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  1. Can't blame shula too much for not deviating in the superbowl what got us to 15-1. I can blame horrible game changing calls by the refs and Mike Remmers
  2. No excuses.

    I want yall to go back and look at the Broncos most recent superbowl winning season
  3. It's going to take time before Cam is able to throw without his shoulder being sore after. Telling you right now that he will have another surgery this offseason to clean up some of the scar tissue.
  4. I can't wait till we're the worst Superbowl winner of all time.
  5. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    Love Brandt as well. I'm shocked at all the negativity surrounding the Panthers. Most importantly we're 2-0, but we've been dominate on defense and average on offense. If Cam hits two wide open throws in the SF and Bills game, and Benji holds onto that TD people would be ranking us up w/ one of the best teams in the league. Offense is going to only get more cohesive as we go along. Losing Olsen is a blow but it could be a blessing in disguise a la Benji two years ago. This could really be Funchess' chance to step up
  6. I have the utmost respect for our teachers. One of the hardest, least paid, most thankless jobs that undoubtedly is essential to the survival and growth of this country. I wouldn't be where I am today without fantastic teachers. Tell your wife thank you from all the little shits that don't appreciate her now but will one day.
  7. Destiny 2

    anyone tried the raid yet? how long is it taking folks?
  8. Netflix Recommendation - It Follows

    I'm pretty sure you've made the recommendation awhile back Jeremy of the movie "let the right one in". That's a great vampire movie
  9. I remember when the Saints "won" this draft after picking him at the end of the first.
  10. none taken, but I still disagree that dominance can be only defined by a win or loss
  11. well you don't destroy the All Pro TE's backup's confidence so I'm not seeing the issue here Let's see what Hurney can do to help us w/ a veteran
  12. ......you know it's only been two games right?.....right?
  13. people who hate on CMC are going to be singing a different tune when he takes a bounce outside run for 80 yards
  14. You guys are overreacting. Offensive line did not execute yesterday, KB dropped a tough catch that I believe he can make and Cam missed an easy TD. We absolutely dominated the Bills yesterday