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  1. Exactly. If there are charges we will find out regardless.
  2. Untll there are criminal charges pressed or a leak nobody will know.
  3. Cover ups typically don't begin with a public statement to announce themself.
  4. Just let them run with it. Nothing could make these drama boys happier.
  5. Now just keep selecting lineman in the top half of the draft and developing them.
  6. And for as long as I can remember this is the only thing you ever post here.
  7. Daryl Williams, #60

    It's great to see a guy develop.
  8. Nobody cares about your fantasy team.
  9. We are the better team but them being 7-6 missing Rodgers for 6 games is not sucking.
  10. They were a 500 team without him they don't suck.
  11. Baldy Breaks down panthers

    I remember a thread that preemptively criticized the Staff for the thought of trying to run against the Saints (who were mistakenly labeled a good run defense). This was actually a good run defense. We run and we win. That's why we should stick to it regardless of what people only looking at it without perspective say.
  12. At least do a two hand dunk. Also, Funchess is going to lose a ball one day the way he runs with it. Defenses surely notice.
  13. When the QB is 13 of 25 and throwing its late in the game what exactly is being shut down?
  14. I feel sorry for those who only enjoy following a team and consider everything a failure other than a championship. Every single fan can say that because they don't do diddly poo. Enjoy your winning season Ricky Bobby
  15. Or maybe Cam just had 4 subsequent bad series. Funny how the Auburn fan wouldn't think of it that way.
  16. Props to Bersin

    And here we have the Strawman Argument.
  17. No, they averaged 77.7 prior to this game and gave up 102 last week.