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  1. I have very vivid memories of hating Terry Cousin. Its been so long though so I'm not sure if they are justified or not?
  2. Panthers bidder visits Wells Fargo tournament, says team belongs in Charlotte Nothing too newsworthy in here but since I haven't seen it posted yet. Kestenbaum was in Charlotte for the Wells Fargo Championship and met with some "members of the local business community and people connected to the Panthers." As the article points out this was Kestenbaum's fourth trip to Charlotte in the last 2.5 months.
  3. Yeah, I agree. That first step tho he hits like a truck too.
  4. Haven't read this whole thread yet so sorry if this has been posted.
  5. Jerry has to realize that the longer he drags this out the more articles like the SI one are going to come out. He reportedly decided to sell "on his own" to preserve his legacy and now he is setting himself up to get raked over the coals for even longer.
  6. Yeah...perhaps I am giving Hitman too much credit. I'm kind of surprised that people on here aren't as high on Kroeger as I am. For years this board complained about how the station was run / fully made up of non Panther fans from out of state. Kroegs is a Carolina sports fan through and through and his passion for the Hornets / Panthers shows. Maybe I'm still scarred from that whole Marc with a "C" and Taylor Zarzour debacle.
  7. There is no way you can convince me that Kroegs is being demoted. I'm assuming he must be taking on a larger role with the Hornets or something? It seems the Primetime slot interfered with his Hornets stuff at times.
  8. Anything that makes Frank Garcia easier to ignore is fine with me. Sometimes I would forget to turn my radio off after Mac Attack ends and I don't know how ratings in radio work but the thought that I might be helping that show stay on the air really upset me. Now at least I can turn it off and leave it off for the rest of the day.
  9. Am I the only one here who likes Goedert more than Hurst?
  10. Was CAP the one that you could hear on the broadcast shortly after Cam audibled saying "is that real?" Anyone else remember that or did I make it up?
  11. It sounds like NFL scouts agree with what you are saying. This is all from Bob McGinn's annual pre-draft write up.
  12. So admittedly I haven't watched a single snap of his but I feel like whenever I hear about him the knock is that he is below average in the run game. Isn't run support a pretty important characteristic in a Rivera defense?
  13. I hope this week 3 vs Cinci leak is correct. I'd rather not have Burfict out there twisting ankles and whatnot.
  14. boney

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    Its Dallas