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  1. This is one of the worst out a truly phenomenal draft season of terrible trade rumors
  2. The gut microbiome is a great frontier of medicine and research we are just now starting to crack
  3. Cle-Myles SF-Thomas Bears-Allen Jags-QB Tenn-Hooker Jets-Lattimore Chargers-Adams Panthers-Fournette not unrealistic, I've got a good feeling this will end up being a Star type situation where we all thought he wouldn't be there and he ends up falling into our lap
  4. They should be- their team is solid as hell minus the QB. Bortles is trash and will still be trash next offseason. I guarantee it.
  5. Panthers will not trade back until draft night and only in the event all of our tier 1 guys (fournette, adams, thomas) aren't there
  6. San Francisco is obviously desperate to trade that pick and are trying everything to get someone to bite and trade up.
  7. He's off the Panthers board until proven innocent- I guarantee it. This btw only hurts us, fug.
  8. @Kurb thank you god- you literally were giving me a heart attack over here *inhales hot dog to lower blood pressure*
  9. @Kurb Are you pulling our chain on twitter- that literally sounds like hell on earth
  10. also does anyone follow Kurb on twitter- he's tweeting nonsense about us drafting 2 DT and 2 LB- he has to be bullshitting
  11. This guy claims it's Conley and that he has the police report and is going to post it
  12. thought the same Dr. Jenkins, thought the same
  13. due diligence if he's available late in the draft
  14. I agree and I think it's the re-signing of KK, him not being a fit at 4-3 end PLUS the shoulder concerns (there seems to be some actual long term issues there)