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  1. Best Twitter Reactions

    oh my God that is so freaking hilarious!!!!
  2. Would love to see it happen. It would a mistake.
  3. Grounding?

    Sure hope not. I wouldn't doubt if these guys came on the field with bats and bludgeoned Julio with the refs jumping in joy. Latimore was literally tackling him before the ball was thrown last time. I understand he cant hang, but it was ridiculous.
  4. Grounding?

    Told yall, the saints games are almost rigged at home. Shame that Katrina call affected the game. Refs didn't even want to throw the flag until clay protested early in the game when he got tackled with the ball in the air. Falcons lost in similar manner, our game was definitely fixed. Hope the Vikings stomp the shyt stains and those Katrina cheater refs out of the playoffs.
  5. The refs single handedly won them the falcons game as well. The mistakes were outright pretty embarassing and we weren't allowed to establish any momentum. I hope you guys don't get the Katrina refs agai. Beat those chit stains.
  6. Going to be a tough game for you guys to be honest. Their crowd comes to games, and you will not only have to overcome the saints, but also their scumbag katrina cheating refs. Good luck, I hope you blow them out.