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  1. NJPanthers12

    Panthers make personnel changes

    Rivera is pathetic. It’s that simple.
  2. I love stories like this for 2 reasons. 1. Good people are finally being taken care of 2. It continues to expose Jerry Richardson as the true piece of sh it he’s always been.
  3. NJPanthers12

    The Richardson Rule

    What are you talking about? I know you’re one of the few sociopaths on these boards who still support this creep, but in what world does he need to move on when the biggest newspaper in charotte literally just wrote the article. Should people move on from their 28-3 jokes since it happened over a year ago? How come I don’t see you showing the same anger at people bringing that up? Jerry Richardson is a trash bag human being who should continuously be reminded of the awful things he did. The coward still hasn’t apologized. You are delusional if you think everyone should just move on.
  4. NJPanthers12

    Uber/Lyft on game days

    Good luck getting an uber home. Every time I've tried it, it has been a disaster. They close a bunch of streets and it takes the Uber forever to get to stadium. Better off waking a while and then requesting an uber.
  5. Steve Smith sucks. I've said this forever, and has nothing to do with this story. Julius Peppers is the greatest Panther of all time, but Smth is definitley number 2 and a borderline hall of famer. I have a ton of respect for Steve Smith the player. Steve Smith the person is an intolerable human being. He was a god awful teammate, attacked multiple teammates, was a petulant child, and allegedly would cheat on his wife (YouTube Steve Smith boomer and carton). I want to make it clear I have zero proof he cheated on his wife, but there was an invterview on a radio station in New York where Steve Smith attempted to cheat on his wife and lost his wedding band in her car. The way he has handled himself towards this organization since he has left has been nothing short of embarsssing. This fan base and team stuck with him through all his bullshit. He owes it to the fans to come back and retire a Panther and be celebrated. He has punched multiple teammates. It has been well documented of how bad of a teammate he was to rookie receivers. It is well documented how poorly he treated Jimmy Clausen and Dwayne Jarrett. He demanded a trade from this franchise, but can't fathom being cut. And now this bullshit with Cam. Its been time for Steve Smith to grow up, but sadly that will never happen. Hopefully one day Steve Smith will get over himself and realize the blind support he got from this fan base over the years when he certainly did not deserve it and come back to get his number retired.
  6. Has anyone seen or heard anything in this? Rick Bonnell posted something on twitter that he heard an interview with Ben Hartstock claiming Smith use to bully Cam in the locker room his rookie season. i was then listening to WFNZ this morning and MAC teased the story, but I had to get into a meeting at work. I cannot find any information on this anywhere.
  7. This isn't true. Not trying to be combative and love the work you guys do, but this is not true. They will spin it that way but it's not true.
  8. Pure stupidity. A man with his ego doesn't just sell a team that he's maintained he will own until he dies unless guilty. The NFL has known he is guilty and has been reported to have been pushing him to sell and get out. He's guilty. These are facts. It's embarrassing that there is a portion of this fan base who still defend him.
  9. Hahahahha people can't be this dumb. It's just not possible.
  10. You would compare an internet poster who you have never met in your life to a serial sexual harraser and racist.
  11. What a tool. Everyone wants this old bag to go away, but his ego won't let him just disappear silently. What a clown. hopefully the owners treat him like poo like he deserves and don't give him the send off this egomaniac is definitely expecting.
  12. NJPanthers12

    Thank you Big Cat!

    Yeah I definitely loathe a guy I've never met before. Also funny how you're here defending Jerry Richardson and telling others they need to seek help. Absurd
  13. He's an egomaniac. Ban him for life and publically disgrace him. It'll crush him.
  14. NJPanthers12

    Thank you Big Cat!

    I loathe the man