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  1. That “left-handed” excuse for Byron Bell at LT HAS to be the worst excuse ever. That makes him technically the worst in my mind.
  2. AceMan

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    We better have a top 3 special teams unit this upcoming season... And Bo goes with the next pick..
  3. What a test for fairly new secondary coach, Curtis Fuller ATL really trying to make this a memorable draft for us as well
  4. Hurney: You guys wanted me to stay put, right?
  5. 1.) Stay put 2.) Derrius Guice, RB 3.)
  6. Agreed. Who OK’ed this?!?
  7. Houston is turning out to be a crappy city
  8. AceMan

    The rich get....

    This is even more disgusting than Eric Reid being blackballed out the league
  9. Hunter Henry will be the pick. Either him or Derrick Henry
  10. The nerves should be gone...lets win this fuging game already!!!
  11. IT'S GGGGAAAAMMMMEEEDDDAAAYYYY!!! Super Bowl Sunday! Here we go!!
  12. AceMan

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Just figured out the troll tarheels. Got his team, trolling angle, & etc. Hint: Avatar
  13. AceMan

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Wait until after the Super Bowl (when he disappears). I guess a Cardinals fan