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  1. Damiere Byrd vs Kaelin Clay?

    Is this really in question? Dude makes one big play and he's just as good as bird.
  2. CAP> Fozzy

    First off stop this nonsense. Fozzy is better than cap. Cap came in after fozzy playing against 3rd string worst of the worst. Fozzy had played meaningful snaps for the panthers for a few season and if cmc wasn't on the roster I would take fozzy no brainer. With his role being out sourced I don't see a reason for him so that is why this is even a conversation. Although cap isn't but 210 pounds or so that isn't a power back.
  3. Cam & Smith

    I don't believe that punch nonsense, the way you act around someone who does that to you is never like this. And the reactions Smith after his release saying cam didn't know or didn't have anything to do with it put blame square on Gettleman. Not to mention that sound bite of him screaming into the camera"you don't think I can play anymore!!! Wait til week 4". Sounds like Getts just said we your getting old and aren't the same as for the reason for release.
  4. Ive seen enough.. This team is ready.

    This after one preseason game? Against the Texans???? You have seen enough? A team in qb limbo, but this proves it all?
  5. I find this hard to believe just be how the players reacted. Steve smith and cam seem cool still to this day,and Steve when he talked about the story he said cam didn't even know about it like he didn't blame cam. Also that sound bit from stage talking ish to gettleman saying"you don't think I can play anymore? Wait til week 4 " like it was all about gettleman and vengeance for him thinking he was on the downside of his career. But that's just me reading the facts we do know.
  6. Meseeks gets my vote.
  7. OTAs tomorrow...

    Last i heard he was going to camp with the saints.
  8. Newton's instagram continues to be unique...

    What i also find weird is the face of the huddle a business in its own right,commenting on how dumb cam is to post a picture is when he is the face of a billion dollar business but he is letting the racist barbs fly in this thread and not doing poo. Letting going insult an equality movement and comment on how blacks killing each other in Africa is fine as long as it promotes traffic huh?
  9. Newton's instagram continues to be unique...

    this ist fox news teaches you. And the undercover racism you find around here.
  10. Newton's instagram continues to be unique...

    Wow o much ignorance in this post.
  11. The Answer is on the Roster

    Let's not lie to ourselves. Our offense wasn't torching people with KB last year. Stewart can not be relied on to play 16 games. But oh don't worry we still have Byrd Lee Ward Fozzy and Payne...Adding Funchess was suppose to add to the offense, subtract KB and adding in another unproven rookie will not get us over the hump. Yes Ginn and a better Brown helps, but is this really gonna help us clash with the Seahawks pats and the real titans of the nfl? Doing nothing is as good as writing off the season. And that's adding in stew for 16 gms.
  12. Jags release Ace Sanders

    Everyone one makes mistakes. Like you picking the one part of my statement that's up for debate and try to spin it,but leave out the two most important parts. Nice.
  13. Jags release Ace Sanders

    To be far he was suspended and thrown into the doghouse behind countless 1st-3 round talent wrs...but lets omit the facts...
  14. Jags release Ace Sanders

    Just means no one wanted to pay out the rest of his rookie contract. i dout he doesn't go into the season on someones roster.