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  1. Is Norwood the worst Gettleman move to date?

    Not even close. This trade was a no lose transaction. We essentially gave up 0 for him. Gentleman has had his best year overall in 2015. He has best free agent acquisitions this year by landslide over the past 2. Oher, Ginn Jr.,Coleman, Tillman. 4 starters who have all played a key role in our success this season. Scooped Delaire off Washington's P.S sqaud and got Jared Allen for nothing.  Plus he extended Cam, Luke and Olsen!  It's too early how to see how this draft will stack up to his previous ones. So far looks like another solid Class over all.           
  2. #AskJerryJones Twitter .... hilarious questions

    Hillarious indeed
  3. If Norman shuts down Dez....

    Norman's going to be a Panther for a long time. I could see us giving him a 5 year deal this offseason. Keep this in mind. Gentleman was handicapped by cleaning up the salary cap mess over the past 3 years. In the process he had to absorb dead money of 18 million in 2013, 26 Million in 2014 (Plus the wasted money that went to Hardy). He's eating another 14 million this year. Next year as it sits, that number is less than 3 million and very little reason why it would go up much more than that.  Right now we have roughly 19 Million in room for next years cap.We have plenty of ways to bump that number up into the Mid 30's and maybe a even a little more. Letting Allen go alone will save 8.5 Million. Johnson is a good point to restructure his deal and we can lower his cap hit (currently scheduled for 15.5 million hit). Same could be said for Kalil and Stewart who's combined hits are currently scheduled to account for just shy of 20 million. Harper will either get cut(maybe even retire) or have to agree to a pay cut. (Currently our 9th biggest scheduled 2016 cap hit at 4.6 Million). We have 3 players that will be priority free agents. Norman, Short, Remmers. The next tier that we will have to make decisions on include. Tillman, Nortman, Tolbert, Silatolu, Jansen, Delaire, Love and Webb. None of which should break the bank.   For reference heres our 2016 Scheduled Salary cap and  Free agents ( Harper is on the list only because he has an opt out clause)                    
  4. I listen to NFL radio a lot and have heard them promoting this website for X and O'S, advanced stat analytic's,etc. Went on there this morning and the first video of interest I found was a breakdown of a blitz play we used against Green Bay.  "Double mug" blitz breakdown. You can jump to all of their panther related content right here. I'm getting ready to head out for the game/tailgate so I haven't seen what else they have but figured I share. If anyone else finds interesting content worth sharing in there please do so.        
  5. Week 11 - Who to Root For

    Strength of schedule against Atlanta is the only one I mentioned. As of right now that still potentially matters. They have not lost to anyone in the AFC. Ultimately tiebreakers should not enter the equation but for the sake of conversation again there is no mathematical reason to want the niners to beat the seahawks.
  6. Week 11 - Who to Root For

    From a mathematical standpoint there's no arguing against the Seahawks over the Niners. 
  7. Very cool info and well laid out. Here's another stat. 99% of the people who opened this thread enjoyed it. Cant please everyone.
  8. Week 11 - Who to Root For

     Seattle over San Fran makes more sense. Increases our SOS and lowers the Falcons. The Seahawks are really not threat to us at this point. Unless we completely lay an egg the rest of the season only games of any consequence to us are. Seahawks over Niners for to increase our SOS and lower that of the Falcons. Packers over Vikings same exact reason as above. Bengals over Cardinals for obvious reasons.  Colts over Falcons for obvious reasons.   
  9. Only happens on this website. I googled it and was told to search for and delete the extension. I have 0 extensions. Went to and downloaded their thing. Scan came up empty and again I only have that happen on this site. I'm using a Mac btw.    Anyone else have this problem(seems to only happen on this site)or know of any potential solutions?
  10. Does being undefeated make you more nervous?

    No, for me being nervous was having Byron Bell as you're starting at LT and a conservative Rivera not willing to take risk. I have more confidence in this team than ever before and feel like 19-0 can happen.  I hate the Patriots but I'd like to see them run the table too and watch 2 unbeatens go at in a Super Bowl rematch. I know we have 0 players from that team and they probably only still have Brady and a couple coaches left over, but still it's a franchise thing more than a current personel thing to me. 
  11. Historical data on undefeated NFL teams

    Found 1 more. Twice before we have won 8 consecutive games in the same season. 96(including the playoffs). 2013 we went 8-0 from week 5-13. Tomorrow would mark the first time we have won 9 consecutive games within the same season.
  12. Historical data on undefeated NFL teams

    Our turnaround has to be one of the best in history. From September 23rd to November 30th last year we went 1-8-1. Since then we have gone 13-1 (including the postseason).
  13. Doing a little bit of digging to see how the final 3 unbeaten's stack up in history(Super Bowl Era) and other random tidbits. Figured I share as some of you may find this interesting as well. Some info has undoubtedly been stated on here before but wanted to be thorough.  First time in history in NFL has seen 3, 8-0 teams in one season.  Last time there was multiple 8-0 teams in the NFL, they faced off in the Superbowl. Colts and Saints(2009 season) There has been up to 2, 10-0 teams in 1 season (1990 Giants and Niners. Giants won the NFC championship game over the Niners and went on become Super Bowl champs) 14 franchises have made it to 9-0 or better. The colts/Manning have done 3 times. Dolphins, Vikings and Chiefs have done it twice as well.  This is New England's 2nd best start in their franchise history. The longest undefeated streak in the NFC South is held by New Orleans in 2009 (13-0). They lost their last 3 regular season but went on to win the Superbowl. The Falcons also have an 8-0 start under their belt as well (2012). They finished 13-3 overall in the regular season. Then lost the NFC Championship game. No NFC team has gone 14-0 in the regular season. We have 8 common opponents with New England this season (NFC East and AFC South). We are 2-2-1 all time against the Bengals, We are 3-4 all time against the Patriot's. Both of us are undefeated at home vs the other. Regular season we are even, the Superbowl win gives them the overall edge. We are up first for the remaining unbeaten's tomorow. Our game is at 1 PM, the Patriots follow us at 4:25 and the Bengals play the Texans on Monday Night. Something else I found kind of interesting is Tom Coughlin is 5-1 head to head vs Belichick. 3-1 in Giants vs Patriot's, including the last 3 games in a row (2 of which were Super Bowls). They play tomorrow in NEW YORK,  NEW Jersey. Please add any related stats, tidbits,etc. that you have found.                
  14. Not one mention of big men allowing you to compete, hog mollies, blue gooses,plus nobody finishes a draft and comes out and says what a lousy draft we just had. Bup bup bup
  15. Some factors to consider

    We just need to secure that first round bye and we will be fine