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  1. Wes Horton's roster spot?

    Maybe not, especially this late in the season, but the Players Association might cause a stink if there was no documented injury. I would totally be onboard for the Panthers doing this, I'm just pointing out there could be reasons why they couldn't do it under the current rules.
  2. Wes Horton's roster spot?

    If we IR a healthy player, they can file a grievance to receive a settlement/ be released.  Teams would often do that back in the pre-free agency days (a la Joe Gibbs Redskins) to stash players they didn't have room for on the active roster but didn't want to lose.
  3. I'm not going to crap on Colin Jones because he is a valuable part of this team, but he has had a very rough outing the last couple of weeks.  Now granted, the Redskins WR's are good (and Desean Jackson is a mismatch for most DB's on top of the fact Jones slipped on that play), and Cole Beasley is underrated as a slot WR.   That being said, the Panthers are going to have to have good play on the slot WR in the playoffs if we play the Cardinals, or in a potential SB against a team like NE or CIN.  Larry Fitzgerald is lining up in the slot the majority of the time this year. Colin Jones was signed to be a ST ace, and he has filled in admirably for the most part as our nickel CB.  However, Finnegan was a starter for most of his career and former Pro-Bowler.  If he still has anything left, could be huge for the rest of the season and also gives us flexibility in the playoffs.  I know the team likes Bene in the slot (mostly b/c he is the best CB we have for covering the slot), but he seems to play even better on the outside.
  4. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Rivera just recently said he wanted to make sure he didn't reign Josh Norman's bravado in too much.  Why? Because it takes a special breed (both physically AND mentally) to lock up against some of the best athletes on the planet who happen to play WR, especially in a league that has skewed the rules to help them so much. None of us want to see stupid penalties, but we also want a defense that instills fear in the opposing teams.  We had that in 2013, we just didn't have an offense that could always hold up their end of the bargin. I love the move to sign Finnegan, first and foremost because Colin Jones is getting exposed badly on an otherwise great defense.  But beyond that, I don't mind having a defense that plays to the whistle (and maybe beyond), as long as it doesn't hurt the team.  And Finnegan has never been anything but a great teammate and person off the field. Rivera played on the '85 Bears.  You don't think that defense had swagger and personalities?  They wanted and expected to dominate opponents, both physically and mentally.   I feel like our defense is getting back to our 2013 swagger on defense, and we may be even better overall (I know we are in the secondary).  Remember the Rams game in St. Louis in 2013?  We went in there, and they thought they were the nastiest defense in the NFC, and we abused them on defense, Smitty abused their DB's, and then we knocked Bradford out for good measure.  And FYI, Cortland Finnegan was on that Rams team. We have developed a culture and leadership where we can sign a "character" like Finnegan and feel good about it.  He is going to give his all on the field, and he recognizes where the line is.  From that same game in 2013: Veteran cornerback Cortland Finnegan warned Jenkins before the game about being goaded into a battle of words with Smith, according to Fox sideline reporter Laura Okmin. The second-year DB didn't take notice, reportedly making comments about Smith's family that started the conflict.
  5. 1) Some PSL owners view their season tickets first and foremost as an economic investment.  As some people pointed out, they will sell tickets before the season even starts, which accounts for the large number of opposing fans when we play teams with large fan bases.  As for the playoff games, there a lot of variables.  PSL owners are entitled to their tickets.  A think (and want to believe) a larger percentage of PSL owners would rather go to a playoff game than sell them, but it definitely varies from PSL owner to owner.  Last year, there was probably less than 5% Cardinals fans at the game, but the Cardinals fans knew their chances of winning were very low with a 3rd string QB.  There were a lot more Cardinals fans in 2008 with Warner (I'm guessing at least 20%).  There may have been close to 25% 49ers fans in 2013.  When PSL owners put their their tickets on the secondary market, there is no control over who gets them, other than who will pay the most money.  I cringe to think of what the opposing fans may consist of if we play the Giants or Packers in the divisional round, which is a very realistic possibility. 2) There is about a 25% markup on Divisional Round Games and roughly a 100% markup for the NFCCG if we were to host it.  This is from the Panthers/NFL before any markup from the secondary market.  So yeah, expensive as fug.  I'd bank on paying minimum $100-120 for the divisional game and over $200 for the NFCCG (and it could be way more than if you want good seats).   **Side note, I have my PSL tickets, but just like the person above, I was able to get a 2nd set last year by continuing to try well after they said they were sold out b/c some of the tickets were kicked back by the people trying to hold them**
  6. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    Exactly.  That is the only matchup they are looking at contingencies for.
  7. Colin Jones in the slot...

    Exactly. Which is one of the main reasons people were questioning Shaq as our first rounder.  However, having Shaq and Klein allows us to have depth to match up with any personnel grouping in the league, although 3 WRs has become the default for most teams. 
  8. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Don't disagree with you at all, but Frank knew what the consequences would be, even if the rules are hypocritical and arbitrary.  
  9. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Feel bad for the guy in terms of someone who is obviously struggling with a substance abuse problem, but there really is no excuse.  Frank knew he was going to be tested and what the consequences would be and still did it. It was going to be hard enough for him to recover from his Achilles injury to even continue an NFL career and then this.  The fact the Panthers waived/injured him at the end of TC let's you know they weren't sold on him being here long-term regardless, and this solidifies it.  He reverted to their IR and will stay there through the end of the year, but I would say the chances of him being on any NFL roster in 2017 at less than 1%, and it certainly won't be the Panthers.
  10. Tillman Most Likely Out

    Washington has a better receiving corp overall than Dallas with a healthy Desean Jackson & Dez not being 100%.   Matchup comes down to our D-Line vs. their O-Line.  Romo will complete passes if he has enough time, but he's not a god back there.  He's a 35 year old QB with a gimpy back coming back from a significant injury on a short week. If our defense can shut down Rodgers for 3 Quarters, we can shut down Romo for 4.  Our pass rush was definitely more encouraging on Sunday versus the last few weeks, so hopefully that contines especially with CJ coming back.
  11. I want the Panthers to curbstomp them like Edward Norton in American History X.
  12. My wishes for the Panthers the rest of the year: 1) Win Super Bowl 2) Undefeated season 3) Curbstomp the Cowgirls on Thanksgiving 
  13. Greg Olsen on The Rich Eisen Show

  14. It's one talking head's opinion (funny how a QB who actually did something in his career like Favre is in a deer stand now and one that did next to nothing in his career is touted by BSPN as someone qualified to make sweeping judgments.   That being said, Arizona is really good.  Right now, they are probably the one NFC team I would least like to see in the playoffs.  Their defense is not on the same level as ours, but their offense is what everyone thinks GB's would/should be this year.
  15. Cam IMO is more important to the Panthers than any other QB is to their team, but Palmer has been extremely impressive and is absolutely in the MVP conversation.  Arizona looks to be as big a threat as anyone else in the NFC this year.  If we do meet them again in the playoffs, it will be a much tougher matchup.  Granted, this Panthers team is better than last year across the board, but Palmer with Fitzgerald, Floyd, & Brown reminds me of Kurt Warner with Fitz, Boldin, & Floyd.  Nothing to be trifled with.