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  1. Again you have no idea about anything. I just am enjoying seeing how long I can drag this out and get a reaction out of you on something you claim to above and not care about. Funny to see how many times you can call someone a fraud and prick who is so irrelevant to you.
  2. Once again talking about something you have no idea about. Only condescending to those who clearly have no clue what they are talking about. You just happen to be one of the few on that list. You're really crushing it on the internet tough guy act. Good for you sweet heart.
  3. Good to see your character assessments are the same as your GM assessments. Garbage
  4. Keep enlightening us all on stuff you know absolutley nothing about.
  5. Lol hit us where it hurts. By calling us pricks over the internet. That's cyber bullying.
  6. Yes. Dumb thread. the players who you called awful are currently being replaced by players who couldn't beat out Coleman and Worley last year. Good attempt.
  7. Yeah we definitley couldn't use an upgrade at WR. I am well aware we have bigger needs on this roster. I pointed that out in the thread that you told me this team was better than last year, which is absurd. But where in free agency are the panthers upgrading OG, DE, CB, and safety?
  8. Pay attention, they aren't signing hurns.
  9. Are you pleased with Hurney thus far?

    The only agenda I have is winning. I don't have this country club garbage attitude that some of this fan base has. Idc if Jarius Wright produced better than all WR on this roster than Funchess, that isn't a high bar to set. Idc if Hurney has been good on first round picks, he picked top two twice and sucks at the other 6 rounds. Like I said you have a pro Hurney agenda if you think this roster is better than last years. It's just factually not.
  10. Are you pleased with Hurney thus far?

    No and I am 100% convinced you have some agenda if you say you are. This team is noticeably worse. When the Torrey Smith trade was made we were told to calm down, it wouldn't be the only WR they get Cam. Well those people were right, we got Wright. Ha We are worse at offensive line, Running Back, Safety, tight end, and corner from last year. I think we are a push at DT at best, but I don't want to get into it with people how underrated most you have made Star. So fine, we improved at DT to save an argument. we have done absolutley nothing to add the our weakness of outside pass rush this offseason. And oh yeah, we made Graham gano the second highest paid kicker in football. But im sure I'll hear "yeah but norv Turner or something."
  11. I agree with all of this except Kalil getting a statue. He's a great player but not statue worthy in my opinion. I have always been a believer the panthers should have two categories; retired number/statue and hall of fame. I would break it down like this: Retired Number/Statue: 51 - Sam Mills 89 - Steve Smith 90 - Julius Peppers Hall of Fame: QB - Jake Delhomme RB - Jonathan Stewart WR - Muhsin Muhammad TE - Greg Olsen TE - Wesley Walls OT - Jordan Gross C - Ryan Kalil DE - Charles Johnson DE - Mike Rucker LB - Thomas Davis LB - Kevin Greene S - Mike Minter K - John Kasay KR - Michael Bates This list doesn't include young players on track like Cam, Luke, Turner, and Short. Players who just missed are players like Chris Gamble, Travelle Wharton, Stephen Davis, and Steve Beuerlein. I wouldn't allow DeAngelo Williams in BOA ever again. I just think it is time to start honoring and acknowledging our history. I think this would be a good start.
  12. Gonna have to disagree with u. We should be representing our all time greats. Not the most inspirational. Peppers and Smith need to be the next 2 honored.
  13. It's not even close. Julius Peppers was superior to the other 2 in every way. Julius Peppers is a top 50-75 NFL player of all time. He is a first ballot hall of famer who should have a statue outside the stadium and number retired 7 seconds after he retires. I know this isn't going to be a popular comment, but Thomas Davis is overrated by this fan base. What he did overcoming three knee surgeries was extremely impressive, but outside of 2 to maybe 3 years he's been an average to slightly above average linebacker. His play has taken a huge hit the past 2 years and especially last year. Ryan Kalil was a better player over his career than Thomas Davis. I do not think he should get a statue or retired number. Those honors should be left to true superstars like Julius Peppers, Steve Smith, Cam, and Luke. also something that never gets mentioned, as tough as Thomas Davis is on the field (no one can question that), he is just as soft off the field. No one will ever confuse the Charlotte media as the inferno of sports media. This guy is incapable of taking any criticism. Charlotte couldn't be more soft on their players and he is out there blocking fans and media personalities. He blocked Darrin gantt, eveyone at WFNZ, and the WFNZ account. He is currently refusing to ever go on WFNZ again has his wife fight all his battles. Not to mention the tantrum he threw behind the scenes when Gettleman wouldn't extend him.
  14. There Is the Hurney we all know and love