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  1. We’ll make a move at safety but it won’t be signing Eric Reid
  2. Mike Shula days are truly over!!!
  3. Amini HAS to be secretly related to Ron or something
  4. Legit Wow! Extend that man right after the game
  5. Calling it now! DJ Moore with a breakout game Over 100 yards and at least 1 TD!
  6. AceMan

    Kalil to IR

    Knew this would be one of the worst signings for our franchise...need to bump that old Matt Kalil singing thread for laughs and tears
  7. AceMan

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    Corey Coleman released by the Bills
  8. AceMan

    Hall cut

    We should be able to stash him on PS. Real disappointment
  9. Problem is his knees buckle under pressure