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  1. thanks for posting this OP, watched the first ten minutes and am really intrigued....hopefully netflix gets this soon It's interesting because I'm 26 when the phantom menace came out I was 9 years old. Now by that point I had seen the original trilogy 100s of times. So to me, the Phantom Menace was just more Star Wars with cooler graphics. I see now the problems with the original but it makes you wonder....when will people learn their lesson of not to jump to conclusions so quickly and break away from the hive mind.
  2. attack of the clones was bad. Phantom Menace was really close to being really good actually. The biggest mistake as others have said was killing Maul. He would have made a perfect enemy for the first three films. I think Lucas realized his fugup with how badly Clones went and basically reset the story with Revenge (which is also pretty good and really close to being really good). My personal scores for the movies in relationship to each other TPM-7 AOC-4 ROS-7.5 ANH-9 TESB-10 (one of the best movies of all time) ROJ- 9 TFA-9 Bonus: Rogue one gets a 9.5 as well from me
  3. I'll be getting it at some point. The gf loves playing Zelda so we can play it together. By that I mean she plays and I sit here and browse the Huddle
  4. talk about horrible comparisons. Malik Monk is literally nothing like Brandon Knight.
  5. careful Mr. Miagi is now going to quote every single post you make trying to prove that he is very smart
  6. If you want my personal contact info so you can just text me everytime I post that might be quicker I'm not backtracking. Josh Jackson reminds me a lot of MKG- and that post was from but good try champ you'll get something right eventually My original post lacked nuance.
  7. Man yall love some Josh Jackson, I will agree that he definitely has more of an upside as a shooter than MKG. I guess my original post should not have been so harsh and said he was MKG 2.0. I should have said I see a lot of the same traits MKG had in college. I personally don't want to draft him, but if we did at least he has the potential to be a much better player.
  8. LOL @ you calling me stupid
  9. I'm not the only one who has made this comp btw. btw fug me for having a different opinion than you and responding to your thread, amirite?
  10. ? MKG is extremely athletic. Josh Jackson is not a shooter. Sorry. He might become one, but he isn't one right now.
  11. over 2 a game???????? well color me impressed. maybe by the time he hits the hardest competition of his life he will be ready to maybe take .....3 a game. The guy isn't a good shooter, now he might become one. But I'd rather some other team take that risk
  12. Also say no to Josh Jackson- he's MKG 2.0 from everything I've read
  13. I'm assuming they go one and two, but no I think Fultz is the best player and would absolutely love to have him. He's going to be a stud.
  14. All that being said I'd get Malik Monk then trade for JJ Reddick (Clippers are going to blow their team up this summer) and have him learn from him.