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  1. I am not arguing who is better. All I'm saying is that if you think mills has a much better shot than Greene, then your just haven't been following the process. This is mills 1st year as a semi finalist. This is greenes 6th. Greene has been an actual finalist multiple times. Many have predicted him to make it this year. Greene is top 5 all time in sacks. To say mills has a much better shot than Greene is not just flat out wrong, but ridiculous.
  2. sam mills has not shot at the Hall unfortunately. he definitely won't make the next cut. Kevin Greene has a much better shot. 
  3. Not sure what to think about this...re:Davis, Hardy

    He pretty much did. A lot of that locker room feels that way. The only person that made a negative comment today about him was dwan Edwards and be prefaced it by saying he still cares about Greg. Tolbert, Harper, Davis, Addison, CJ, Norman spoke highly of him.
  4. Not sure what to think about this...re:Davis, Hardy

    I've said this forever and have been ridiculed on these boards. The locker room LOVES Greg hardy. Let me repeat myself. A majority of the team LOVES Greg hardy. They were extremely unhappy how the team handled him last year and I feel it was a major reason for why they struggled for a while.   i also said last year that I knew Charles Johnson and Thomas Davis individually went to Jerry Richardson pleading to bring back hardy. There were others as well to the point where Rivera was lobbying for him. Even after everything that has come out, a good amount of people in that locker room do not believe Ms. Holder. There is one player specifically who is part of the leadership core on the team who flat out doesn't believe her at all. Thinks hardy is 100 percent innocent. 
  5. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Lol. Get him off this team and far away from Kony ealy
  6. jesus. by far the dumbest post I've read on these boards.
  7. NFL Network tips their hand

    Again tbis is ridiculous. Charlotte is the 6th biggest media market in the NFL. Even if you want to argue against that which you would be wrong, the NFL has no issues embracing small market teams like the packers, steelers, and saints.
  8. NFL Network tips their hand

    This board is getting ridiculous. Everyone does not hate the Panthers. Just enjoy the ride, good god.
  9. And for people to say he never lived up to expectations is just ansolutley ridiculous. The guy made an all decade team here. Numerous times he was mentioned in the running for defensive player of year. He also will one day be in the pro football hall of fame. He has a much better shot than Steve Smith and he will make it with most of his numbers coming from his time in Carolina. again, to say he didn't live up to expectations is just plain stupid. I'm not sure how you can exceed being a hall of famer.
  10. That's not true. It is 100 percent fact he was upset with Richardson.
  11. Julius Peppers wanted to stay. He told Jerry Richardaon on numrous occasions he likes a low profile and asked him not to call him out in the press conference. They spoke privately multiple times. Jerry Richardson ignored Julius and named him in that infamous press conference.   julius Peppers is not a Panther for one reason and one reason only, Jerry Richardson.
  12. According to salary cap guru Joel Corry, the Carolina Panthers will save 1.5 million dollars this NFL season by extending the contract of TE Greg Olsen. It may not sound like much, but 1.5 million could go a long way this season in improving the Panthers roster, especially on offense. Cam Newton by all accounts has had few weapons around him during his time with Carolina. 1.5 million in cap space could be the difference between signing another journeyman wide receiver or a higher caliber player like Torrey Smith. The Carolina Panthers were recently mentioned in a article on NFL.COM as a likely landing spot for Smith. "There isn't a lot of landing-spot buzz around Smith, but how about Carolina? The Panthers desperately need speed at the position and could pair Smith alongside last year's rookie sensation Kelvin Benjamin. That would fill a need for the team while giving Cam Newton a true deep threat."
  13. I'm not your bro. I don't comment on your every single post. Grow up. You're doing a lot for your credibility right now. I'm sure professionals who take themselves seriously lash out at their critics by using their pics on an internet site as revenge. Yeah, you're an insider. I know you wish you had a real life, but hiding behind your keyboard is so much safer and hides all your weaknesses... You can pretend you're someone you're not. Awesome. But, leave me out of it. This is the last time I'm telling you.

  14. mature grown adult. what is the point of you posting my name on useless tweets and commenting on me every single post. GTFO of here bro