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  1. Yaboychris28

    Possible Huge Addition

    Hell to the yes. I want to win. Cam Newton’s prime is ticking
  2. Like it or not for D-will , his best days financially and productivity were definitely with the Panthers. I guess he’s starting to embrace it now that his career is over
  3. Exactly. I thought the article would help me learn more about the Panthers new owner, instead it was 90% trump bashing. Trash article.
  4. Yaboychris28


    He took the phrase “straight cash homie” to a whole new level
  5. Let’s not fool ourselves. Week 1 DA will be backup. RR is just giving Anderson motivation and a wake up call
  6. Yaboychris28

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    Yes. I as well believe Hood has a chance to be a great back. Plus it’s not like CAP or Fozzy has set the league on fire with their play
  7. Yaboychris28

    Elijah Hood

    I’m surprised Hood never got any burn last season
  8. Yaboychris28

    CJ Anderson the 'crab man'

    I’m pumped about this signing. Based on pure value and need, this is low key my fav pickup we have made.
  9. Yaboychris28

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Competition and depth is never a bad thing
  10. Yaboychris28

    Hey! Remember when The Huddle...

    I remember when I used to come to the huddle for the hot girl pics lol
  11. Yaboychris28

    DB Coach Curtis Fuller Resigns

    Sounds more like a "resign so we wont have to say we fired you" type of deal
  12. Yaboychris28

    Cam and Some of the Offense Out Bowling

    Half those guys won’t make the roster
  13. Focus on making the team kid. Lay off the keyboard
  14. Yaboychris28

    DJ Moore - Judge For Yourself

    Hopefully he can stay healthy and get back to his playing form from 3 years ago