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  1. Curtis Samuel (via instastory @Panthers)

    What games were u watching? He was more fluid than CMC with the ball in his hands. He made more defenders miss and he ran pretty good routes. Was he perfect no...But he flashed caught the ball pretty well i would say for a RB transitioning to WR.
  2. I would be extra pissed if this was the crap show that we ended up with.
  3. Screw You Disney!!!

    Its a lifestyle not a fad....
  4. offseason taek - lamar jackson is actually a good qb.

    Who allowed you to run a program?
  5. Reading the LG tea leaves

    Is Amini that bad? During is first few years some were praising how he had pro bowl potential. Then injuries derailed him. He's worth a roster spot at the least i say..
  6. DE Marcus Davenport or WR Calvin Ridley at 24

    I dout davenport is there at 24 this class is to shallow at edge for him to last that long.
  7. One huge grain of salt...

    I seen to many huddlers get excited about this info."See I told you CAP was the future!" But in all honesty,he can't be the power back. he isn't even as big as deangelo was,he isn't fast or gonna push the chains...the guys best trait might be vision through the hole,but all his other abilities are meh. We will be drafting a back.
  8. OBJ on the block

    Geesh this base is way to conservative. Let him be whoever he wants to be as a person. He isn’t out mugging people or get duis or anything illegal really so who cares. He has a right to freedom of self expression so let him color his hair whatever he wants,as long as he produces on the football field I wouldn’t care. So yes to obj to hell with the price.
  9. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/rashaad-penny?id=32462018-0002-5598-9884-ab8b2759ec0c The bold is the biggest contrast to CMC and why i am all for it....not to mention his footspeed is timed faster than CMC at 220.
  10. I Like Guice, Penny, and then Bo Scarbourgh later... Bo is a big sleeper.
  11. http://draftanalyst.com/pro-day-sdsu-usd
  12. SI.com's Albert Breer mock draft

    i LOVE THE PICK. Has been my pick since early on. If your gonna be picking this late and you can get the best player at his postion at a position of need? Why not.
  13. Tidbits from my source

    Key Difference: Talent refers to the natural aptitude or ability to do something. On the other hand, skillrefers to the ability which is acquired by training and practicing. Only a limited number of people are bestowed with talent, however, anyone with the right potential and will is eligible for learning a skill.