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  1. SOJA added a post in a topic So Ginn is on pace for 816/12, have we found our legit no 2?   

    let it be said: this is a pretty good thread by PU. that being said- we should hope that by next season Funchess is a bonafide number two WR
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  2. SOJA added a post in a topic Roddy White not happy in ATL,   

    not according to accounts of training camp. He was playing like the best player on the offense 
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  3. SOJA added a post in a topic Roddy White not happy in ATL,   

    Falcons are a Julio Jones injury away from being a completely different team 
    Meanwhile we are winning games without two of our three best players 
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  4. SOJA added a post in a topic Yeah, after what I just witnessed   

    couldn't watch the game but the stat line looks unimpressive 
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  5. SOJA added a post in a topic Underrated College Football Venue no one EVER talks about?   

    yea this is so true we had our own small tailgates when I was in undergrad and it just isn't the same 
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  6. SOJA added a post in a topic Delaire Article   

    he provided a MUCH needed pass rush on third and long
    When CJ gets back and Delaire and Allen have settled in- look out. Also Kony didn't look horrible yesterday
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  7. SOJA added a post in a topic Do you think Gettleman will break his cardinal rule....   

    Why would Norman? His stock is still going up 
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  8. SOJA added a post in a topic Next Four-Who do we beat?   

    Well my opinion before the season, after the Saints game and now has changed. 
    Seattle will be a tough game. We always play each other close. Last year we were flying pretty high and they were sucking and they used a win against us to kick start their season. I think it's important for our team's mental toughness to get a win in Seattle. I honestly see it going either way. 
    We match up horribly with Green Bay. They aren't unbeatable but they seem to really have our number. I expect a closer game than last year but I definitely think this is an L. 
    Indy was smoking now they are ablaze. They just look bad. All of those Huddlers who lost their collective poo when Indy drafted yet another WR in the first round are seeing why they only make good GMs in Madden. This should be a win. 
    Philly is also ablaze. It turns out Chip Kelly's offense (much like Larry Fedora's) is either on point or a useless 3 and out machine. I think this is a win too. 
    Definitely think 2-2 is doable, and I would not be surprised with 3-1. Let's hope Luke is back and healthy by Seattle
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  9. SOJA added a post in a topic Under Gettleman, best 2 and a quarter season stretch in Panther history   

    Gettleman is a top five GM in this league 
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  10. SOJA added a post in a topic So we need to talk about the Falcons and our wild card standing..   

    nope. we lost the defensive player of the year and are still manhandling other teams. there are only two or three teams in the league that could sustain that loss 
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  11. SOJA added a post in a topic Never would have guessed the offense would be far ahead of the defense   

    ITT: OP expects us to give up zero yards 
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  12. SOJA added a post in a topic 4-0 vs. poo   

    who the f cares? were undefeated through a quarter of the season 
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  13. SOJA added a post in a topic Ryan Delaire   

    It's a strange world we live in when Jared Allen wasn't our biggest defensive end pickup this past week 
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  14. SOJA added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread   

    That Dickson play was the luckiest play I've ever seen in my life 
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