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  1. we're going to look back on this and laugh at everyone who passed on him - guy is a stud
  2. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    when we force every team to go three and out 33%
  3. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    You guys aren't thinking of big picture here- We can play Short, Star and Butler all the same time. This just gives us another dynamic run stopper and pass rusher.
  4. i thought last year was the craziest first round ever- but nope!
  5. well it doesn't matter now
  6. Tunsil falling only helps us. He either falls to us or pushes a better player back
  7. Tunsil getting submarined with bong video

    pie for submarined
  8. You guys think Tunsil is going to drop to 30 now lol jk....but srs.....but jk.....but maybe?
  9. Peanut wants to play one more year

    I'm sure Gettleman knows this so I'm curious as to why we haven't done it yet- maybe waiting to see how the draft plays out? Even if we double dipped at corner I'd love for rookies to learn from Peanut
  10. Your final predictions (#30)

    Really want Butler, but I'm not sure he is there.. Think we trade up in the second again. Round 1: Shaq Lawson Round 2: Sterling Shepard Round 3: traded Round 4: Harlan Miller
  11. Jaylon Smith?

    I posted this in another thread but the guy might never play again. That being said he might have been the best overall player in the draft prior to the injury. Some team will take a chance on him.
  12. seriously what the fug has he been up to