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  1. Lou Young CB..a closer look

    According to who??
  2. Panthers Rookie Camp Wrapup

    That's gotta tell you something right there
  3. Bye josh... Should have came back but u didn't... Let's move on,josh won with the big money contract and now we have a hole to fill.. We will fill it and move on..
  4. Sideswiped

    I was sideswiped when I learned that josh still didn't sign with us all this time...screw u josh don't make this about Carolina being the bad guy....
  5. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    Well as much as I agree that he leaves us with a big hole, he also kinda forced thison himself... Sign the damn tag.... Get paid..... And shut up and play football... But u see how that worked out...
  6. Good luck with that... I can't understand poo that man writes
  7. Cam's response to Von

    fug that bitch
  8. The schedule

    Yea I don't like that at all... At least they are not 1:00 games
  9. I feel like Norman after this season will go play for a team like the raiders and he will get picked on
  10. Panthers ink Boykin

    Hell yea buddy
  11. Kevin Dodd Visting Panthers Today

    Hell yea... Super bowl here we come.. Again
  12. Cam Newton's 1969 Chevelle

  13. Both guys did a great job this season...
  14. The best Twitter "Like" in my life

    People with toddlers
  15. This guy wins the internet today...

    Hahaha what an ass...