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  1. Josh's response to the AP

    I will miss Josh. No doubt about it. Don't blame either side. Just wish it could have worked out. The SB notwithstanding, it was truly a magical season. They don't happen very often. JNo will always be a part of the 2015 Magic.
  2. Happy to see him putting his money to gooduse and wish him the best even thoughhe was one of the worst draft picks in franchise history. Was insanely overdrafted into a bad situation. Didn't have the size to be a 4-3 DE or the coverage ability or explosiveness to be a 3-4 OLB.
  3. Josh Norman is NOT going to do Offseason Workouts

    Best post in this whole thread. This is Norman's one chance to get life-changing money. He is a real person who has to think about his future just like anyone else. Just like Gettleman has made a business decision not to sign him to a long-term deal at what Norman wants, Norman has made a business decision to hold out of OTA's. He's not under contract with the Panthers. Why would he be there? Comparing him to Von Miller isn't apples to apples. But the bottom line is he isan All-Pro, top 5 CB who singlehandedly won 2 games at the start of the season (the Saints game was unquestionable and the Jaguars game was too IMO) andset the tone in a defensive backfield that went into the season unheralded for the most part. Norman had by far the best season any DB ever has had for the Panthers last year. Of course he benefits playing with guys like Kuechly and TD, but he is a bona fide star and it is embarrassing to see people bashing him for doing the same thing anyone would do in his situation. There's absolutely no way the Panthers makethe SB without Norman. I trust Gettleman to do what's in the best long-term interests of the Panthers, but Norman is not doing anything wrong.
  4. Deepest Team - O RLY?

    I would be totally cool with drafting Derek Henry. In general, RBs are not as valuable in today's wide open NFL, but I was impressed watching Henry in the playoffs this year. Made positive yards on a lot of plays where there wasn't anything there. Hitsthe hole hard andis more elusive than he looks. Wouldn't say he has break away speed like an AP or Todd Gurley, but he's worthy of a late 1st rounder IMO. Looked good in blitz pickup too.Would be a great backup and replacement for Stewart. CAP is a complementary back. Fozzy is meh. Wegher is unknown. Certainly could see the case for taking a DE and that could be the best pick if BPA. Henry is the only RB other than Ezekiel Elliott that i think is worthy of 1st rounder. Could see OT also or safety. Bottom line is, even though the Panthers depth isn't great in every position, they truly are in a position to take BPA. Gettleman has done a phenomenal job.
  5. Good for him. I remember how excited I was for him. IIRC, he intercepted Kurt Warner a couple times in his first start. Unfortunately, his start was not an indication of how the rest of time with the Panthers would be. Regardless, he always seemed like a good guy, and I'm glad he is doing well after his playing days are over.
  6. Thinking back to previous offseasons...

    In fairness to the beat writers on Nortman, I think the Panthers made him an offer, just one they felt represented his value and one he felt didn't. Obviously, the Jaguars had money to spend and were willing to spend it. Don't think a punter switching teams is really on anyone's radar per se though. Like the saying goes, at any given time, out of the 32 punters, thereare 3 punters that are truly special in what they can do, 3 punters who need to be replaced, and the rest are basically interchangeable. I don't know how Nortman could possibly fall anywhere but in the replaceable category. He had a good year in 2013, and he hasn't been terrible, but he shanked several this year. That punt that Peterson muffed in the NFC Championship game could have been disasterous. Beyond that, I think most of the frustration with him has been with his propensity to outkick the coverage and give the returner a full head of steam before the coverage can get there. A 60 yard punt with no hang time is not a good punt.
  7. Panthers sign C/G Gino Gradkowski

