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  1. micnificent28

    Is Samuel in a no win situation this season?

    I’m not complaining about having depth at all. I’m discussing Samuel’s unique situation coming off a Injury on a team that desperately needed Humm last season to a full House now. I don’t think there are as manly balls to go around as everyone else thinks. First off we’re a runner heavy team. Cam averages nearly what 220 a game passing? Most targets will probably go to Olsen,CMC and funchess. Then if there is any meat on the bone left I expect them to want to get Moore involved. Then comes Smith Wright Samuel. There definitely isn’t enough balls to go around when you expect your RB to catch 60-70 passes as well.
  2. I think he has shown enough to warrant playing time and I’m sure many others feel the same way but, due to free agency and the draft the best possible position he could be in on the depth Chart is 4th. The additions of Smith,Wright, and Moore along side funchess is going to make playing time scarce. Unless someone goes down with a Injury(God forbid) He is probably looking at 15 receptions 200 yards kind of season. That said he himself can’t afford to miss time due to injury or he might never regain the coaching staffs trust, which it looks like they already weren’t planning on him contributing much with these signings. When watching him on the field I think no one on the team gets open at the rate he does and separation. I would love for him to get reps over Wright but even then that would just put him at 4.
  3. Sucks for Ross... thought he wasn’t awful. Just to many WRs and no chance in hell at making this team.
  4. He’s a big thumper... not sure how good he is in coverage which seems to be what we want. I think either way it’s an upgrade but, anything that seems like something we should be all over we won’t be. Maybe this could be te first time Tepper shows his influence...
  5. micnificent28

    This brings a tear to my eye...

    Not sure if wake is being bodied.. but it is a good block.. when I think of bodied I’m thinking pancaked. He is playing extremely well here this season. It’s nice to get some return on this investment.
  6. Agreed just give me a project, anything just give me someone to hope is better than Khalil.
  7. Agreed this is bad. What made them think Matt was the answer again? He should go out the door with Ryan after this year.
  8. micnificent28

    Sean Smith released from jail.

    Thanks mr Richardson your a terrific judge of character.
  9. micnificent28

    Tepper teases midfield logo change

    I am enjoying the tepper era. He doesn’t have that “call me sir or Mr or it’s your arse” mentality. He’s a fun guy that seems like he’s a fan as much as he is a owner. He’s having fun with this.
  10. micnificent28

    Orlando Scandrick cut by the Redskins

    On the one hand you have a guy who was cut for salary and an overall youth movement. And on the other you have Seymour who just might not make the team based on his play. I’m not saying he is a top 40 corner in the league but is he better than starting Seymour? I think so. It’s like saying a Acura isn’t that much better than a Honda. Sure but one is definitely better than the other. By all means I don’t mean jump on him because he is all that’s out there, I just don’t want to go into the season depending on Seymour. Wait til other CBs get cut, I don’t really care just please don’t start Seymour.
  11. micnificent28

    Sean Smith released from jail.

    Why would this be locked?
  12. micnificent28

    Orlando Scandrick cut by the Redskins

    One has been starting for years and brought in to be a starter from multiple teams. The other is Seymour. And yes every little bit does count when trying to win a title. Some trash is worse than other trash. You act like they are exactly the same person same speed same age same tendencies and drafted in the same range.
  13. I know the old Panthers wouldn’t, but in the Tepper era who knows? Not long ago Smith was one of the better CBs in the league where the Raiders paid him 40 million for 4 years.Smith was sentenced to 5 months in jail for beating up is his sisters boyfriend. Not exactly domestic abuse but... At 31 is he worth considering? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/08/14/former-raiders-cornerback-sean-smith-released-from-jail/
  14. micnificent28

    Orlando Scandrick cut by the Redskins

    He’s better than Seymour. Saying he’s not much better in a game of inches means your not trying much harder to win. We need every inch to win the south and slowing down the Saints should be the goal. I think I saw they signed him for 1 million? Umm yes plz.
  15. micnificent28

    I Pooted

    This thread and title is a eye sore.