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  1. Tasty meal for you porn addicts

    have we figured out which alt Ludwig is for? Is it Chuck?
  2. You guys are asking me what he was complaining about in a thread about Matt Kalil lol He had a meltdown on twitter like a teenage dude when we signed him
  3. I just can't wait till we win the Superbowl and Josh Norris has to eat crow for acting like such a baby this offseason
  4. get the feeling Philly had somewhat of an unceremonious exit, no proof or sources but there seems to be a bit of bad blood there
  5. Justice League

    Every single one of Synder's movies is made better by the "director's cut". That's exactly his problem, he has these grandiose ideas that don't translate well to blockbuster cinemas. Also his color palette aesthetic is poo.
  6. Justice League

    I just can't wait till Snyder is no longer associated with these movies. Praying Justice League does well enough for DC not to nuke the whole process.
  7. Attention Huddle Sex Therapists

    There's a rule of thumb about Ex's. They say it takes half the time you were in a relationship to get over that person. Now obviously that's an estimate but I believe there's some truth to that, or at least in my experience with myself and friends that timeline seems to be somewhat realistic. So if you dated for 7 years, you're only one year into the 3.5 year process of getting over her. It just takes time for our minds to move on when you're so used to something. Again I would recommend talking to someone.
  8. Attention Huddle Sex Therapists

    Seeing a psychologist, therapist or anyone trained in counseling could really help, just make it's someone you feel comfortable with. I'm a huge advocate for mental health. In fact, I really do believe if everyone was required or it was customary for everyone to go see a mental health professional just once a year to touch base, the world would be a better place.
  9. Video games are dead *rant*

    wasn't really planning on buying this game but I'm intrigued on the shitstorm surrounding it. Microtransactions are, by in large, bullshit and helping to ruin major titles imo
  10. agree 100% on D Jax, not sure about Jeffery's, imo he's a better version of KB but still has lots of inconsistency issues.
  11. This might deserve it's own thread but looking at the rest of our schedule at Jets at Saints home Vikings home Packers away Bucs away Falcons I really don't see how we don't go at MINIMUM 3-3 with that, and that's assuming Atlanta is still competing for a playoff spot by that last game. At best those are all winnable games for us but that's unrealistic so I'll give us 5-1. Jets should be a win yea they aren't a cakewalk but at the end of the day it's Josh McCown. I'm more worried about Bowles, early in Cam's career he really frustrated him with some unique blitz schemes. Win. At Saints I'm going to pencil in as a loss but don't count us out, we clearly slept on the saints the first go around, won't be the same this time. Loss Vikings at home will be a tough matchup. Their defense really frustrated and pretty much dismantled our season last year. They have two of the best WRs in football right now. Still a very winnable game. Win Packers is a crapshoot. Rodgers is actually pegged to be back by then, however if the Packers aren't in playoff contention by that point I highly doubt he comes back. Plus it will be his first game back on a surgically repaired throwing arm- very winnable but will be tough no doubt. Win The Bucs will have all but quit by this point, probably will look like a trap game for the first 10 minutes before the Bucs give up entirely. Win Falcons away could be a very tough game depending on how they stand for playoffs. Loss 11-5 gets us the 5 seed.
  12. Football wise this is a huge bummer. He was really coming into his own. To add insult to injury, I think if he catches that ball he misses the hit completely.
  13. Let me try to help Anytime you "sprain" your ankle, you damage your ligament. That's why sprains are graded by how bad the tear in the ligament is. Obviously NFL teams are tight lipped about the exact injury but sometimes it's actually better to have a complete tear instead of a partial one, as it generally heals faster. The fact that he's going to surgery makes me think it's a Grade 3 or a complete tear. I mentioned this to SACA on twitter last night but you can not diagnose a fracture based off a video. Anytime you have an injury like this there is obviously a risk for fracture, but the only way to truly diagnose that is an X-ray
  14. I still maintain as I said on draft day we should have drafted Hooker Now that being said I love CMC and more importantly he's a Panther so that's the end of the story. But had we drafted him ....14? would people really be making this big of a deal about it? I just feel like the top 10 status is getting people all hung up.
  15. The Parallels between Denver and us aren't something to be ignored imo Broncos have a legendary offense and get smacked by Seattle's defense. Two years later, Denver is a good team with offensive struggles that peaked at the exact right moment.