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  1. Cowherd's opinion of QBs is baffling. He still list Andrew Luck as an elite QB, and blames everything around Luck for his failings.
  2. Thank You Panthers 2017

    Has anyone else noticed that every playoff run we have Bersin or other practice squad players are our starting receivers? Not a recipe for success.
  3. Thanks to the Carolina Panther team of 2017. It was an interesting year of ups and downs, highs and lows. In the end you guys lived the mantra Keep Pounding!
  4. No SB or NFCCG with this offense

    yep... our offense is not good. its the worst offense of any team in the playoffs according to statistics and to the eyes Cam is playing horrible. Our wide receivers are a bunch of practice squad guys. Olsen is not healthy. Stew is a shell of himself. oh well... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!