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    Greg Olsen Extension Saves Panthers $1.5 Million
    According to salary cap guru Joel Corry, the Carolina Panthers will save 1.5 million dollars this NFL season by extending the contract of TE Greg Olsen.

    It may not sound like much, but 1.5 million could go a long way this season in improving the Panthers roster, especially on offense. Cam Newton by all accounts has had few weapons around him during his time with Carolina. 1.5 million in cap space could be the difference between signing another journeyman wide receiver or a higher caliber player like Torrey Smith.

    The Carolina Panthers were recently mentioned in a article on NFL.COM as a likely landing spot for Smith.

    "There isn't a lot of landing-spot buzz around Smith, but how about Carolina? The Panthers desperately need speed at the position and could pair Smith alongside last year's rookie sensation Kelvin Benjamin. That would fill a need for the team while giving Cam Newton a true deep threat."

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