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  1. Nooo Fozzy! T_T Hope that the healing process goes as fast and smooth as it can for him.
  2. ^ Exactly why I mentioned the bit about not believing all boomers are bigoted. In the end, in my opinion at least, it's more about people that want things to fit whatever narrative it is they've created rather than challenging their own views.
  3. They're belligerently ignorant because they're making it about standing for the national anthem when it's about not allowing police to murder people based on skin colour. Anybody stupid enough to think that kneeling is disrespectful, when he was advised to kneel rather than sit by a green beret, is just doing as I previously stated: caring more about believing what they want rather than knowing what they need.
  4. I see your anecdotal evidence and present my own: I'm a millenial and know at least three family members that are baby boomers who stopped watching the NFL over the protests. All three are hard line conservatives that vote based on party rather than policies. All three are also brutally racist. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Mind you, I don't think that everybody butt hurt over players kneeling is a belligerent racist (nor do I believe that baby boomers are). I just think that those crying about the kneeling are belligerently ignorant and would rather believe what they want than know what they need.
  5. Icege

    Secondary - Reminder

    Cole Luke too iirc
  6. Icege

    Back to Back CB

    > locks up tens of millions of dollars in x2 RBs > pays vets for past production and not expected production > puts team in cap hell and extends Jake after the Arizona debacle > roster is purged with lock out coming > drafts Dwayne Jarrett, Everette Brown, Armanti Edwards, Jimmy Clausen > "Fixing Gettleman's fug up." Boi if some of yall don't gtfoh with those bath salts
  7. Disappointed. Felt like we were already logjammed at nickel. Wanted Reid or Oliver.
  8. Icege

    Division Rivals 1st Picks

    Saints pick I disagree with, though I can see the need for an edge rusher opposite of Cam Jordan. I think that they spent way too much in the end. Bucs pick made my stomach churn. Trying to run it up the middle vs. McCoy & Vea? Yo, ew. Ridley to the Falcons I think is a great pick for them. Replaces Gabriel and gives them a great slot WR to go with Julio & Sanu
  9. Spent a 3rd last year on Webb. RBs were essentially JStew and Gallman. You would have to have an irrational hatred for Gettleman or know absolutely nothing about football to be that against the pick.
  10. I can rock with it.
  11. James Daniels, Josh Jackson, or Harold Landry pls. I can also live with DJ Moore and Will Hernandez.
  12. Icege

    Tony Pauline's mock draft

    Swap that Hubbard pick for Reid and lemme touch my body
  13. I would geek over a Reid/Reid combo at safety :3
  14. Icege

    Our Visits so far. Who do you want?

    Justin Reid, FS, Stanford Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia Josh Sweat, DE, Florida State Quenton Meeks, CB, Stanford In this order pls