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  1. Reuben Foster....as expected

    First off this isn't Panther news. Second why is it as expected? Seems kind of racist. And third, why the hell would anyone be disappointed in him. He got caught with weed, nothing serious.
  2. I saw it on twitter yesterday and now I can't find, so not sure if it is 100% accurate. But with that said, I just did the math and the last 7 games the defense was giving up 387 yards and 25 points a game. Those are very concerning numbers, and not great for someone looking to be a head coach.
  3. I'm not calling for him to be fired, but I don't get the hype. Last 7 weeks of the season his defense was ranked 32nd in the league. If I were a Giant or Cardinals fan right now I'd be screaming that he's a front runner for the head coaching job. Not saying he can't improve, but I'm stunned by the hype.
  4. What a shame. I am truly a great guy who has great core values. For example, I am anti misogynists and racists.
  5. Wishy washy? Ah who cares? Jerry's gone, no need to continue this argument. Happy days.
  6. @Montsta I'm hurt that you play favorites
  7. Hey I love Cam, I love Luke, Peppers, Short, Star, Mario, Stew, Olsen, Funchess, Kalil, and so on. I was praying they pulled it off, but I'm not gonna sit here and lie. I did get a little relief knowing that Jerry Richardson will never win a Super Bowl.
  8. Not pissed off at all. Jerry is gone forever. I'm smitten. Just mocking your ridiculous post.
  9. Your owner is selling the team due to being a serial sexual harasser and using racial slurs and all you low life's can think about is how he brought a team to Charlotte. Smdh
  10. Ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked old witch. I am very excited for the future.
  11. Hahha good luck with this. You're gonna get a warning from oversensitive mods for speaking the truth.
  12. Jerry Richardson has officially failed to bring us a Super Bowl as he once guaranteed when it was announced that a NFL franchise would be coming to Charlotte. Chin up Panther fans. Tonight was a brutal loss, but better times are ahead of us with our disgraced lying owner now gone.
  13. and you would be one of the worst owners in football who probably asks his female employees to shave their legs and asks them to see that wiggle.
  14. Jerry is such a trash human being it sickens me.