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  1. I like how we quote stats except for when we mentioned Watkins' and Desean's recent lines. Lawl First we never get Cam weapons, then we complain about the weapons he gets because somehow we believe that the Antonio Brown's of the world are aplenty. But there can be only one Brenton "Burst On Your Mom's Face" Bersin. He's taking us to the promised land! Brb getting further annihilated
  2. Marty Hurney Crow thread

    Same. But it brought Bersin back which also helped me be ok with it. Bersin is by far my favorite Huddle troll.
  3. Luke's childhood hero was Bersin. #JustTheCARFax #DadJokes #ShootMePls
  4. Vague Worley tweet

    Specifically, this track: Some of y'all need to clean the sand out of your vag. It's a Monday night game. The man has to wait a day longer and quoted a lyric from a song. I'm irritated about him not being an All Pro in his second year as a 3rd pick too but gott dayum he doesn't come to Wal-Mart and poo on you for the way you stock the shelves.
  5. Funny enough, Bell replaced Green during the game apparently.
  6. DG in retrospect

    Also, the lockout ended on July 25th, 2011. Hurney gave DWill his insane contract on July 27th, 2011. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8210503e/article/williams-agrees-to-fiveyear-43m-deal-to-stay-with-panthers Please provide proof that JR told Hurney that he wanted this signing for that amount of time and money.
  7. DG in retrospect

    The lockout was from March 2011 - July 2011. Are you honestly trying to claim that Hurney shouldn't have 3 years of signings held against him due to "uncertainty?" If that's the case, he cannot have the signings that he DID hit on prop him up during that same time period.
  8. DG in retrospect

  9. Yay for us, boo for him :( Was filled with hope we would have scooped James had he still been on the board.
  10. I know myself and another PSL owner posted ours' but nobody bought them. They had 4 up for grabs and were even trying to move them on FB.
  11. I watched all of the awful Clausen season with nothing but positivity despite everything being terrible. LOL FUMBLE
  12. At least they lost the game early enough for me to salvage my Sunday. First season I've ever turned a game off early or just flat out didn't watch when available to, and it's been easier and easier as the season has gone on to continue doing so. Edit: wtf, how did I quote @Castavar o.O I was on like, page 28 lmao