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  1. They released Southward if you didn't see the giant thread about it.
  2. Quintuple option with the OL in a 4 point backward stance.
  3. Moose is currently explaining what he thinks is the issue. He's able to explain the issues with design in a way that makes sense. Good to hear from someone who really understands. His main point.....our OL is lining up in 2pt stances trying to camouflage but are comoromis8ng the run blocking completely.
  4. Who was the last team to win the SB because of a freak receiver? How many times in last 2 decades has that been the factor?
  5. What answer are you looking for? Seems I've heard complete opposite claims here. Half are complaining about Stewart up the middle and the other complaining about Stewart being use on outside runs
  6. Our best season with him was his worst.
  7. Read the thread and the linked articles.
  8. It's really vague but it doesn't say much one way or the other. It says that symptoms dictate the who's put in it. And if you think about it logically that wouldn't make sense. If the protocol is to encompass the whole range it can't be based on a potential easy screw up early in the process. It has to allow for erroring on the side of cautuon. Everything about concussions says they can take time to diagnose.
  9. The entire point of the protocol is to take the decision out of the team and players hands. That's the essential point here.
  10. So he shouldn't insist it does if he doesn't know.