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  1. Josh is insane. He was insane here but I loved it because he was our psycho. Now he's a psycho for another team.
  2. Man if I was an SEC school with a shitty coach I'd be pissed we didn't hire him
  3. exactly. if he truly was this perfect person he would have nothing to hide. I don't care if you drink or smoke weed or fug Ciara while watching the Mariners Russel, but quit acting like your concussion went away due to LifeWater TM and you're holier than though virgin penis means something
  4. good luck man- how do you like austin was thinking about maybe trying to do my residency there
  5. There's a lot of Wilson supporters from State so I don't want to get them all riled up, but Wilson is OVERRATED. He always has been, his style of play is fundamentally unsustainable because it relies on getting lucky when things completely go to poo. You know what usually happens when things go to poo in the NFL? You get sacked or picked. Further adding to my dislike for Wilson is the fake persona he has built. He's a shill that stops at nothing to protect his golden boy image. That's just a personal pet peeve of mine. Say what you want about Cam but at least he's himself.
  6. Have finally started getting into hockey, really enjoyed watching the Leafs-Capitals series. Anyone want to give me a quick low down on young up and comers the canes have?
  7. dude I read the books too, now I didn't start reading in 1999 so you've got me beat with your anger boner. However, I've come to accept the books are never getting finished. Just enjoy the last two seasons because that's the only ending we're getting.
  8. I just want to remind everyone that prior to the ACL tear Kelvin was the best player .....on the entire team at training camp
  9. That is an incredible article, great post OP
  10. can't wait for my scout and handcannon loadout
  11. yea the hype is real so intersting the weapon switch- hand canons were originally intended to be a "secondary" weapon. It seems like this was bungie's original idea. Will definitely balance pvp because shotguns and snipers were becoming the only guns worth having
  12. NFL is trying to simulate Free Agency part 2.0 All about making the NFL the number one conversation of topic
  13. I actually prefer Barnwell to Robert Mays he is such a victim of the moment. He destroyed us for signing Kalil without waiting for the full details of the contract.
  14. Was the reason I originally started watching the NFL and the Panthers and got me as obsessed as I am today. Will forever be my favorite player. Wasn't always a role model but he's grown up a lot. He's a great father, family man, and I'd put his heart and will up against anyone's.