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  1. 11-5 or fire Rivera

    If we got 13-3 and win the super bowl by 407 I would still advocate firing Rivera.
  2. Jerry doesnt care about you. So no.
  3. look at that. There are 16 morons on this board that most likely couldn't tell the difference between a hockey puck and football since they voted Cam himself. awful fan base we have
  4. If The Panthers Go On To Make It To The Superbowl

    Hurney is a great GM? Hahahhahahahahahah
  5. I didn't know this was a question. This is not a great fan base. This board is the minority of our actual fan base.
  6. Would trade Richardson for all three and throw in a high draft pick.
  7. We just need to wait for Jerry to sell the team. Then we will finally be free at last free at last.
  8. I'm extremely hard-pressed to find a team that has a worse owner than ours.
  9. In Less Then 1 Calendar Year

    That's because you're clueless
  10. Again this is not true. This is not how the business works at all, "it sucks to suck". Something similar happened in baseball and the team who misrepresented the medicals got fined and had their GM suspended. So no it's not normal business practice.
  11. Yes I can. I can choose to believe whatever I want. I am also telling you there is no possible way this true. A. If it was this bad the Panthers wouldn't have been playing him. It would have been negligible and irresponsible. B. If it were that bad his medicals would not have cleared and he wouldn't have passed his physical. C. McDermott and Beane have been with him for years and would not have traded a third round pick for him if they knew it was that bad. Also no other franchise other than Carolina would have a better idea of how bad it was then them. D. Rivera and Hurney would not intentionally screw over two people they have a personal relationship with and who have worked under them in the past. E. If somehow everything above is false and Kelvin's knee is that bad and they knew about it, then the Panthers would lose all credibility and no one would deal with them again. so like I said, this is not true.
  12. In Less Then 1 Calendar Year

    Lol please explain how this is a dumb thread. You just called a guy who has 500 receiving yards and lead a NFL team in receiving a fat glob, but yes tony point is dumb.
  13. In Less Then 1 Calendar Year

    I don't agree with this or believe this, but if this is true then the Carolina Panthers are single most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL.
  14. This team has gotten rid of the 4 closest people to Cam on the team. Joe Webb, Leonard Johnson, Philly Brown, and now Kelvin Benjamin. It also doesn't help with how close he is with Ryan Kalil and him not being out there. I know many of you are going to say it shouldn't matter, and this franchise should not be building the team to appease Cam. You are half right. Cam is a different type of guy. He beats to his own drumb and only lets a certain few into his close circle. You can see him clearly struggling with the media and the way he has handled himself this year. Usually people blame it on losing, but the team is 5-3. I believe not having Webb there, not having Philly there, not being able to go home and hang out with Leonard is really taking a toll on him. I am nervous it's only going to get worse with the Benjamin trade. This franchise has never prioritized helping Cam out. The year he was drafted, they drafted one offensive player, Lee Zeimba. They always just hoped his raw talent would take over. Just this past Sunday Cam went on and on about how great Benjamin is how much he loves having him on his team. Then just 3 days later they send Benjamin packing for draft picks. You can all scream and yell and tell me how this makes the offense better. I do not necessarily believe it, but at the same time I cannot tell you that you're wrong. I am more concerned that we are going to see a huge dip in Cams production and demeanor from here on out.
  15. I do recall him having a source with Peppers, but I'm highly doubting this one. if kelvin benjamin is not remotely healthy than the team is being negligible and irresponsible playing him. Also the Bills would be aware of this. Not only would they get his medicals, but both bean and McDermott have been around him for years. There is just no shot this can be true. Either way we will find out sooner rather than later if this is legit or not.