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  1. We usually match up really well with teams like Dallas. Lots can change between now and week 1, but all things equal I like our chances The only area I see as a concern is if our defensive line gets neutralized and Dak just has ALL DAY to throw
  2. SOJA

    Trade Idea!

    Not a bad trade idea, don't love the contract for Jabari though. I would be looking more in the 3 years 33-36 mill range
  3. SOJA

    JR Statue to remain

    lmao to the dude who tried to call me a terrible person for questioning JR last year
  4. and people gave this dude crap for holding out for a better contract
  5. Just finished my last set of med school boards so now I have even more time to waste on the Huddle
  6. SOJA

    our defensive bargains this year

    Vernon Butler is playing behind one of the best UT's in this league. How could you possibly know what his potential is?
  7. Again I WANT Bridges to be an All Star for us
  8. I would have liked for us to keep him on our D-League team for a year or two and see what happens. Oh well
  9. Because when we lose Kemba next year for nothing we're going to have no one to run the point. SGA 100% has incredible ability to get to the rim. He was Kentucky's best player last year by far. His shot isn't there yet but a lot of guys need work on that.
  10. My man what kind of kinesiology are you studying that jumping ability equates to quickness?
  11. For the record, I am PRAYING Bridges works out for us. Praying. I'm rooting just as hard for him as anyone else. But we have a TERRIBLE history of drafting and I think we will again have missed out on the guy picked before us (Mikal) and SGA.
  12. College =/= Pros man Don't think he is quick enough to guard SFs
  13. I just don't see Bridges as a SF, now if he is going to play an undersized PF role fine but that's a tough ask. People act like Draymonds grow on trees, he's one of the most unique players in NBA history
  14. tbf he had one working shoulder and one working ankle That being said, Funchess has never shown me that he is a big "win contested balls" kind of WR. That scares me.