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  1. 2015-2016 North Carolina Tar Heels

    UNC wasn't even in Lees top 5 schools
  2. ACC Tournament 2015

    I think UNC has a good shot vs UVA. If Paige can continue to hit 3's, Johnson stay out of foul trouble, and not turn the ball over we can pull it off
  3. you are back on the clock

  4. Yeah I'll change it.

  5. Your Bears are on the clock.

  6. your 2nd round pick is now on the clock

  7. 2nd round just pick up were we are.

  8. you are on deck in the mock draft.

  9. here is the link to the thread. choose any team that is open. the rules will be up within the next week. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/forum/the-nfl-draft/75029-2012-mock-offseason-and-draft.html

  10. interested in being a gm in the mock offseason.

  11. Damn bro, you're talented.

  12. Is that you in the vid in your signature?

  13. hey i was wondering if u can make me a sig with stewart and d williams on it. and saying doubletrouble. i would greatly appreciate it