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  1. Yaboychris28

    Sean Smith released from jail.

    He’s a piece of poo. No way we’d even consider him. His career is over
  2. To put it simple he just looks more comfortable out there on the field. I noticed it on the first screen pass he caught. He made quick decisions with fluid cuts and perfect blocking reads on most of his runs. I’m excited for CMC this yr. looked like the CMC at Stanford
  3. Yaboychris28

    Kelvin takes another shot at Cam?

    Can’t believe we let Kelvin ball on us like he did.. SMH Seymour just lol you suck so bad
  4. Yaboychris28

    Is Seymour that awful?

    Well they were playing against below average qb’s Thursday night. Matt Ryan or Brees would have connected on those misses by Josh Allen, A.J MCcarron
  5. Yaboychris28

    Is Seymour that awful?

    Jackson isn’t that good either right now. He takes the bait way too much on double moves
  6. 19-22 with KB 23-3 without KB If he thought Cam was inaccurate, i'm sure he'll love Josh Allen
  7. Yaboychris28

    Jordan Rodrigue

    Did she say what wide receiver has been running the most aggressive routes? I’d like to know.
  8. Yaboychris28

    Starting to have a Tepper Man Crush...

    Too many closet homos in this thread
  9. Yaboychris28

    FanFest - Panthers logo at midfield

    Last I heard the Carolina Panthers reside in Charlotte.. lol joking aside I prefer just to have the standard logo we’re used to at midfield at this point. Switching it up to the two state logo for primetime games, special occasions etc is something I wouldn’t be opposed to though
  10. Yaboychris28

    Starting to have a Tepper Man Crush...

    You guys can have Tepper. I’ll take his hot daughter instead
  11. Yaboychris28

    Curtis Samuel is practicing today

    Put him in bubble wrap
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-jGepqmgDM Great video about the chess match between the Panthers and Saints run game vs Panthers run defense from last year. If you enjoy film breakdown, x's, and o's etc it's definitely worth your time.
  13. I’m just scared to death of our O-line. Could single handedly destroy our chance at anything
  14. Yaboychris28

    Rookie DE Marquis Haynes is fuggin fast

    Haynes is going to be a steal. Liked the pick then, still like it now. Along with our 7th round LB Andre Smith.
  15. Yaboychris28

    That hit Gaulden put on Jarius Wright

    Every defense needs that fearless, pain in the ass guy the offense hates. Keep doing your thing Gaulden, just leave it to 3-4th string guys. IF he hits CMC, Cam etc cut his ass lol