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  1. That “left-handed” excuse for Byron Bell at LT HAS to be the worst excuse ever. That makes him technically the worst in my mind.
  2. AceMan

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    We better have a top 3 special teams unit this upcoming season... And Bo goes with the next pick..
  3. What a test for fairly new secondary coach, Curtis Fuller ATL really trying to make this a memorable draft for us as well
  4. Hurney: You guys wanted me to stay put, right?
  5. 1.) Stay put 2.) Derrius Guice, RB 3.)
  6. Agreed. Who OK’ed this?!?
  7. Houston is turning out to be a crappy city
  8. AceMan

    The rich get....

    This is even more disgusting than Eric Reid being blackballed out the league
  9. — Sign FS Mike Mitchell — Sign WR Brice Butler We bring back Mitchell to shore up the FS spot. Butler as another deep threat WR. — Sign TE Eric Ebron — Sign T/G Greg Robinson We take a chance on both underperforming busts Draft CB & DE in the 1st two rounds
  10. AceMan

    What's left at CB

    1-year deal for Tramon Williams maybe?
  11. Wow... I believe we can sign him cheap later, but what a huge loss for the young man himself...
  12. Wow!! Bigger & Better NT to replace Star...
  13. AceMan

    Moncrief to Jags

    Agreed. Thought we could snatch Richardson...oh well