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  1. If you guys watched the game last night and how terrible our half court offense would know calling a TO there would have been a terrible idea. People focus to much on the outcome of the shot: the point is we got a clean shot off.
  2. would have rather had Timm as well
  3. If you think the answer is "No" then you haven't been paying attention. Gettleman does not give two shits about what pundits or fans think, he's going to draft whoever he feels the best player on the board is.
  4. BvS was very close to being a pretty damn good movie, a lot of the hate that movie gets is undue criticism. SS on the other hand was just awful. Basically DC needs to stay afloat for two more movies: WW and Justice League. After that they will be free of Snyder's terrible decision making and Geoff Johns will be head of creative control. We just need Justice League to be decent. We kinda need WW to be a home run because comic book movies are sorely lacking a female lead. I'm a big fan of DC characters, and Green Lantern is my favorite so I'm just praying DC learned from its mistakes and won't repeat them again. Justice League already looks to have more humor than BvS which is a great sign. Still not a fan of Snyder's dark toned fetish but whatever.
  5. I'm ok with taking Fournette at 8, especially if Solomon Thomas is gone I am NOT ok with trading up to number 4 to get Fournette
  6. Next year will be a big year for him. Can he be an All-Star caliber player or is he at best a decent rotational guy? I don't know but we passed on a superstar- it's just frustrating.
  7. If Ross did not have the injury hx he is a phenomenal player
  8. If someone could point me to all of these great Kony Ealy plays (outside of the SB) I'd love to see them Honestly the Super Bowl doesn't impress me much either, Denver's offense sucked so badly that game- our defense really let us down with not getting more INTs from those ducks Manning was throwing. I still claim to this day, that if Bene had not gotten hurt he would have gotten a pick 6 on their opening drive. McClain had one and he messed it up
  9. Hornets passed on Bradley Beal, passed on Devin booker, this year we will pass on Malik Monk .... god I really, really try to stay unbiased with my disdain for Frank de Tank (and seriously I hope he becomes a great NBA player because lord knows we need it) but we passed on Devin Booker when the league was moving to a style were shooters were golden. I understand the MKG over Beal pick, but there really is no excuse for drafting Frank over Booker- at least if Booker fails you went down swinging for the fences.
  10. easy this year is loaded at RB- there will be another one available by our 3rd rounder comp pick , but I could totally see Gettleman double dipping and drafting Perine in the 2nd too
  11. I've been banging this drum for awhile but if the top 7 prospects are gone by our pick (garrett, thomas, adams, fournette, howard, hooker, allen) .... a trade down makes a lot of sense. Even if we overdraft McAffrey at pick 15ish, picking up an extra second will allow us to do the following 1- Mcaffrey RB 2 (1)- DE 2 (2)- SS 2 (3)- WR (route runner or speedster) We immediately fill a ton of needs on our roster, you could also envision a scenario where we package two of those 2nds to trade back into the first.
  12. CB

    love the post and am really impressed with the tape- I'm also equally impressed you posted this whole thing on mobile
  13. Hooker might be my personal favorite prospect in the draft.
  14. Never heard of this lady until today but that's one of the best pieces I've read on the Observer in.....forever. Great and realistic writeup. Look forward to more of her pieces.
  15. I know Bell sucked really bad for us at LT, but I like the guy. He had heart and was asked to do more than he could handle. Still wish him nothing but the best