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  1. wait wait wait SMF is leaving?!!?!? Well butter my biscuit and slap me silly I'm all in on this shebang now
  2. I'm praying that is not the case but I promise it's going to be a conversation- especially if we have a great year
  3. dude you know absolutely nothing about me
  4. Can't wait to waste Shaq while he is entering his prime and on a rookie deal
  5. I TRIED TO WARN YOU GUYS. I'm not guaranteeing Hurney is our permanent GM, but come season's end it's going to be a conversation. Bank on it. We're going in reverse. This is bad.
  6. We probably explored the option but I HIGHLY doubt we offered anything worthwhile. I would bet 8 and a our late second rounder was our final offer
  7. Usually agree with you LP but going to disagree. Jerry Richardson owes a written explanation or a ghost written statement of why he fired our team's most successful GM ever whilst working with no cap space at all. He used Gettleman to get this back into the clear only to fire him and hire the man who got us in this mess in the first place. I love the Panthers, but blind loyalty does not equal faith. Especially when we have evidence to the contrary that JR was making a logical, informed decision and not a knee-jerk emotional one. If anyone needs to put their big boy pants on it's JR and not fire our GM with no viable backup 8 days before camp starts and weeks before we have to cut the roster down to 53.
  8. I just don't get how people are ok with Hurney anywhere near the team. At his absolute best he is a "yes man" who will do whatever JR wants. ......THAT'S NOT A GOOD THING Name me any other field where someone can be so bad at their job they get fired, the company hires you to replace that guy and you vastly outperform him while working with less, AND THEN THEY FIRE YOU FOR THAT DUMBASS GUY AGAIN. LOL
  9. Sorry that's a bad argument. I've never met any politicians in person- am I not allowed to be critical of them? Everything I've read about JR is how great of a person he is. I love that. I think the world needs more people like that. That does not forgive him for meddling with the team.
  10. LOL Thank god someone that successful has someone like you defending him on a message board. Don't know what JR would do to sleep at night if he knew people on the Huddle were mad at him.
  11. Exactly, that terrifies the fug out of me. The Panthers were finally a progressive, forward looking franchise. And on a random as fug day in July JR started tearing that vision down.
  12. I'd argue Haslams, Snyder, York, McNair are top 4 worst owners (I'm probably forgetting someone) which leads me to the fact that Jerry Richardson has made his case multiple times to be a bottom five owner. Again I'm forever grateful to Jerry for the Panthers, but he has proven time and time again to not be a good owner.
  13. That's kind of the inherent paradox with JR. It's the ultimate can't live without him can't live with him scenario. Obviously there is no Panthers without JR, but damn if he can't seem to constantly meddle with the team ultimately leading to sustained failure.
  14. This season should be fine. It's our future that has me very concerned. Say what you want about there being "no chance" that Hurney is hired full term. But just wait and watch. JR will love having his guy back in the office. I'm calling it now and until the day we ink a new GM, Hurney has a very real chance at being our permanent GM.
  15. Easy fug no, this was a terrible decision with terrible timing and for a terrible reason. Nothing about that sounds remotely positive. No silver lining.