weapons and aid in a CNN interview. She is introducing a bill that will end this support.