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  1. I mean Rivera is a moron, there is no denying it at this point. Our clown of an owner fired the wrong man in charge.
  2. I will be there. Anyone planning on going should wait until the week of to buy tickets. You'll get in for under $20.
  3. 97% sure Ron is a total idiot

    Only 97% sure? It took me 7 years to get tired of John Fox and I still believe he got screwed. It took me 18 games to realize that Rivera was 100% an idiot and to completely understand why he didn't get hired for any of the 8 or whatever job interviews he had prior to Carolina.
  4. Your Ideal Owner

    I can think of pretty much 31 ideal owners I rather have than ours.
  5. Voth keeps cutdowns in perspective

    Good to see Voth is becoming exactly what he said he wouldn't be, another mouth piece for the organization.
  6. Not happening. I know that is your go to response to anyone who questions your hero, to go follow another team. Unlike you, I realize there is more to this franchise than one batshit crazy owner who has done everything in his power to hold this franchise back. I will continue to cheer on this franchise knowing that it would be literally impossible for the next owner to do a worse job.
  7. We haven't gone through dark times? I seem to remember a stretch from 97-02 where we were pretty bad. I also seem to remember becoming the first team in NFL history to lose 15 straight games in a season. Was trading multiple first round picks for Sean Gilbert not suffering? Was the George Seifert years not suffering? How about the tragic stories of Rae Carruth and Fred Lane? How many franchises have gone through that? I'm sorry, did I just dream about the year that Jerry tanked the season and royally screwed over John Fox because he prioritized his pockets and the NFL over the fans. And before you say of course he did because he's a businessman, than how come actual good owners like the Maras, the Krafts, and the Rooneys did not do the same thing? Was it not suffering when the team refused to address the QB position when it was clear Jake Delhomme had nothing left? Please find me a Chargers or Browns or Jaguar offense that was worse than the 2010 Panthers. Good luck with that. Keep telling yourself how great of an owner JR is and how lucky we are, but the truth of the matter is that most people around the country look at the Panthers as a losing franchise.
  8. Wow that's awesome. And the ravens have actually been around for 1 less year than Carolina and have 2 Super Bowls and 10 playoff appearances. So I guess contrary to what you're trying to sell everyone on here, the Carolina Panthers actually are not the golden standard of franchises in the NFL.
  9. I truly don't understand what point you are trying to make. So two Super Bowl runs and we are an elite franchise? The Falcons just went to a Super Bowl last year and people on these boards destroy them for being a joke franchise. I also believe the Panthers have had more number 1 overall picks than both the Chargers and Jaguars since 1995. I am including the year the Texans drafted first, because Carolina had the worst record in football. I mean there is so much parity in this league with the salary cap, that there are new playoff teams every year. Sorry I am not jumping up and down over the 6 division titles, which by the way this joke of an owner just fired the person behind half of those division titles. I know people jsut can't get themselves to say anything bad about JR, but facts are facts, this man is a pathetic owner.
  10. Um we do know what it feels like to be a Browns, Jaguars, or Chargers fan. Like those three teams we have not won a Super Bowl. People aren't ungrateful. Some just aren't sheep who blindly follow everything our joke of an owner does.
  11. Awesome so that means he can do no wrong? He doesn't need to be held accountable? What an absolutley awful take.
  12. This is such an awful take that I refuse to believe you are being serious.
  13. A win against a bottom 5 team in the league week 1 will not squash 23 years of incompetent ownership.