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  1. All I can say is: if Thomas Davis plays lights out in this game, he will cement his legacy for me personally as the greatest Panther of all time. 
  2. oh the aftermath of his release paints Steve in a bad light no doubt, but honestly I didn't expect any different. It's Steve Smith we are talking about 
  3. Review of the Broncos' Last Two Games

    I understand the Titans had a bad season, but they weren't a HORRIBLE team- they just couldn't find ways to win and had terrible coaching. Reminded me a lot of Cam's rookie season here, except with worse coaching than conservative Ron.  Denver's edge rush is insane though, that can be overstated. Chris Harris, if healed up, is one of the best CBs in football, and Talib and Roby are right behind one another. TJ Ward reminds me of a better Mike Mitchell.  One thing we HAVE to do in this game is tackle well. The worst thing we could do is let Sanders or Thomas catch a dump off cheap pass and take it 70 yards to the house
  4. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    god I'm so ready for this game
  5. K not to turn this into a Steve Smith thread...oh wait it is one.  Here's the deal: it was time for the Panthers to part ways with Smitty, Gettleman could have handled it better, Steve has a permanent chip on his shoulder and thus not only did us releasing him add to that- but the manner in which it happened really pissed him off.  He has never hated the Panthers, nor did he want to leave. His beef was solely with Getlleman. 
  6. lol Peyton Manning is one of the greatest football minds ever, he's going to know what defense we are playing 
  7. If Carolina wins the coin toss...

    defer without a doubt, hopefully our defense can force a turnover and shake off the nerves for us 
  8. My 5 predictions for SuperBowl 50

    cardinals were a much better team than Denver and we blew them out
  9. My 5 predictions for SuperBowl 50

    ? most improved player in a single game
  10. My 5 predictions for SuperBowl 50

    Obviously I would NEVER want TD to get injured, but Shaq played really well for being thrust into the fire last week. He's athletic enough to make game changing plays should he have to sub in for TD. 
  11. My 5 predictions for SuperBowl 50

    My bold predictions: Ted Ginn has a punt return for a TD and catches a long bomb for a TD.  We have one pick six on Manning trying to force it as they are playing from behind.  Jonathan Stewart breaks 100 yards rushing.  Ted Ginn wins Superbowl MVP. 
  12. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    Oh I know people who HATED Cam even after his rookie season with the Panthers. We went from the worst team in the league to a rookie smashing the record books and they were still in denial and disliked him. Now they've got Cam Newton jerseys. 
  13. Such A Tease...

    Peanut would be sooooo good in this game. Peyton's noodle arm + plus HOF CB = game over