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  1. Greg Hardy played for the Panthers from 2010-2013 and one game of 2014. At this point we are teetering on that he has been gone longer from the Panthers than he ever was here. It's time to put these posts in the general NFL forum.
  2. I'm a little scared for whoever Captain Munnerlyn is covering this game. Also Searcy is likely out this week meaning either Collin Jones or Gaulden is going to be our starting FS Ugh
  3. SOJA

    Cam Jordan best 7 Player in NFCS

    inb4 Falcons fans come after me
  4. SOJA

    Cam Jordan best 7 Player in NFCS

    Would have been interesting if he had left Saints off the list. Then it looks like he's got 1-Luke , 2-Julio, 3-Cam, 4-Peppers, 5-Evans I'm just happy Matt "I'm 100% average" Ryan was left off
  5. You are mad because of injuries LOLOLOLOL dude this is some next level Gettleman hate. Almost every single one of those guys would have played if not for injuries. Klein got paid by NO (still makes it a good draft pick) and HURNEY got rid of Butker LMAO
  6. yep this is was my post from earlier in the thread to this same poster who is harping on the first round alone
  7. SOJA

    Curtis Samuel

    Someone bump the other thread at people speculating how this was only a one week thing. I tried to warn you guys we have NO IDEA how bad it is. NO IDEA. therefore it's pointless for us to speculate how long he will be out
  8. Shaq, Star, and CMC were all worthy of first round picks. Argument could be made for Kelvin as well as that knee injury really messed him up. Vernon was talented enough to be a first rounder. I don't hate any of those picks. But you're missing the point. Being a GM is more than just hitting on first round picks, otherwise Hurney would be one of the greatest GMs of all time.
  9. agreed, def think Gettleman's ego got to him during his time here
  10. Draft is deeper than one round bud KK, Trai, Bradberry, Samuel, Moton, Klein, Daryl Williams, Funch, Armah, Butker All of those guys are solid NFL players to studs
  11. And the rest was due to filling out the roster cheaply with great players despite being in cap hell and hitting on multiple Pro Bowl players in the draft Further, we had Cam and Luke before Gettleman got here and we were still widely inconsistent and bad enough that JR had to fire his good buddy Hurney. But this isn't a Hurney vs. Gettleman argument. The argument is that people are lambasting Gettleman for Vernon Butler not panning out. First off: even the best GM in the world has misses. No one is perfect. Second, to act like Gettleman was all bad is silly, and simply incorrect.
  12. SOJA

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    The tears of joy in North Carolina could cause worsening flood waters, would stay away from getting Cam a bonafide star at WR
  13. People on this board act like David Gettleman was all bad and conveniently forget all of his home run draft picks, free agent signings, and the fact we had some of the most successful years in franchise history under his tenure. Was he perfect? Of course not. But yall act like Butler was a projected 6th rounder we drafted in the first. Dude was projected to go as high as 12-14 that draft. He has talent. Vernon just hasn't put in the work to be better. That's really not on Gettleman Now you can certainly, and should argue, that DT was not a position of need at the time and there were other picks we could have made. But I'm betting 99% of you that didn't want Butler wanted Derrick Henry (jury far still out on him- definitely doesn't fit the mold of the modern day back and a back Cam needs, see CMC) or Hunter Henry (admittedly pretty good, but has been injured a lot)
  14. Russel Wilson has been one of the luckiest players I have ever seen play the game of football. For some reason analysts just chalk it up to him being a "gamer". No there is nothing inherently good about narrowly avoiding sacks because you held onto the ball too long, running 20 yards backfield, miraculously avoiding getting sacked then just chucking the ball up and praying for a miracle catch which happens more often than not. Sorry I know there is a lot of pack fans on here who love him, but god damn he is so overrated.
  15. Philly really hasn't impressed me through two games, different team from last year for sure