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  1. micnificent28

    Another puzzling question.....

    Didn’t they do a screen to manhertz???
  2. So...with Olsen out Ian Thomas had been the starter...anyone want to tell me why he had less snaps than Manhertz? Less targets too..
  3. I m actually ok with turner and with cam. Ron isn’t that good of a coach and is over rated. Look at his coaching tree, all of them are getting their doors blown off and have been hiding behind cam and Luke’s own greatness. My biggest issue with Ron right now is still how much the vets are still playing over the future of this team. Yes, Torrey smith scored, but he was wide open and any other we could have done the same. Why isn’t Funchess, Moore,and Samuel the consisten 3 WRs on the field. Wright is solid and deserves rotation but, Holt is just redundant and we get what he offers in both Moore and Samuel, who are better after the catch and probably separation at this point. Also our pass rush is old and decrepit, why are we relying on 37 year old pep to be our main source of pressure. Looked like Kk was getting doubled and the rest just getting handled... we should have invested in some pass rusher later instead of projects like Haynes and more back up linebackers.
  4. micnificent28

    2.5 yards per carry from your first round running back

    It’s one loss... lol this isn’t the end of the world or the sky is falling... I need you guys to chill out. We didn’t really deserve to win when u give them two gummies touchdowns and are forced to play from behind. They were aggressive the whole time playing to win going for it on fourth, pinning their ears back on defense. It was a freak show of a game with gano missing extra points,but nailing 63 yarder. Am I happy about this loss heck no,but this loss was squarely on the shoulders of our rookie first round pick. He gave them two turnovers in killing our chances at winning. But I will still say he looks damn good when he holds on to the ball and I’m excited about the future
  5. For those of you saying his stats are to low in certain categories... keep in mind all stats are scaled way back this early into mut. Randy moss spec catch might be the ceiling right now at about 90-92 which is around the cap for all ratings. It will go up as the year goes on a better version of smitty will become available.
  6. To be fair, it is still early in the ultimate team season which runs year round until next madden is released. They have certain numbers capped and dictate the overall speed of the game. For example the fastest player in mut is probably tyrek hill right now with 92 speed.
  7. Currently the best Wr available in Mut(madden ultimate team) above the likes of randy moss rice and Owens(will change as the year goes on) but it’s nice to see the panthers great getting some shine.
  8. micnificent28

    CMC or Saquan

    Being a generational talent doesn't mean it cant happen back to back years, basically means these guys are rare physical specimens. Fournette at 240 pounds was timed as the fastest player in the open field on big runs last season. Barkley and Fournette are special in different ways... But both are very uncommon and unique.
  9. micnificent28

    CMC or Saquan

    Barkley would be the answer to any non-bias football fan. CMC has been great so far this season and is living up to his billing. That said,Barkley is a generational talent at rb,faster stronger more agile and has been great as a receiver. He is as good a pass catcher as CMC not sure he is as good as a route runner but he is better in ever other area of the game. 230 pounder who runs a 4.3 or 208 who runs 4.48.
  10. Not sure why people think cap has trade value. Running backs are a dime a dozen and have short shelf lives. He was drafted in the 6th round a few years ago and has shown nothing to raise his value. Any sane team wouldn’t consider it and just draft some fresh legs on their own.
  11. micnificent28

    Norv Turner

    I don’t think Norv was bad at all. Offense was failing by drops and poor blocking, not scheme. Let the Norv era continue for now...
  12. micnificent28

    Opinon: Panthers interested in Robert Griffin

    This thread is misleading and false. Should be locked.
  13. micnificent28

    Since Everyone Is Making Roster Projections

    People love to say Gilbert has a better arm and makes better decisions,but Hen seems to just have that it factor...he's a gamer and has shown up even if he has less skills to work with. His mobility also pops on on film. He has out played Gilbert which is why he is in the driver's seat.
  14. micnificent28

    Why your team sucks Panthers

    Lol he called Jerry Richardson Foghorn Leghorn lol.
  15. micnificent28

    McCaffrey doubters

    I was his biggest critic. And I stand by my claim.. He doesn’t,well didn’t display the between the tackle running ability or size of a top 10 back. If you go through the last few years and look at the backs who went to 10 CMC looks nothing like them, and still isn’t in there league as far as running between the tackles and being an everydown back. But saying that his versatility and ablity to line up else where on pass downs dwarfs all of them. I always felt he was a good football player, but only if u have he luxary of not needing him to be a everydown grinder up the gut. Are my douts gone? Not really this is preseason, no one is scheming and the best defenders aren’t likely to be playing much(peppers, Khalil Mack and so on). Results have been very good and I’m impressed at his play thus far.