    Solid move. One thing I've really noticed the last few years in preseason games (disclaimer- no way to put too much stock in anything preseason) but our 2nd and 3rd units have typically looked better thantheir competition. In a league where injury attrition adds up every year, depth is something that is dramatically overlooked by almost everyone, and certainly by preseason predictions. It's tough with the salary cap to build quality depth at every position, but that is one thing Gettleman has certainly done a lot better IMO than a lot of the GM's in the league. You have to have elite talent to win championships, but the approach of drafting to obtain, develop, and retain elite players and use FA to bolster depth has been proven again and again to not only win championships, but to compete for them consistently. Certainly none of this is possible without a franchise QB like Cam, but we finally have a franchise formula that has been proven to work. It feels good knowing where this team is headed over the next few years
  8. WTF?? We made the Superbowl, and should have won had we not played our worst game on the year. Thosereceivers who "suck balls" were part of the #1 Scoring offense, and they put on a show against the Cardinals in the NFC Championship game. Yes, Cam was the unquestioned MVP and certainly made everyone better, but you don't make it to the SB and accomplish everything we did with a "not that good of a team." Seriously, I hope this post was sarcastic.
  9. I remember him almost murdering Cam in the 2014 regular season game. You or I could have put up as much resistance as Byron Bell did. I remember the look of disgust Cam had, one of the few times he ever looked pissed at a teammate
  10. You're joking, right?
  11. Cj says something brewing

    I don't know why anyone is hating on CJ. He was a great player here. People wanted a GM who knew how to manage the cap and set the team up for long-term success and we finally got one. The Gettlemans of the world cut players when their financial burden exceeds their productive capacity. That's all it is with CJ. CJ can still play, just not at the $15M a year level. I don't understand the CJ hate when he's justtrying to find another opportunity for himself. Gettleman didn't cut D-Will or CJ b/c they were completely washed up, but b/c their contracts exceeded their value to the team. That's the hard decisions GM's have to make. CJ is one of the more underrated Panthers of all-time. I will hate it if he goes to Tampa from a fan perspective, but I'm happy for him individually. CJ played his heart and was our best defensive player in 2010. There were some mailed-in performances on that team, but never from 95.
  12. Roddy White Released

    Roddy became the Falcons version of the 2013 Smitty except that this is the only time those 2 should ever be mentioned in the same sentence.
  13. If we can sign him cheaply, why not? He knows the system and he would come in ready to contribute. LaFell has always been a good run blocker. We've spent 2 high draft picks on WR's the last 2 drafts, and this isn't a good WR draft according to pretty much everyone. Fill out the WR depth pre-draft. Fits Gettleman's MO. We have a lot more important positions to fill via the draft IMO than WR, and this draft is deep on defense. The coaching staff wanted to resign LaFell, just not at the price he commanded on the open market. If he couldn't play, NE would have never signed him away. I see nothing but upside with him coming back to compete. If not, nothing major either. My only question is who do you think we are going to spend money on in FA at WR better than LaFell, honestly? I can't think of anyone. The big money spent in FA isgoing to be spent on Norman, KK/Star extensions, and maybe signing a CB, S, or DE.
  14. The Ginn drops suck, but he changes the way defenses play us because of his speed. Ginn is still one of the fastest WR's in the league. A WR corp of KB, Funchess, Ginn, Philly, & ??? is still a lot better than some of the WR groups we've trotted out over the last 10 years. Add in Olsen and that group is pretty solid. I think we may add a WR via FA or late in the draft but we have way more pressing needs (DE, S, OT) to address. Additionally, on game day, we usually only kept 5 WR'sactive (and usually Webb was the 5th) so I think unless something changes, the active WR corp is pretty much set with KB, Funchess, Ginn, Philly, & Webb provided everyone is healthy. I think an upgrade at TE behind Olsen is more likely. Dickson wasn't terrible by any stretch, but he's definitely not a #1 TE and we need to develop someone behind Olsen. Everyone had hopes for Swole Bones that never came to fruition. Wouldn't be opposed to signing Vernon Davis if it's relatively cheap and seeing if he could return to form. Would much rather that happen than signing a FA WR. Just my opinion.
  15. JPP, Giants not close to a deal

    I would rather CJ take a pay cut and stay over JPP any day. CJ has always been good against the run. JPP is a better pass rusher, but he wasn't great against the run before his hand injury. I'm hard pressed to believe anyone will give him a long-term contract. Way too much risk. You saw first hand duringour game his inability to wrap up. Pressuring the QB is cool and all, but if you can't get him to the ground it's all wasted against good QB's like Wilson, Rodgers, Newton, etc. that can get away and make you pay. I would be cool with a $8M one-year deal, but still rather have CJ. CJ isn't washed up, just not worth $15M. CJ at $8M is a much better investment in IMO than JPP at $8M. CJ is only a couple of years older than JPP. People act like he is as old as Peppers.