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  1. Remember when JR was accused of sexual harassment and the same folks condemning Foster said to let the courts decide for JR? Asking for a friend. In all seriousness, fug them both.
  2. FA: Doug Martin?

    Him and Blount would be the only 2 I would be ok with releasing JStew for. Hill is intriguing as well
  3. I can't be upset about Bradberry and Worley when you consider that we no longer had JNo AND Peanut. Yea, I would have preferred Kendall Fuller to Worley but he was hurt a good bit during his initial contract with Chicago so in hindsight we at least got some value at the pick. But after Worley? No DE nor S outside of Jalen Mills, who was taken by Philly in the 7th before the Sandland pick (I was high on Sandland, thought he looked solid during the combine. I'm guessing he was a good pass catching tight end with poor blocking strength (his technique seemed good)), looks worth it. Kevin Byard, Carl Nassib, Yannick Ngakoue, Darian Thompson, and Shilique Calhoun are all arguable in comparison to Bradberry. I'd have preferred Shon Coleman, but that's just me. If we are looking for a specific position, then we are in the same boat as Gettleman and therefore no better imo.
  4. This is perhaps, for me, the biggest reason that I'm okay with JStew staying for one more year. We saved a lot of wear and tear on him since he split carries with DWill and now recently CMC. If the OL can sustain decent run blocking, I think he'll do alright. While he might not have been astounding last season, he did have the best game of his career as well.
  5. NFL.com 3 Round Mock Draft

    I'd probably nut. My pre-Senior Bowl mock for the first 3 rds was: 1. Billy Price, OL, Ohio St 2. Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn St 3. Josh Sweat, DE, Florida St 3. Quin Blanding, S, Virginia Starting to lean a little more towards James Daniels in the 1st, but it ultimately depends on what happens with Norwell. But I would love McGlinchey if he's there. I could see Moton moving to LG in that scenario after MKalil is cut following next season. I like Justin Reid a lot as well.
  6. CJ needs to go. JStew and RKalil should have contracts renegotiated. I really don't give a poo what JStew made the last 2 years. That's irrelevant. What's relevant now is how much he'll cost going forward and I don't think he's worth $5M, but I also don't think that we have the money to go shopping for a new guy to pound the rock behind suspect OL blocking when we still have to pay Norwell and find Lotulelei's replacement. I'd rather go into next season with JStew/CMC, cut CAP, and draft a rookie that can take a year to learn the playbook. JStew is excellent at picking up the blitz and didn't do awful when the OL was blocking so that he was not getting hit immediately after taking the handoff. Kalil is important, but seeing how much time he missed this past season due to a neck injury that he's been coy about so that it not be targeted by opposing defenders, it doesn't make sense for him to get $10M only to likely miss time. Especially if we're able to draft Billy Price or James Daniels.
  7. I would prefer Mike Gesicki over Hayden Hurst. Bring in the replacement for Norwell and/or Kalil early to keep the OL strong, then worry about Greg's heir.
  8. Ted Ginn 2.0

    I don't understand how people can say that we have unknown commodities in Samuel & Byrd only to turn around and say that we need to draft a #1 WR. We are still going with an unknown commodity given that logic. Funchess, Samuel, and Byrd are solid targets. CMC and Olsen are also quality weapons. We have upgraded the offense already by getting rid of Shula. I would feel more comfortable getting a top center to replace Kalil that can also line up at guard should we lose Norwell. #2 TE I think would be more helpful if we had to go with a weapon
  9. XFL coming back (Tinderbox Edition)

    *looks at Nikolai Volkoff, Iron Sheik, Colonel Mustafa, Muhammad Hassan, and more* Oh. Ok.
  10. XFL Announcement at 3

    Said that people don't want to think about sociopolitical issues while being entertained *looks at Nikolai Volkoff, Iron Sheik, Colonel Mustafa, Muhammad Hassan, and more* Oh. Ok.
  11. Y'all do realize that the contract was set up so that Kalil was just here for 2 seasons before being easily replaced, right? It's not like we had a GM that locked up over 40m in two RBs. Wayminit
  12. I'll be a-ok tbh. I'm more stable than Eagles' fans. :3
  13. I can't wait for all of the bitching and crying when we walk into next season with Funchess, Samuel, Byrd, Shepherd, and Clay.