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  1. Positions we need to upgrade

    OL, DE, and id like for us to go after a speedy WR as well. Never can have enough weapons. 
  2. Thank YOU 2015 Carolina Panthers!!!

    The most fun I've ever had as a panther fan, and I've been on this train since I was 11 years old...27 now.  Give me a little break, but I'll be ready for next year in a few weeks. Made a promise that'll I'll attend more games this upcoming year also. I can't wait for the fun to start again! Keep pounding! 
  3. Racist peice of poo

    I was actually pretty cool after the loss last night, but seeing what he said took me to another place. Cam is better than me, because if I had the funds and resources he did, I would have went and saw him about that. Bill is a punk and needs his tail whooped. Call me whatever you want, but don't call me, a grown man, no boy. Don't belittle me. As a dark black male, that post infuriated me, yet validated every thing I've thought when it comes to Cam and a ton of people who dislike him. 
  4. The whole world is laughing? Good, we wouldn't want it any other way. This type of stuff drives our QB and other players to be great.  We'll be back dominating the Bucs again next year, and taking photos all on the sideline, having fun...something the Bucs have said they're trying to imitate. Your team wants to be like us haha. It's like Peyton said...Cam is going to get a championship. I can't wait...I want to see people like you and shelbypanther salty.
  5. Won't single out any players, because all these players meant a lot to me this season. My favorite moments were the group photos. Those moments had us looking like a team in the truest form.  I need a little break from football, but in a few weeks I'll be ready to do it all again, and I want them to go about it the same way...having fun as a team.
  6. Cool thing for Peyton to say, but I've always known Peyton to be a stand up guy. 
  7. Winning with grace

    No problem with this. We can handle this as a team. This team is a strong group of men. Motivation for us next season. I just hope Ron and the team don't listen to any of the scared fans in this fan base(and we all know the scared fans and fans who never liked how we go about things to begin with after yday loss), and dial it back next season. I dont want to go back to be mediocre. The team clearly plays well when they're out there having fun, and they also play well when there's a chip on their shoulder. To all those who don't like the way we win
  8. Oh lawd, we've got a Buc fan in here. Funny, since the Bucs have pretty much said they were going to copy us and have "fun". With all that being said, we know where everyone stands now; from opposing fans, players, to even our own "fans." Cam and the Panthers need to go out there and basically play with a screw you attitude. None of these guys or gals are our friends, so let's go out there and dominate with no apologies.
  9. Man, I've been on this board since 2008. Miss me with that nut hugger garbage. Lol..."I'm a panthers fan unlike you...na na nana na" You're a panthers fan that doesn't like Cam, and waited for any moment to come to pounce on him. You don't like the way he plays. It's ok...there's plenty around the "fan base" just like you. Do I think he's immature? I think he, like myself at age 26 have some growing up to do. Would I call him immature? No, not anymore mature or immature than any other guy his age. but I already know how it goes around here. Next year when we make it back to this stage and win it, you and others of your ilk will come on here boasting about how Cam has changed and matured. "I was right about him before but he's changed."
  10. I just don't see how those fumbles were Cams fault. He didn't play great, but those fumbles are on the o-line. 
  11. We? Don't speak for me, because I would like Cam even if he wasn't a Panther. You don't know that man well enough to know his intentions. We can only go by his words, and he's told us he's doing it because he's having fun. Anyways, just be a fan of another team because what we do isn't stopping as long as Cam is the quarterback. You have the Falcons or Redskins as teams close to you with QBs you may appreciate more. Follow them. 
  12. Who's face has he been rubbing it in? Cam's dancing has nothing to do with rubbing it in the face of anyone, and more to do with him having fun. He's stated several times he's not trying to show anyone up. You should go be a fan of another team, because what we do on the sidelines and during games are going to continue happening. Grow up? Everyone here is grown....Cam is grown. Being a grown up doesn't mean you have to stop having fun, and the minute I see cam not having fun out there is the minute I'll know he doesn't care anymore, which likely means we suck again. And if he sucks, you and ppl like you will complain about him anyways. So screw you and everyone else who has something to say. He needs to continue what he's been doing, because y'all won't like him anyways
  13. Cam pouting at the podium

    This just made me real upset. First, wtf is he talking about? Last? He's been in the league 5 years and won MVP. He's lasted.  2nd...boy? Man, fug him for this poo. 
  14. I grew up with this team

    6 years old when the Panthers first started playing. 27 years old, and got a little boy on the way. He will grow up with the panthers, just like I did. He'll be joining the fan club at a great time. Future is bright for this club, and a bunch of winning in the forecast.  I can't wait to tell him, "son, things weren't always this sweet." "We weren't always this good."
  15. Greensboro area Super Bowl Watch Party

    Man, I miss Greene Street. Was there for a day party about a year ago. Best damn time