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  1. I am proud....

    I'm just very sad I have to wait 6 months for more Panther's football.
  2. Is anyone legitimately surprised?

    It comes with the territory, I have been hearth broken by this team way more than by women.

    Take it all out man. If you need to troll me and say rude stuff that's fine. Be sure I'm mad and sad just like you, but you can't deny you enjoyed this season until today.

    I feel your pain bro, tomorrow it will be better.

    Not to me, I had so much fun this year and while I'm crying right now, I can always look bad at how many amazing games we had. After all football is to have fun, and this is my second SB lost.
  6. Let's do the team a favor next time....

    Our overconfidence doesn't affect the game at all, it sucks, but we lost because the Broncos defense played better than our offense. Plain and simple.

    To say that we hard a horrible game is an understatement, but nothing can takes away those other 17 wins we had. I want to thank to the players, coaching staff, and everyone on the forums for an amazing season. It sucks that we have to suffer defeat for the second time, but our time will come.  Just remember guys we are down today but we always come back up. KEEP POUNDING!
  8. This game resembles a lot the one against Atlanta.
  9. Ealy wIll have to win this game himself if he wants a ring.
  10. Ealy deserves to be MVP even if we lose, he has played better than any other player on the field.
  11. We are just not supposed to win right?
  12. Win or Lose Panther until the end. KEEP POUNDING!!!
  13. Guys everything has been going wrong and we are 7-13, calm down. We are going to win this game.
  14. Cardiac cat for 20 years, is in my nature now.