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  1. panther4life added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    My Preseason top 50 after re-watching every game
    Thanks to NFL Game Pass free trial I was able to watch all 3 games again (3rd time for each) with much better look thanks to the condensed and slow motion features.
    I limited the list to 47, to account for the 3 specialist(Gano,Nortman and Jansen) and our 3 injured D-line starters.  This is not a final 53 projection, just the top 47 who played in preseason based on my observations. Would love some feedback on what everyone else thinks.
    This list excludes Benjamin due to his injury, otherwise he obviously would have been here.
    QB 3
    Cam Newton
    Derek Anderson
    Joe Webb
    HB 5
    Cameron-Artis Payne (best looking pure runner on the team throughout preseason)
    Fozzy Whitaker (improved after Buffalo game and is def. the best in pass protection)
    Jordan Todman (might be the best at getting skinny in the hole)
    Brandon Wegher (did his work against scrubs but still looked good)
    Jonathan Stewart( just didn't see much action to be able to rank him above the others)
    No way we can keep this many,so odds are Wegher goes to practice squad and Fozzy/Todman decision will come down to the wire
    FB 1
    Tolbert (Finally looked like his former self against New England)
    WR. 5
    Devin Funchess (was limited but he looked good)
    Tedd Ginn Jr.
    Jarret Boykin
    Brenton Bersin
    Jerricho Cotchery
    I couldn't put Corey on this list. He sucked very badly this preseason.  Will his 21 catches, 291 yards and 2 TD's from last year save him? I won't be upset if it doesn't. I'd personally consider keeping the other Brown over him.
    T.E 3
    Greg Olsen 
    ED Dickson
    Scott Simonson
    O-LINE 8
    Daryl Williams
    Trai Turner
    Ryan Kalil
    Mike Remmers
    Michael Oner
    Travis Henry
    Chris Scott
    Brian Folkerts
    Will 8 be enough to start the season?  Have to believe Amini ultimately makes the roster and that might kick Folkerts off or they could keep 9. Nate Chandler does not belong in the NFL as an 0-lineman.
    D-line 7
    Colin Cole
    Dwan Edwards
    Kony Ealy
    Kyle Love
    Mario Addison
    Wes Horton
    Johnson, Star and Short will bump 3 off this list come cut time. Maybe we keep 8 and the final spot comes down to the better run defender in Miley or pass rusher in Cox.
    LB’S (6)
    Shaq Thompson
    Luke Kuechly
    Thomas Davis
    A.J Klein
    David Mayo
    Adarius Glanton
    Could easily see this being the final LB's. 
    Corners (5)
    Josh Norman
    Charles Tillman
    Bene Benwikere
    Teddy Williams (Yes those with a good memory, I wanted to cut him after the Buffalo game, however he’s bounced back strong)
    Melvin White
    If 5 is enough( I think it is) then these should be the guys imo. If we keep another, gotta pick between Byndom and Heath.
    Safeties (4)
    Kurt Coleman
    Roman Harper
    Tre Boston 
    Colin Jones (mainly his special teams contributions)
    Don't see any reason this list would change when we get down to 53.
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  2. panther4life added a post in a topic Where is our power rushing game?   

    The Shula hate is half legit/ half begging for pie. He's staying for at least this year, so the blind hatred without calling him out for a specific  fug up is becoming out of hand. 
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  3. panther4life added a post in a topic How Elite is this defense going to be?   

    Shocked there isn't more enthusiasm about this D. If we can stay healthy this can be a top 5 D this year. Kony Ealy or Harper will be the weakest link. Everyone else looks damn good. The front 7 would be in consideration for the best in the league if we still had Hardy and still might be Ealy steps up. Tillman is a gigantic upgrade and Norman is only getting better. Also appears that Coleman is better than Boston. Most importantly is Shaq looking like an absolute stud and much better than the Klein/Blackburn rotation last year. 
    This D will be much improved from last year. Offense is going to be much better too. Our o-line still has plenty of room for improvement and we took a step back with loss of Benjamin, however Bell and Chandler are no longer starting!! Plus lets not sleep on Funchess. He looked legit in the limited action he's seen thus far.
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  4. panther4life added a post in a topic Where is our power rushing game?   

    Fozzy showed great pass protection in the first 2 games as well.
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  5. panther4life added a post in a topic Boykin or Bersin?   

    Close call but I'll go Boykin. Frankly I think they both could make it.  Overall Boykin has looked better this preseason. However Bersin is 1 inch taller, maybe a better blocker and has much more experience with Cam. So its a very close call and I'd feel more comfortable if we can keep both. Brown better get his poo together or he could be a shocker of a cut. He has dropped a lot of balls this preseason. I know there was some dispute over it but if necessary I can post a slow motion video of him dropping the TD in the endzone vs the Phins to prove it.
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  6. panther4life added a post in a topic Where is our power rushing game?   

    It is 100% the 8 man fronts against our I formation and and some times coupled with a 2 TE set on the line, leaving only 1 -2 receivers wide. Teams are simply stacking the box and sometimes even sending as much as 9 with both safeties creeping in. Just more rushers than we can block. 
    The other problem so far with the line has been horrible blitz recognition. We are letting rushers come through free and at times have someone blocking air or doubling a guy while letting someone on the blitz come through untouched.
    Our most successful running formations have come with a 1 back set and 3 receivers wide. 
    Also as said as it is Dickson has been our best lead blocker on the 1st and 2nd team offense
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  7. panther4life added a post in a topic Anyone with NFL Gamepass?   

    Its got condensed and slow mo which helps for what I am looking to do but no added camera angles that I can find.
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  8. panther4life added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Anyone with NFL Gamepass?
    I just signed up for the free trial. To my disappointment I have yet to find the all 22 or end zone camera angles. Am I just missing it or this a regular season feature only?
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  9. panther4life added a post in a topic Number of Plays = Roster Spot?   

    Not too be picky, but do you happen to have the counts for all 3 games as well?
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  10. panther4life added a post in a topic Joe P thinks Boykin gets cut   

    no way I see mayo getting cut, being drafted  not withstanding. I think he's on equal footing with Klein already and def. better than Glanton or Trusnik. 
    Do you really prefer either of them over him? 
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  11. panther4life added a post in a topic Number of Plays = Roster Spot?   

    Have not kept track of how many he has had. Even still though, i'd take a guy who is capable blocker that can create some running room and keep the QB clean over a guy who hasn't had a false start this preseason but gives up sacks, can't get push in the run game,or commits the bigger offense of holding.
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  12. panther4life added a post in a topic Number of Plays = Roster Spot?   

    Can you post the same info for the D as well?
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  13. panther4life added a post in a topic Number of Plays = Roster Spot?   

    I'll be shocked if Chandler makes the roster. I'd rather have Amini serve as a backup LT and keep Henry who has absolutely looked great in the first 2 games( re-watching the third today).
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  14. panther4life added a post in a topic The 4th and Short Play Calling and Execution is Atrocious   

    Excellent post 
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  15. panther4life added a post in a topic Video: The Run Game - What went wrong?   

    I've noticed a trend when we used 2 back sets( 1st string offense )8 in the box overpowers our line and lead back nearly every time. Rare success can be found when you sneak in a handoff to would be lead blocker if goal is to get short gain without much potential to break it.
    Adversely when we spread the D's out with a 1 back set it gives the backs more room to be creative and adjust if the lines blocking doesn't hold up.
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