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  1. What makes the Huddle so special?

    I don't think I've ever met any of you irl. Who knows, maybe I have. But I have played Xbox live with a couple of guys and they all sounded country as f
  2. You can make up your own one liner here

    I suppose we're all glad she isn't making brownies out of it.
  3. Great video. I wish it was all the highlights. It started out with JNo's picks, but the last 20 minutes is just all Cam. On the other hand, what other QB can give a 20 minute highlight real out of one season?
  4. Check out how pussified the Broncos board is!

    what do conjunctions have to do with anything?
  5. VICE: Fighting ISIS

    The American Sniper guy was loosely based on one of their warlords while the sniper was loosely based on Juba the sniper. Neither were meant to be actual people.
  6. In contrast to this, I find it more annoying when the servers act like helicopters. If I take a sip of my drink, I don't need a refill right then. Just give me a minute to try everything, then ask if it's OK. Don't come back after every two bites and ask again.  In short, I love experiences like OP's. Also, I've worked as a server a looooong time ago. There's far too much going on in a restaurant to leave your server in a predicament like dining and dashing. I used to tip like 10% before I worked as a server. Now, it's a 20% minimum on bad service. If eating stresses you out, imagine it is a thousandfold more stressful on your server.
  7. If You Bank With Wells Fargo

    I think almost all banks do this. I have only had that issue once - I just called and waited about five minutes for it to be approved. I didn't realize I could call and have the limit raised or lowered. I may have to get mine lowered since, at least four times since 2009, someone has used my account for purchases over $600.
  8. Panthers practice crowd

    why are the patriots scouting us?
  9. Wait... what?

    I've mostly seen it from Falcons fans. After taking over their stupid Dome the last few years, they finally figured out we had fans.
  10. When people write letters about a discount double check, or Tom Brady's tomahawk chop or Hulk Hogan flex, I'll believe it isn't about Cam's skin color. Until then, STFU.
  11. Roaring Riot Watch Parties

    Had a blast with the Bean Town Roaring Riot!
  12. I bet he shakes his ass when he dances.
  13. The sportsmanship this past Sunday..

    This will be something like the 14th time we've played the Cards since 2002. Panthers-Cards is the NFC inter-divisional rivalry that has happened the most since then, and by a large margin. It may not be a full-fledged rivalry, but they were to us what the Seahawks have been the last few years as far as playing them every year.
  14. Where the fug are you, Chewhawka?  Yesterday your lying ass said you had to go (before you posted several other times) but you would be back today to gloat. So come back and gloat.
  15. Rant- I need to bitch about my wife's family.

    So they came into your house and started on you? They wouldn't be welcome in my house. Then again, can you tuck your tail for two weeks?