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  1. I guess Norman doesn't understand Vegas either.
  2. I saw a Redskins fan being ejected by two cops last week I don't know what started it but I did see the fan shove the first policeman. I assure you the cop did not put him in any sort of neck hold. He knew what he was doing and had him restrained real quick. This security guy clearly didn't that's for sure.  Where the hell were the police?
  3. Cam dabbing it up tnite in charlotte

    Puts in to perspective just how big James and some basketball players are. 
  4. Is Kalil 100%?

    It's not about hearing it's about not being able to look at the clock while calling out protections. The guards can look at the clock but if it was an unexpected defensive look it took a bit more adjustment. It happened once so I don't think it's a huge issue.
  5. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    The truth is they are...and have been for a long time.
  6. Props to Oher

    Remember when everyone was shitting on Oher in the preseason and before?
  7. Yes, we either win it or we don't win it.
  8. One of Hurney and Fox's biggest problems was that they had no real vision for what they wanted to do, what type of players they wanted and didn't want,etc. They just sort of drafted and did free agency at a whim.
  9. The media

    11 and 0 and some of you want praise like you are member of the team.
  10. Romo

    I dont dislike him. I dislike the Cowboys. He seems pretty ok
  11. I liked our blue uniforms

    Plus all black is division 3
  12. I liked our blue uniforms

    That would look awful.
  13. I liked our blue uniforms

    They are 5 times better than the all black. These I could vote for greatest of all time without wincing.   All black is pure highschool.
  14. The media

    The sooner you realize the media is insignificant to the process of winning a Super Bowl the happier you will be.
  15. SQUAD

    Same thing though. Maybe Coleman?