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  1. Gettleman on NFL Radio at 10:20

    Would have been on "the opening drive". Shows on from 7 Am to 11AM
  2. Would you rather see Sanchez or Paxton in the opener?

    Sanchez. Many top rookie QB's have great debuts. The team can gameplan to protect them and we have seen 0 NFL Film on Lynch. I actually think Lynch will be the day 1 starter. Who was the last QB to be taken in the top 2 and not start immediately?
  3. Bradberry given JNo's number

    Techinically speaking thats impossible. We just had Norman on a rookie 5th round pick deal.
  4. LOL Replaced.

    I agree 100%. Saw potential in him from day 1 and after meeting him he is just a very likable person. His personality would likely be the same if did not play football.
  5. LOL Replaced.

  6. LOL Replaced.

    If you meet him in person, you will Like him much more. Genuine, friendly and very down to earth. He even expressed concern about losing his fanbase in charlotte when chatting with Rivera's wife.
  7. LOL Replaced.

    I have only met him prior for business purposes. So I have no idea. He came in behind Norman and Iverson. They both got swarmed (Iverson more so). I did not want to make a thread on it, but Norman is such a cool cat. He was very cool, friendly with everyone. He even stopped and chatted with with Stephanie Rivera for 10-15 minutes.
  8. LOL Replaced.

    This has nothing to do with Norman. BTW he took time to take pics with anyone who asked last night at the ritz after the hornets game. He was very fan friendly. Hell even Iverson was very social. Stewart showed up as well but ignored everyone
  9. That much is obvious. I am just intrigued/curious to know just how lucky we got, according to our board. For instance,did we have him rated highly enough that if we picked at 20, he still would have been the pick, if no acceptable trade offers came in?
  10. From the sounds of it looks like he was a top 15 player or better on their board.
  11. Was Shaq Lawson rated above Butler to your knowledge?
  12. Any idea of other players we would have taken over Butler, had they fallen as well?
  13. Enough people disagree with my interpretation. Can someone kindly explain how I am not comprehending things here.