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  1. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Cabs run 24 hours. Uber gottta get the kids ready for church. I'd would have been there while he was still legally drunk.
  2. uber gets regulated out of existence in austin tx

    Uber is also racist. Find out for yourself. Request an Uber on the rougher side of your town at 3:30am see how responsive they are. But I'll come. For me I'm an independent contactor, so if I go the wrong way I will always knock off a buck or two, depending on the wrong way. Now not all cabbies are as honest as me. or shower everyday. But to be honest most cab drivers are assholes because of the assholes we pick up.
  3. uber gets regulated out of existence in austin tx

    For me a background check once a year, drug test. Thtas really about it. But my cab is clean and I'm really nice. And more importantly, the city knows exactly who I am and how to reach me. On another note, using local cabs the money stays local. How much of the Uber money leaves the state, hell the country?
  4. uber gets regulated out of existence in austin tx

    Uber can suck me beautiful. The poo I gotta do to drive and all they have have is a 9 year old car and a bank account. The cities don't know who they are, and the are driving your college kids around town. Whose kid is gonna need to get abducted, raped, and murderer, before the crack down on Uber?
  5. Sports Authority at Mile High

    I have stopped at green lights, and then sit there and wonder if it was if it was green when I stopped.
  6. what's a good argument for why weed should be illegal

    I stopped at a green light last night.
  7. I hate Klingons... vote for me.

  8. now if I was your second in command, would you say hey number 2 go take a number 2?

  9. how about your "second" in command?

  10. can I be your "first" officer?

  11. Post a pic, any pic.