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  1. I'm hoping he comes on a year or two later like Melvin Gordon for the Chargers who struggled early The Wes Welker/Danny Woodhead/Rex Burkhead comparisons...Ha!
  2. And that’s all that needs to be said
  3. Wilks is being forced to play Shaq more (more 4-3) to justify his 1st round draft status. It’s hurting the team more overall...
  4. Vernon Butler A Surprise Scratch

    Just wait until Hunter Henry makes the Pro Bowl
  5. Too Late!!! It seems like the Panthers are always doing things too late and left with egg all over their faces The players chose to side with JR's way of doing things and now they can't stand themselves. Tough s***! Bump kneeling or doing whatever now...try being proactive and actually hosting/leading meetings with Law Enforcement and the Public now...
  6. Thanks for the forum, Igo I'm officially done with the Panthers. It's been fun, guys...
  7. I really hope the Panthers don't disappoint me...with their response and the actual game
  8. Shula unrest

    That Dungy coaching tree (through Locke Smith) is a freakin' curse!!!
  9. Let's start seeing what we can get for Funchess...