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  1. Would be great to draft a DE in the top 3 rounds AND get one in FA. Let Washington keep working his magic
  2. I'm intrigued by John Brown, WR from the Cardinals....he seemed to come on strong his sophomore season before injuries took a toll on him. But more importantly, we need a strong possession WR with reliable hands. WR1: Funchess WR2: Brown/Possession WR WR3: Possession WR/Brown WR4: Byrd WR5: Samuel
  3. Finally!!!! Big changes are coming hopefully!
  4. So we lose it in the most Panther way ever??!?
  5. Interesting body language...

    Let’s bump up that Matt Kalil signing thread for fun
  6. I'm hoping he comes on a year or two later like Melvin Gordon for the Chargers who struggled early The Wes Welker/Danny Woodhead/Rex Burkhead comparisons...Ha!
  7. Hunter Henry will be the pick. Either him or Derrick Henry
  8. The nerves should be gone...lets win this fuging game already!!!