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  1. Now just keep selecting lineman in the top half of the draft and developing them.
  2. And for as long as I can remember this is the only thing you ever post here.
  3. Daryl Williams, #60

    It's great to see a guy develop.
  4. Nobody cares about your fantasy team.
  5. We are the better team but them being 7-6 missing Rodgers for 6 games is not sucking.
  6. They were a 500 team without him they don't suck.
  7. Baldy Breaks down panthers

    I remember a thread that preemptively criticized the Staff for the thought of trying to run against the Saints (who were mistakenly labeled a good run defense). This was actually a good run defense. We run and we win. That's why we should stick to it regardless of what people only looking at it without perspective say.
  8. At least do a two hand dunk. Also, Funchess is going to lose a ball one day the way he runs with it. Defenses surely notice.