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  1. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Gay Marriage in Kentucky.   

    Kim Davis doesn't even know her own religious beliefs or she would recognize what a humongous hypocrite she is.
    Her Church, that claims to take the Bible literally, are a bunch of hypocrites also for not disowning her sinful ways.
    If her church believes as they claim to, they'll be waiting outside the prison to stone Davis to death the minute she is released from jail.
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  2. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Obama done doin it agin   

    Read more here:
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  3. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Gay Marriage in Kentucky.   

    The Kentucky Bugle             
    1 April 2016
    Former Court Clerk Kim Davis to Marry Cellmate
    Earlier today former county clerk Kim Davis announced her engagement to her cellmate Merry Bush, aka "Munchin".
    In a twist of fate Ms. Davis said her time in prison has allowed her to explore long suppressed emotions.  She has now come to realize she prefers women over men and hopes to tie the knot with Munchin in the very near future.
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  4. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Petraeus thinks we should arm Al Qaida to fight ISIS   

    I liked him better when he was cheating on his wife.
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  5. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic University of Texas removes Jefferson Davis statue   

    I have it on good authority that Jeff Davis doesn't give a damn about the status of his statue.
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  6. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Obama done doin it agin   

    No, the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and disbanding their professional military caused the current power void in the ME. 
    Prior to that Saddam Hussein/Iraq was a powerful counter balance to the Iranian regime. 
    Those who today are worried about Iran should have thought about that before destroying the one country in the region, Iraq, that had kept Iran in check for decades. 
    So, what do we have after trillions in US resources have been wasted and tens of thousands of troops have been seriously injured or killed invading Iraq?  A Middle East in greater chaos than ever.  We have also turned Iraq from Iran's biggest adversary into their closest ally by supplanting a Sunni Iraqi government with a Shiite Iraqi government. 
    Bottom Line:  Thanks to the Bush Administration's ill advised invasion of Iraq (on false pretenses), Iran is now a bigger player in the region than they have been since the fall of the Shah.
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  7. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Another police officer found to be member of Ku Klux Klan   

    I seriously doubt that.
    The KKK and police have gone together for generations like peanut butter and jelly.
    I have a hard time imagining any police force that would tolerate an officer espousing Black Panther dogma.
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  8. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Gay Marriage in Kentucky.   

    Davis told the judge today she couldn't sign off on gay marriage certificates because she wants to go to heaven.
    When is someone going to break it to this dolt that her multiple marriages makes her an adulteress in God's eyes and she's on the express train to hell?
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  9. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Obama done doin it agin   

    Specifically, CIA director George Tenet and United States Secretary of State Colin Powell both cited attempts by Hussein to obtain uranium from Niger in their September testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. At that time, using information derived from the same source, the UK government also publicly reported an attempted purchase from an (unnamed) "African country".
    In December, the United States Department of State issued a fact sheet listing the alleged Niger yellowcake affair in a report entitled "Illustrative Examples of Omissions From the Iraqi Declaration to the United Nations Security Council."[1]
    In his January 2003 State of the Union speech, U.S. President George W. Bush said, "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."[2] This single sentence is now known as "the Sixteen Words."[
    According to The Washington Post, when occupying troops found no evidence of a current nuclear program, the statement and how it came to be in the speech became a focus for critics in Washington and foreign capitals to press the case that the White House manipulated facts to take the United States to war. The Post reported, "Dozens of interviews with current and former intelligence officials and policymakers in the United States, Britain, France and Italy show that the Bush administration disregarded key information available at the time showing that the Iraq-Niger claim was highly questionable."
    Barack wasn't president when the decision to withdraw our troops from Iraq was made. 
    George Bush's administration attempted to secure a SOFA with Iraq allowing our troops to remain in that country.  After a protracted and unsuccessful effort the Bush administration concluded that the US had no alternative other than to withdraw our troops from Iraq.
    Bottom Line:  Iraq is a sovereign nation and didn't want large numbers of US troops in their country.
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  10. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Obama done doin it agin   

    What if Iran somehow bombed Israel's atomic facilities?
    How would an American President react if Iran bombed our nation's atomic facilities?
    What would be a more accurate description of bombing under these circumstances?
    ... an ACT OF WAR.
    That is precisely what Benjamin Netanyahu and the GOP war hawks are advocating.
    It is beyond belief that after 14 years of nonstop war and chaos that many on the right haven't learned a thing.  Cons are still incapable of devising any approach other than starting another "preemptive war" based on flimsy intelligence and irrational fear-mongering.
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  11. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Obama done doin it agin   

    What happened the last time the US accused a nation of attempting to build an atomic weapon?
    Anyone remember that little dust-up in a place called Iraq?
    As far as wiping things off a map that is as close as it gets in our lifetimes.
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  12. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Obama done doin it agin   

    Take your position to its logical conclusion, do you really believe the leadership much less the people of Iran seek to be obliterated by Israel's hundreds of nuclear equipped rockets and missiles from their Air Force and Navy? 
    Because that is exactly what would happen as soon as Israel detected Iran launching missiles against them. 
    xen·o·pho·bi·aIntense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.
    I don't know how else to describe people who honestly believe Iran would build an atomic weapon to destroy Israel knowing their own country would also be destroyed in the process.
    Iran... a nation that has not started a war in over two hundred years.
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  13. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Obama done doin it agin   

    How many years has Benjamin Netanyahu and members of the GOP advocated bombing Iran?
    It works both ways.
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  14. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Obama done doin it agin   

    MAD:  Preventing World War III for over 60 years.
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