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  1. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    The Premier League has revenue sharing and Leicester have plenty of money to spend. They just got players without having to spend much at all. Like I said, no injuries is huge for a Premier League campaign and they barely had any at all. Also- the miracle on ice trumps this every time. That's America's "equivalent".
  2. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Spurs players push down 69 year-old Guus Hiddink on the way into the tunnel. Wow.
  3. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Unfortunately Chelsea, City, and Arsenal if they ever move on from Wenger won't let that happen. Leicester will finish 6th at best next season, lose Mahrez and Kante and others and that'll be that. Maybe Tottenham can permanently work their way back into challenging consistently. Who knows. But Leicester were beneficiaries of circumstance this season. That won't happen again.
  4. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Wow. When was the last time 77 points won you the league? Great story and all, but low point total, being awarded the most penalties, dealing with basically no injuries, and no other comps just makes it feel meh IMO. But they've won and that's that.
  5. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Arsenal supporters singing "Au revoir, au revoir, Arsene Wenger, we'll be happy when you die in May" outside the stadium. Wow.
  6. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Rumors in Germany that Xhaka will stay at Monchengladbach for 1 more season and move to Bayern in 17/18.
  7. 2015/16 UEFA Champions League

    Pep isn't a world-class manager. You guys are doing well to move on. That 2-2-6 formation was epic though lol
  8. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Dear lord...I understand completely but I do not envy this predicament haha.
  9. 2015/16 UEFA Champions League

    Atleti play some seriously sound football. Multiple away goals would be huge.
  10. 2015/16 UEFA Champions League

    Have to think he plays. Their attack looked anemic without him. Interesting that Bayern are winless in their last 7 UCL away matches in the knockout stage. See what they can do tonight.
  11. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Have to imagine Bayern have the power in that negotiation. Bayern ship Gotze elsewhere (plenty of eager clubs), wait one more year for Hummels. Dortmund are out Hummels and get no Gotze return.
  12. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Gotze is an interesting situation. I do believe Dortmund want his return, but the player might be hesitant. He's viewed very, very poorly by Dortmund supporters. Hell, over the last few weeks various "Piss off Gotze" and "Stay away Gotze" banners have been flown at the Westfalenstadion. Gotze may not want to deal. We'll see.
  13. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Yea, I suppose that's my biggest issue with it. I like Hummels a lot though. I think he's a good dude and just wants to win as much as possible while he can.
  14. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    I view it pretty much the same way as Torres to Chelsea, Sterling to City, etc...but perhaps even worse from Hummels is his condemning of other players in the past for doing the very thing he's about to do. I mean, he was Bayern youth. I get that. But his career was made at Dortmund. It's w/e though. None of my business.
  15. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    I didn't mean Dortmund, I meant the players. It'd be nice if one of them was just like "Nah, I'm not going to one of my club's biggest rivals." Alas, the allure of dominating Bundesliga on a yearly basis and potentially winning UCL is too strong a draw.