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  1. Let's start seeing what we can get for Funchess...
  2. Might as well be as optimistic as possible Byrd Gang!
  3. Both below average but both are top 10 (out of 32 starting QBs) . and Aaron Rodgers would have two/three rings if he was the Panthers QB instead (He only has one now) Please explain.
  4. Byrd just had knee surgery too...I wonder how he will fare
  5. Mike Tolbert @miketolbert35 Now it looks like everyone's getting what they wanted. Pay these guys! @ThomasDavisSDTM… instagram.com/p/BWqTIHDla3I/ How hated was Gettleman?! Geez
  6. Nope because Gettleman put himself in this situation with the Josh Norman/"Holdout-Distraction" debacle Also, Maybe Landon Collins in 2015 and Hunter Henry in 2016 changes things...
  7. Letting Josh Norman and Steve Smith go were the right moves, eh?