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  1. SOJA

    Theo Pinson

    I'm a UNC fan and homer, I love Theo as a person and hope he gets his shot in the NBA. But I wouldn't use a draft pick on him
  2. SOJA

    The Big Kid

    I think "the brass" is fitting
  3. WR, TE, RB- Yes Guard- obviously worse. S- still bad CB- TBD
  4. SOJA

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    that's definitely true and fair. Honestly, I was stirring the pot a bit, but I do believe Williams is overrated. Is he a good player? Yes. Is he an All Pro at the position. I don't think so, and I think it would be foolish of us to pay him as such.
  5. SOJA

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    But the huddle assured me Darryl Williams was an All Pro
  6. SOJA

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    Kalil looked off balance the entire clip. It's like watching someone stumble on ice for a good 10 seconds before they finally fall. It's almost impressive he was upright for that long.
  7. SOJA

    Charlotte Hornets 11th Pick 2018 Draft

    knowing our luck if we draft him he will be a terrible shooter if some other team drafts him he will be a multiple all star
  8. SOJA

    Charlotte Hornets 11th Pick 2018 Draft

    I agree but I love Donic I wouldn't hesitate to take him number one if I was any team in the league.
  9. SOJA

    Charlotte Hornets 11th Pick 2018 Draft

    I 100% agree, I think I worded my post wrong. I just don't see Bridges being a good enough shooter at his height for the modern NBA
  10. SOJA

    Charlotte Hornets 11th Pick 2018 Draft

    This isn't me being an anti-Duke guy because I actually think Wendall Carter is going to be a great big man, but I think Marvin Bagley is massively overrated.
  11. SOJA

    Charlotte Hornets 11th Pick 2018 Draft

    SGA or Sexton please , both immediately solve our backup PG problem (see: MCW abomination), both are fantastic fits for the longterm next to Monk and both are insurance should Kemba leave next year or we trade him I'd also be happy with Mikal or Smith if we believe in his potential No to knox (he would undoubtedly bust/or just half ass it on the hornets), no to miles bridges he's positionless in today's NBA
  12. The thing about WRs is that there are very few true number one WRs in the NFL: Brown, Julio, OBJ, Hopkins and maybe a few more Green, Keenan Allen, Mike Evans, and Michael Thomas are on the cusp Funch, Samuel and Moore all can be great WRs- probably will never be as good as those top tier guys but I'll take 3 greats for Cam anyday
  13. SOJA

    Bill Voth: Taylor Moton Speaks

    This lends credence to my theory that Moton will be our stopgap at LG this year, but will move to RT next season when Williams makes way too much money next offseason. G and C will be giant priorities next offseason, one will likely be our 1st pick unless a stud LT is sitting there
  14. I still remember some guy on this board questioning my character and calling me a bad person when I said we should be critical of Jerry Richardson's decision making. Man was that guy wrong
  15. SOJA


    Didn't realize bounty gate got as high as 2.275 billion