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  1. dxpanther

    Roster Decisions on Offense

    are we watching the same game? cap is slower older weaker smaller and mediocre at blocking. barner is fast and has return ability but can't run inside. how are they better again?
  2. dxpanther

    Roster Decisions on Offense

    we need a guy that can break tackles and that's not cap or barner.
  3. dxpanther

    Roster Decisions on Offense

    No way Hood does not make this roster. There is just too much potential in him for them to miss out on. He's already a better runner and blocker than CAP and Barner. Barner's only leg up is special teams ability.
  4. I want to see Elijah Hood go off again and firmly plant himself as the #3. the ceiling is high for him.
  5. dxpanther

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    logo is happening
  6. dxpanther

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    cmc shouldn't be returning punts this year
  7. he totally rehearsed that in the mirror this morning haha
  8. dxpanther

    Monday camp tweets

    Heeey peter, what's happenin....so i hear you've been having some trouble with your tps reports...
  9. personal observations: - Duke is looking faster than everyone else - offense was crisp for the first part of practice. - Jackson and gualden are quite small in comparison to other dbs -ian Thomas looks dangerous after the catch
  10. http://www.espn.com/blog/dallas-cowboys/post/_/id/4766950/dak-prescott-hopes-a-change-in-mechanics-yields-results Has a QB ever changed his mechanics with a noticeable positive impact? People are still asking Cam to work on his motion and footwork going into his 8th season and I can't seem to figure out why he should risk it?
  11. not sure what lifting and speaking gibberish have in common but...cool.
  12. sounds like baby talk.... but whatever gets us the wins...
  13. Final voting is open... vote for me!