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  1. Ben Carson: Your GOP Front-runner?

    Oh yea don't mistake my quote, I was just referencing the statement about black people voting for Carson.  I have been a registered republican since I was 18, now in my 40's.  Voted for Obama twice breaking my party line for the first time.  This time, I don't want to vote for any of them...both sides suck
  2. If we are going to continue the billion dollar "war on drugs" we need to do something about marijuana.  As a drinker and not a smoker, how can one be legal and the other isn't?  It isn't right that a person be sent to jail paid for on the tax payers dime for a freakin dime bag; pun intended.  I agree some drugs should be illegal but drugs such as marijuana are only illegal because it makes the gov't and privatized prison systems money.  I hate just about everything Bernie stands for but he is right on this one.
  3. Ben Carson: Your GOP Front-runner?

    If you actually took time to understand what the meaning of that was... Black people that had never voted before, never took interested in voting before, never cared about voting and didn't know anything at all about the candidates voted for Obama.  It wasn't grouping all black people together because obviously not all black voters, that voted every election cycle voted for Obama.  Carson will not draw those same voters because 1) He is a republican which means he isn't going to give away more free poo and 2) He is a Republican and isn't going to give away more free poo.  Carson is going to draw white and black Christians, which isn't going to be enough for him to win.
  4. Bernie the Sexist

    I would vote for any Republican candidate over the snake in the grass Hillary.  She is a disaster waiting to happen more so than anyone else running for president.  Her latest antics with having Latino kids look like uneducated animals to bash on Trump was the straw the broke the camels back; nothing is too low for that woman.
  5. Hey man I was looking for th rules?to c when th draft is where can I find all that info at?