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  1. Yes kamara is better right now... better balance on contact... he regularly breaks atleast one big play a game through the air or on the ground rushing...
  2. No. Not close... look at the previous to 10 backs... these guys have changed their offenses by carrying the load. 100 yards easy... McCaffery is the best receiving back I have ever seen... but a work horse isn’t what u expect at that selection and he just isn’t it. His balance and poor break tackle will prevent this. We would have been better served going defense honestly.
  3. That was just some racist joke that all black athletes are dumb.
  4. If your name so much as shows up on a child support payment the Panthers aren't messing with you.Which bring us more questions for me. If we have such a great locker room and standards,why not help save one of these troubled young men and get yourself a bargain while your at it?
  5. I think ur giving way to much credit to Gettleman for a core that was in place before he was gm.
  6. Production doesn’t mean much of anything as far as drafting a guy. That number could be there for a lot of factors like talent around him. I mean look at us and cam.. what you look for is traits... everyone said the same thing about Goff and He’s lighting it up this year. Wentz 2.
  7. I don’t think this is fair... they had a plan in place and Brett Hundley was highly thought of as a prospect and the packers had gotten offers for him for a year or so,they just thought he was a good back up. Sometime plans to work out.. but they had a plan.
  8. CAP should start over J-Stew

    What and the pure h#$%)*. We aren't saying CMC should start over Stewart....but CAP. This is Dumb...Guy is just a JAG. Stop putting so much love into the preseason film against 2nd and 3rd stringers.
  9. Was Cam possessed yesterday or What

    Have to agree... those who think we should move on from cam have obviously been spoiled and don’t remember what life was like before cam.
  10. Updated Madden Roster

    The world needs to be made known KB got traded.... i might make a thread discussing this...
  11. Updated Madden Roster

    Same... I was asking why he got traded...playing along lol..
  12. Updated Madden Roster

  13. Marty Did not fleece anyone....can we stop acting like this made us better...
  14. Bersin is back! (Not a joke)

    I hate this move. I would take philly brown,even call up Garrett before going back to the blond thor. Like way have u been developing Garrett for two season if in a situation like this he cant even get a shot.
  15. CMC as OROTY

    Most of us are leaning more toward bust and this guy is throwing rookie of the year out there...humm glass half full?