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  1. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    Police: 14 arrested during rally, counter-protests in downtown Portland Police say the events were held in Terry Schrunk Plaza, City Hall, and Chapman Square. They say the groups at City Hall and Schrunk Plaza were largely peaceful, while a group at Chapman Square required significant attention from law enforcement. During the course of police action, in response to a significant amount of projectiles being thrown, officers deployed less lethal munitions, including "pepper ball" and aerial distraction devices. See video here: http://www.kptv.com/story/35585576/police-14-arrested-during-downtown-portland-rally-counter-protests
  2. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    In the long history of KKK and Nazis protests going back decades, I don't ever recall reading where these hate groups threw urine at police or reporters, they are better known for cross burnings and goose stepping. However, there seems to be a definite trend forming, wherever urine throwing is reported, Antifa always seems to be around. Strange coincidence, even prior to Boston and Charlottesville. In downtown Portland Oregon on 4 June 2017, Trump supporters and counter protesters (including Antifa) staged simultaneous protests. The groups were separated by police to prevent violence so there was no way to confuse who the responsible parties were this time. The Antifa crowd eventually started throwing bricks, rocks, URINE and poison gas bombs (designed to kill rodents) in the general direction of Trump supporters. Portland Police were forced to move in on the Antifa/leftists due to their violent behavior, dispersing most of the counter protesters and arresting some of those responsible. PORTLAND, OR (AP) - (Associated Press: known fascists and stooges of the far right) http://www.kptv.com/story/35740202/portland-police-urine-and-feces-filled-balloons-thrown-during-dueling-demonstrations
  3. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    True, and more to the point, Antifa has a history of being rather indiscriminate when it comes to targeting people. Want to defend yourself against the KKK and Nazis? By all means go ahead. Assaulting reporters, police and Trump supporters? Antifa is running the very real risk of being labeled domestic terrorists and undermining whatever cause they seem to believe they're supporting. There is a smart way to conduct civil disobedience and there is a stupid, counterproductive way. Antifa uses the latter. If this sort of domestic terrorism persists it will not end well for Antifa or those on the left who will be painted with the same broad brush by those on the right.
  4. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    Katie Couric‏Verified account @katiecouric Follow More Two of my producers just got sprayed with urine. Lovely. Hard to keep your cool. 7:46 AM - 12 Aug 2017
  5. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    What is the definition of terrorism? ter·ror·ism ˈterəˌrizəm/ noun the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. "the fight against terrorism"
  6. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    The one who needs a lesson in the truth is you...
  7. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    Everything is black and white for you isn't it? Try a nuanced approach to life sometime, I think you'll like it. Here are a bunch of white supremacists covering their faces just like in the olden days right before they terrorized somebody... oh wait!
  8. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    Oh, brother. Must be desperate. Time to throw the mud and see what sticks huh? Antifa Thug ^^^
  9. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    FYI: A roll of duct tape can limit someone's right to free speech. Or a punch to the head or a well placed swing of a stick. Intimidation it is a tried and tested approach to shutting down an opponents eagerness to speak out for their beliefs. One thing for sure, Antifa leaders believe violence works. If you don't know that much, maybe it is time for you to get your head out of the books
  10. Trump apologizes to Erdogan

    Must see some business opportunities in Turkey that would otherwise be endangered by sticking up for the peaceful American protesters beaten up by Erdogan's thugs. Just hate it when peaceful protesters exercising their constitutional rights are assaulted don't you?
  11. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    An Indian immigrant (brown guy) running against Elizabeth Warren, a Bernie Sanders progressive running for the state legislature as well as a Trump supporter and some guy with the Star of David emblazoned on the front of his T-shirt were all targets of Antifa during the gathering in downtown Boston. A gathering to support free speech and protest violence. The Antifa were throwing bottles of urine, disrupting speeches and making a general nuisance of themselves. 30,000 people attended for what was originally scheduled as a two hour event, it was cut short, to only 50 minutes, thanks to the interference of Antifa. But there is simply no way Antifa is preventing Americans from exercising their freedom of speech, right fryguy?
  12. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    Antifa may be relatively small, but a couple of people? Seriously? Are you just trying to destroy whatever credibility you have left? I absolutely understand my right to free speech, so do those at Antifa attempting to limit it. Cities and States across this nation (mostly right wing law and order types) are advancing policies and creating new legislation to limit the public's right to peaceful protest and free speech. Antifa's continued violence is a gift from heaven for these politicians, providing all the justification they'll require to further limit our constitutional rights. Take a look at what happened in Boston a few weeks ago. Antifa ran free threatening more than white supremacists and reporters were kept so far from the stage they couldn't hear those giving speeches. The city's Mayor and Police Commissioner couldn't care less, they've already decided what is worthy of reporting on and what isn't. They just want to keep a lid on the violence. Thanks Antifa. So an entire nation was prevented from hearing the speeches given in Boston that day, others never made it to the stage. Thanks Antifa. Apparently you seem to believe only the state can prevent an individual from exercising their first amendment rights. Antifa has a bunch of thugs carrying sticks that disagree with you. MIght want to watch your back.
  13. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    Speaking out is what I'm advocating... not violence. I'm in good company when it comes to non-violent protest. Can you say as much?
  14. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    Look I'm tired of dealing with your feeble attempts to spin Antifa's behavior into something other than what it is. An (illegal) attempt through the use of violence to deny fellow Americans their right to peaceful protest and free speech. Their own leaders boast about it, yet you deny it. It is obvious to anyone who witnesses it. Anyone who hasn't painted themselves into a corner that is.