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  1. 55" in my living room. All kinds of alcohol and snacks that the wife will whip up.  In 2003 I watched every game from the very same living room but went to a party elsewhere for the big game.  NOT making that mistake this time!
  2. Fallout from Norman vs Beckham

    Just make it two personal fouls for unnecessary roughness.  That would eliminate the face masks and unsportsman like conduct variety fouls. 
  3. My first jersey was a black Weinke. Still take it out from time to time for a little perspective. 
  4. Quick question...are both teams still on 100 yard rushing streaks?  It would be great to be the team to break their streak if it's still active. 
  5. HFA pie... get it while it's hot

    I'm not normally a pie whore but fug it....15 - 1 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Don't look now... SEATTLE 0 - Stl 10

    Did they get 100 yards rushing?
  7. So this whole double Olsen business...

    All throughput the game I kept throwing out the word surgical. Cam is s surgeon out there now. 
  8. Non American NFL teams

    Could be the Seoul Train?
  9. Bojangles for lunch and other superstitions

    Been wearing my "pi me" tee every game day this year...not switching now
  10. Made a bet with this lifelong Cowboy fan...before the season started...he gets the privilege of wearing this vintage hat for the rest of the week! At least he's being a good sport about it!    
  11. We Have Officially Made It

    Back in the day the only jersey we could find out here on the west coast was a black #16.  Yep it's a Weinke!
  12. Notes and Memos - Redskins

    Dear other 31 teams: Cam has a hard count now...doesn't seem fair does it. 
  13. The Keep Pounding Chant Before TD INT

    I'd like to hear the Roaring Riot do the chant at an away game. 
  14. Mike and Mike on the Panthers

    "I think it speaks to Cam's development as a field general" This times a hundred. It goes back to when he first came into the league. Remember they never let him wear one of those wrist cheat sheets with the plays on it?  Now all the plays are memorized and all are available at any given moment. I think all the other "young" quarterbacks still use them...including Wilson. 
  15. Sorry a little off topic. Has there been an announcement on who is pounding the drum Sunday night?