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  1. NJPanthers12 added a post in a topic Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice   

    You don't miss an entire year with a torn meniscus. Batman being a joke as usual.
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  2. NJPanthers12 added a post in a topic Steve Smith Makes It Clear - HE Will Choose Who He Retires With   

    i hope he signs the one day contract just so gettleman can cut him again. 
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  3. NJPanthers12 added a post in a topic Steve Smith Makes It Clear - HE Will Choose Who He Retires With   

    i have a hard time coming up with a more unlikeable player who has committed a crime than Steve Smith. lets be honest, if he was never a panther we would all think he's a POS. can he just go away?
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  4. NJPanthers12 added a post in a topic Fozzy   

    Hillarious how some are trying to write him off after 1 preseason game. He was the only RFA that Gettleman gave 2 years to. Stewart, rivera, and GEttleman have all said they are comfortable with him as the back up RB. He's not going anywhere.
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  5. NJPanthers12 added a post in a topic Smith to the HOF   

    It is tough. You need to compare him to players he played with in the same era. His big seasons went up against the following:
    terrell owens
    randy moss
    Marvin harrison
    reggie wayne
    isaac bruce
    tory holt
    hines ward
    calvin johnson
    larry firzgerald
    andre johnson
    those are a lot of wide receivers to go up against. I would say there is a good shot all 10 of those guys eventually making it. The only one im not confident about is Hines Ward, but he was a steeler and won a super bowl. I hope he makes it but i don't know if he was thought as highly as those other 10. And believe me I without a doubt think he was better than the likes of Ward and wayne. I am just talking about how the voters might look at it.
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  6. NJPanthers12 added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    there is a zero percent chance fuzzy doesn't make this team.
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  7. NJPanthers12 added a post in a topic Luke and TD mixing it up in the scuffle also.   

    I can only imagine what you would have said if it was greg Hardy opposed to your buddy Josh. And I like Josh norman and hope they re-sign him. You don't touch the franchise quarterback.
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  8. NJPanthers12 added a post in a topic Mini-Melee: Josh Norman VS Cam Newton   

    Why is cam getting hit or blocked. Idc what your 100 million dollar QB does, you don't fight him.
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  9. NJPanthers12 added a post in a topic The First Hall of Fame Inductee from the Carolina Panthers is...   

    there is a 0% chance steve smith is a first ballot Hall of Famer. It took Tim Brown this long to get in. Isaac Bruce and Tory Holt aren't in yet. I can't even begin to understand how Marvin Harrison is not in yet. Cris Carter did not make it first ballot and I'm pretty sure neither did Michael Irvin. 
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  10. NJPanthers12 added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Greg Olsen Extension Saves Panthers $1.5 Million
    According to salary cap guru Joel Corry, the Carolina Panthers will save 1.5 million dollars this NFL season by extending the contract of TE Greg Olsen.

    It may not sound like much, but 1.5 million could go a long way this season in improving the Panthers roster, especially on offense. Cam Newton by all accounts has had few weapons around him during his time with Carolina. 1.5 million in cap space could be the difference between signing another journeyman wide receiver or a higher caliber player like Torrey Smith.

    The Carolina Panthers were recently mentioned in a article on NFL.COM as a likely landing spot for Smith.

    "There isn't a lot of landing-spot buzz around Smith, but how about Carolina? The Panthers desperately need speed at the position and could pair Smith alongside last year's rookie sensation Kelvin Benjamin. That would fill a need for the team while giving Cam Newton a true deep threat."

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