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  1. Greg Olsen Retiring for Broadcasting Job?

    Lol well guys. Now we’ll have extra cap space for Mathieu hahah
  2. We still have offensive line issues, possibly more so than ever and that concerns the hell out of me
  3. Ebron. I was disappointed when Wilson was visiting first and not Ebron
  4. Michael Crabtree Released

    Inb4 offer prove it deal
  5. In regards to Butler. All of us including the front office thought Butler would have more of an impact than what he has done thus far. He was a late 1st rounder, it happens and will continue to happen when a player doesn’t work out that happened to be a high pick. What makes it bad is that we didn’t need a DT that year in the first. So for you guys wondering “but we have Vernon??!” Well what has he done for Hurney not to sign a quality DT? Nothing. We can’t wait around for Butler any longer
  6. Steelers Release S Mike Mitchell

    Coleman was also solid before this past season.. Age is a concern with Adams. Sometimes it’s better to predict the regression before it happens
  7. Which running back do you want?

    Chubb is my RB crush of this year. Last draft I was on the record wanting Kamara, but didn’t work out obviously
  8. He’s made a handful of big catches vs us from what I remember
  9. Tyrann Matthieu officially a FA

    Love me some Honey Badger. In a perfect world he’d fit our team perfect. He’ll prob be a Bear, Jet, Brown, etc though.
  10. I honestly don’t think both will be active on game day on some sundays. Even if healthy
  11. Jordy Nelson Getting Released

    Dude he was hurt. When he’s on the field he’s a TD and receiving yards machine
  12. Breeland a Panther

    Solid. Good job Hurney
  13. Jordy Nelson Getting Released

    Sign me up. Great route runner and solid speed. Just hope he could stay healthy
  14. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Is there any vet LT we can just sign to a cheap 1 yr deal which would let us bench Kalil for this next season then cut ties next offseason? I’d rather have his expensive ass on the bench then keep watching him give up sacks and penalties
  15. Might as well sit back and relax...

    Neither is Belichick