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  1. Carolina ran 1-2 (2TE) the 9th most in the league along with Tennessee in 2017. Please stop posting. It's not even a funny joke anymore. :(
  2. Brandon Mahon about to get sent straight to the practice squad for that -_-
  3. Damn that Efe? I thought I saw him out towards the flat. Osweiler look like he ate ALL of that man's shoulder pad. EDIT: It was Butler! Appreciate ya @TheRumGone I thought it might have been him.
  4. Haynes and Butler been doing work. Butler is eating up doubles and Haynes is so friggin fast.
  5. Really liking what I'm seeing out of Gaulden. He's getting there right at the end of the play or just as it's ending. Usually, that's a terrible things to see with safeties (ie: Kearse at Clemson was huge but was always "near the ball" rather than at the ball). With Gaulden getting there right at the end, it gives me confidence that as things begin to slow down that he'll be getting there first. Pleeeaaase... I've needed safety love since Minter T_T
  6. Looked like Cam thought it was man coverage? You know what tho... I'm ok with the mistakes in preseason. This is the time to do it. Allow Norv to review and help him strengthen from them.
  7. Oh my. Did Norv just call for Matt to get help on that play with the chip block? Did... did we just see an adjustment?
  8. Damn Searcy got rocked. Concussion protocol all the way. Glad it wasn't a neck. Liking the Gaulden/Jackson high/low tackle combo. They need to make the most of these opportunities.
  9. Let's fuging go CMC That scamper has me hype like it's regular season
  10. I always forget how solid Captain is in run defense.