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  1. Black Panther

    movie was fuging awesome, killmonger was a GOAT villain
  2. Black Panther

    read a great theory that the soul gem was under the flower garden, and that's what allowed the Black Panther to contact his relatives' souls (soul gem)
  3. Daryl Williams

    I saw a lot of help shifted his way, but I definitely could be wrong. I haven't gone back and watched the film
  4. Daryl Williams

    Eh I kind of argue that we should be shopping him right now to see what we could get, I'm not as high on him as the PFF grades. Feel like he got some generous grading all year long compared to his actual play when he was on an island. That being said if the coaching staff and front office (whoever that may be) believe in him as a long term answer at RT then I would obviously be happy with a long-term deal negotiated sooner rather than later.
  5. Cho OUT......NOW

    Cho (as much as I like him as a person) obviously needed to go. Now we will truly see if Cho was the problem or it was MJ all along. Not a fan at all of hiring Kupchak. He had the benefit of being in the premier team/free agent destination in the NBA. The Mosgov and Deng deals are unforgiveable and the Nash deal was TERRIBLE too. Some believe the Mosgov and Deng deals were more moves by Jim Buss which is slightly reassuring. I honestly wanted Hinkie, think he was inventive enough for a small market like Charlotte to hit it big.
  6. would not be mad at all, that would be great value that late in the draft too
  7. FA: Doug Martin?

    No. Hell no. I'd rather keep Stewart than a guy who can't stay on the field for violating the substance abuse policy, getting hurt and/or not trying.
  8. He really isn't wrong though, I have never before noticed that the log appears three times.....can't unsee
  9. Another name to look out for: Desean Jackson. I have a funny feeling he might get cut here soon
  10. this is v. interesting btw congrats on the Superbowl Jonny
  11. Norwell & Star

    It's a good point, I don't really want to pay either tbh. I'd rather spend our money on a really solid veteran WR and try to find a young guy in the draft to play NT. Moton sliding to LG makes almost too much sense (so it likely won't happen). The more I think about it the more I won't be surprised if we draft Billy Price G/C out of Ohio State. He can be a stop gap at LG this year, learn under Ryan for a year then be the C of our future. Hopefully Moton makes great strides in the left tackle department and replaces Matt by the year after as well (when we inevitably cutt him).
  12. Norwell & Star

    I agree. I don't think we should break the bank for Star by any means. This just further solidifies how vitally important this draft is to our team. We are a team of aging stars and we desperately need some bonafide young talent waiting in the wings/giving our veterans needed rest.
  13. Stew is pretty settled in the Carolinas and probably isn't planning on playing for many more seasons. Would not be surprised at all if he is cut, then re-signed later in the offseason. Or if he takes a pay cut.
  14. Norwell & Star

    ^^^^^ People read way too much into what Star said, he literally just wants to get paid. He doesn't care if that's in Carolina or elsewhere. Someone else (maybe the Lions) would offer him more money than we do. Star will be a bigger loss than some suspect if we can't find another run stuffing DT. Kuechly really thrived after we got Star.
  15. Altered Carbon

    I haven't read the books but love the show, putting the books on my list of things to read