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  1. Bill Polian said this

    Christ this place is full of idiots.
  2. Bill Polian said this

    And in the Hall of Fame
  3. I'm curious of there are actually new posters starting these threads or if this is the same small group of people who post here all day under different logins. Whenever a significant event occurs you get a bunch of brash and idiotic new usernames.
  4. Off-season talk just before entering the playoffs. Some people aren't in to the game but the story lines I suppose.
  5. Could Raleigh eventually host a Franchise?

    This is the most juvenile argument.
  6. Could Raleigh eventually host a Franchise?

    I think college sports have a much stronger base. It's not going anywhere.
  7. I hope both go through the justice process and both will. Id JR gets charged with anything. Again that's a legal issue. Opinions are opinions. I have no idea what you are talking about regarding Cam. I have always liked him. That doesn't make him immune to scrutiny just like KB or Mccaffery or Rivera or Shula.....ir anyone
  8. Could Raleigh eventually host a Franchise?

    Sure it could. They might support a team better and have a more lively environment. I say this as someone who prefers the team in Charlotte. Theoretically it could work well.
  9. Innocent until proven guilty is a legal term. That doesn't mean you hire someone to a high profile job who has a history of being around trouble.
  10. I'm sure they love some random Internet idiot speaking for them too.
  11. I think the talk of extension comes from the likely event that newxownership is a tearrangenentvof old ownership.
  12. I'm curious as to exactly what this person thinks is happening such that he could possibly know what the person is saying in the mic.
  13. Still rings true...

    Oops. I am sorry the facts get in the way of your search for pie.
  14. Byrd Update

    Ginn was signed by the Saints well before the draft. Nearly 2 months.
  15. Byrd Update

    It's is free agency. You don't get things in return for them unless someone trades you.....which they don't because they are Free Agents . Its how we got Peppers from GB and they got nothing. You can't sign everone.
  16. Byrd Update

    Why can't the team have 5 world class speed receivers who are immune to injury? Not fare!
  17. Byrd Update

    Grossly exxagerating doesn't accomplish anything.
  18. I'm not concerned about fantasy points. I do hope they improve as it makes it more entertaining in the end.
  19. The injury was Dec 11 against the Chargers. I'm not expressing an opinion. That's when it happened. http://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2017/04/01/film-room-the-play-that-cam-newton-hurt-his-shoulder-on/
  20. Cams shoulder issue was the final 3 games. Not all season. Also regarding his rehab and missing preseason, that is a real obstacle. Those first games weren't his worst passing games though. I think if he hadn't had some pretty bad passing games later he truly would be a front runner for mvp. It is inconsistent. From phenominal to pretty bad. Its the exact word to describe it.