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  1. NFL Is Losing...Good Riddance! !

    I don't even know what you are referring to, but those issues don't come up in the link above. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again.
  2. By all reports from those charged with monitoring the international nuclear agreement Iran is in full compliance and yet...
  3. NFL Is Losing...Good Riddance! !

    Jesse Ventura and Former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich discuss US wars of aggression in Iraq and Libya. Kucinich addresses his peace keeping mission to Syria. Brigida Santos gets the governor’s opinion on Colin Kaepernick and the politicization of football.
  4. Why The Electoral College Ruins Democracy

    I prefer, strongly dislikes, but otherwise you hit the nail on the head.
  5. S. Korea and US excercises begin Monday....

    I'm speaking out against the dolt in chief who has turned out to be a one man wrecking crew when it comes to undermining our nation's future well being. As an American who loves this country speaking out against Trump's stupidity is the least I can do. Those who believe as you do, might not be "Anti American" per say, but, by supporting Trump and his actions, you may as well be.
  6. I seriously doubt the perp will be allowed to attend any more Panthers games at BOA. https://sportsnaut.com/2017/10/sucker-punching-panthers-fan-identified-team-will-pursue-charges-fullest-extent-law/ David Newton, ESPN Staff Writer
  7. Why The Electoral College Ruins Democracy

    Au contraire mon ami...
  8. S. Korea and US excercises begin Monday....

    Trump has demonstrated time and again he is unfit for office. Based on his recent rhetoric Trump is itching for a war with either North Korea or Iran. Hopefully there are enough intelligent people in this country to prevent Trump from achieving that goal.
  9. Trump strikes blow against Iran nuclear deal

    Compare Trump to Iran's Foreign Minister. One is intelligent and well spoken, the other is an orange orangutan.
  10. Trump strikes blow against Iran nuclear deal

    NEW YORK, September 27, 2017 — Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif discusses the Iran Nuclear Deal and issues such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen with journalist and broadcaster Charlie Rose at Asia Society in New York. The conversation was followed by an audience question and answer session moderated by Asia Society Executive Vice President Tom Nagorski.
  11. S. Korea and US excercises begin Monday....

    US/South Korea hold joint military exercises at this time every year and North Korea always responds with threats and denunciations. The BIG wild card is who we now have as president.
  12. I get that every now and again our offense needed to keep the Eagles D honest by attempting to run. However, by the second half it was painfully obvious if the Panthers were to win, it was going to be with Cam's arm. Continuously attempting to run on first down was tantamount to throwing away a third of their opportunities to advance the ball. Worse than that even, Panthers were typically having to gain more than ten yards on second down. It was frustrating to watch such predictable play calling by our OC.
  13. Rivera post-game presser

    Eagles HC gets it... went for two instead of settling for one when the opportunity presented itself. Anyone see Ron having the balls to try that? Every point counts Ron, including the three you left on the field at halftime.
  14. Steve Smith Calls Out Mike Shula On Twitter

    The HC and OC are the weak links on this team.
  15. Horrific New Revelations On CIA Torture

    The CIA has been forced to declassify nearly 300 documents about a secret torture site in Afghanistan where CIA psychologists devised some of the most cruel and inhuman ways of torturing. Some were killed. The psychologists made millions of dollars. It was more than ten years ago. Past history? Not if you listen to President Trump on torture. Waterboarding? "I love it," he said at a rally.
  16. Trump wanted 10x more nukes

    Pretty good synopsis of the issue when it comes to nuclear weapons and Trump.
  17. Why The Electoral College Ruins Democracy

    Majority of US voters = Wolves Minority of US voters = Sheep Can't make this poo up. Geography trumps democracy. Continues to defend system devised by slave holders to perpetuate their right to own slaves.
  18. North Carolina airport bomber

    Doesn't fit the narrative of evil foreigners attempting to subvert "our way of life". Just one of our own, you know the guys... GAO noted that 41 percent of the deaths caused by a radical Islamist during the reviewed period happened in one incident: the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting. In June 2016, Omar Mateen, born in the United States to Afghan parents, killed 49 people at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2017/aug/16/look-data-domestic-terrorism-and-whos-behind-it/
  19. Why The Electoral College Ruins Democracy

    You have nothing to worry about. With one person/one vote, two states wouldn't elect the POTUS, a nation of voters would. That is the whole point of one person/one vote. The President wouldn't represent either red or blue states, they would represent the entire nation as a whole. That is precisely how the POTUS should be selected, by the entire nation, not a few swing states. A republican's vote in California would be counted just the same as a democrat's vote in Alabama. For once every person's vote would actually matter. I've already provided numerous quotes from politicians at the time. It should be obvious to anyone that can read, the South (where the overwhelming/vast majority of slaves resided) was opposed to one person/one vote. That objection was not based on population (as Virginia was the most populous state at the time) it was based on the reality that half the Southern population was comprised of non-voting slaves. Slaves, that for obvious reasons, Southern politicians would never willingly give the right to vote to. The solution? The Electoral College. It was part of our nation's "Original Sin". It was devised to placate the slave owning Southern states and keep the former colonies united as one. That original sin would eventually lead to the greatest conflict in our nation's history. Even today, this disparate system wreaks havoc on selecting our nation's leader. The Electoral College has once again unfairly tipped the balance of power, handing the Office of the President to the least popular candidate. As if 8 years of GWB wasn't bad enough. Do we select our governors by individual counties or by a statewide election? A voter's geographic location should never entitle him/her to a greater say than any other voter when determining the outcome of the election. A voter in Monroe, Matthews or Mint Hill shouldn't get a greater say than a resident of Charlotte when picking the State Governor. Fortunately they don't. But, but, Jarrod says there are more people in Charlotte so they should have less of a vote than the people in Monroe. Apparently giving each American an equal vote in selecting their president is a concept that strikes you as unfair. Somehow, giving a select group of voters a greater say because of their geographic location makes more sense to you. Why? Because otherwise the majority will determine the victor? What a strange concept that is, other than it applies to every other elected office in the land. Maybe, you are simply having a hard time parting ways with an electoral system that has perpetuated, and continues to perpetuate, our nation's love affair with slavery and racism?
  20. Why The Electoral College Ruins Democracy

    Bottom Line: The Electoral College gives disparate influence to areas of the country based on arbitrary borders due to our nation's slave owning past. This is something that should have been rectified more than 150 years ago with the defeat of those who fought and died to enshrine their right to treat other human beings as chattel/livestock. Once our presidential elections are conducted just like every other elected office in this nation, one person/one vote, the individual voter becomes precious. States like California or even Alabama are not monolithic when it comes to their voters. They never have been, even though our current system treats them that way. The office of the president is a national position, not a state position. As everyone in a state votes for governor as individuals, not by counties, so should our only national office be voted for by individuals not states. Each state has a varying mixture of voters; pubs, dems, indies, conservatives, libertarians and progressives. Instead of candidates writing off States as "safe" blue or red, as both parties do now, and have done for decades, one person/one vote will throw every state back into the mix. Candidates will attempt to appeal to voters across the nation because where the votes come from will no longer dictate campaign strategies, only the total vote count will matter. A vote in Huntsville will be just a powerful as one in Portland Maine or NYC. In close races, as we've experienced multiple times in recent decades, individual voters can now make a big difference, no matter where they're from. That reality alone will likely motivate millions who now stay home on election day because they vote differently than the majority in their states. No longer would the candidate with the LEAST amount of voter support control the most powerful office in the land. The winner of the vote would actually win the election. What is the point of even having an election if the one NOT chosen by the voters becomes POTUS? Convoluted, only scratches the surface when attempting to explain the Electoral College.