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  1. ncdrifter added a post in a topic Dumping UVERSE for TWC   

  2. ncdrifter added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Joe Webb on kick-off team?
    Did I see Joe Webb make a tackle on the sideline for the kick-off team yesterday after one of our scores? Taking a big chance with good prospect at QB. How do I check? Not like baseball where you can look at the boxscore.
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  3. ncdrifter added a post in a topic how young is too young to take your kid to a panthers game?   

    If it's in Philadelphia, it's 45 or older
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  4. ncdrifter added a post in a topic US Air force has too much fun...   

    Along time ago when a Jet fighter pilot from our squadron was being reassigned to the Koren field of battle he would buzz our airbase that way. If you were working on the flight line and not looking around it would literally scare the hell out of you. What were they going to do to the pilot? ground him and not send him to Korea? So.. it was overlooked.
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  5. ncdrifter added a post in a topic I'm boned (In need of Dental advice)   

    Get your dentist to prescribe  a penicillin. that should hold you for a month or so, usually does for me. Give you time to save up for the root canal. You should try to bargain with the dentist for a cut in the fee because you have no insurance.
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  6. ncdrifter added a post in a topic Maybe the funniest dash cam arrest I have ever seen   

    God, I loved that show.
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  7. ncdrifter added a post in a topic The July thread to end all July threads   

    Geez, SCP, now that you are in this composing mood you should pen a manual on the best places to poo. You could call it "SCPs' Pleasant Places To POO" and sell it to AAA to be sent out to their  members along with all of the road maps.
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  8. ncdrifter added a post in a topic Anybody here work in utilities?   

    Sometimes it's quicker to pave the road first and raise all the manhole covers afterward.
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  9. ncdrifter added a post in a topic Choosing between two women