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  1. I said before the game we were either going to blow them out 30+ to 10ish OR  it would be a super wonky low scoring game When they got that first fumble touchdown I got worried because I knew it would be close game. I thought, "fug this is exactly what Denver needed in this game." That game was a fuging rollercoaster, EVERYTIME we got something going, something bad happened. Somehow we were still in the game in the 4th and could have drove down the field to take the lead. Then I thought, "Man how the hell are we still in this game? That just speaks to how badly Den wins games."  
  2. the OP i was responding to wanted Alshon Jeffery  There's a huge gap between 4th string guys and Alshon- so it's possible we agree
  3. jesus christ people - we don't this year but unless we sign everyone to a one year deal their cap hit will carry over to future seasons 
  4. we have to pay KK, Star, and at the least the franchise tag for Josh- no way we are signing Alshon unless he forgets who he is and signs at a ridiculous cheap contract - not happening 
  5. WILLY MO guy will be a PERFECT replacement for Harper (who I'm thinking retires) 
  6. Residents of the Winston-Salem area

    If you're going to be commuting to the Ardmore area I would suggest looking in Kernersville for housing 
  7. Kony Ealy's ridiculous stat line

    Tre had a bad day and a HORRIBLE unsportsmanlike penalty. But I find it funny they didn't show his "block in the back" just like they didn't show Roby's non "PI"
  8. Kony Ealy's ridiculous stat line

    hell of a day for Kony to ball out, too bad a lot of our players and coaches didn't get the memo 
  9. Super Bowl champs.  We play GB in the NFCC and barely escape.  We play NE in the Superbowl. 
  10. For me it was TD catching the onside kick against SEA in the playoffs. Just a phenomenal play for so many reasons. 
  11. Positions we need to upgrade

    RT, DE, CB, SS
  12. Big congrats to the Broncos

    just about everything that could have gone wrong did, and there were some questionable calls......BUT Denver made plays when it mattered and simply put we did not I'm extremely proud of this team and this season, but man this one hurts
  13. Inactives

    Delaire not playing wtf , could be huge if Den gets down and needs to throw the ball a lot 
  14. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    thanks schefty