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  1. What a math wiz. The 49ers payed the 12th, two more firsts and a third for the third overall pick. But somehow the 20th, one first, a third and a fourth is worth the first overall pick. I hope he had Miami first with the same reverse logic...
  2. It was a nice story. It was worth a shot at almost no cost. But everyone saw last year he is simply not up for it. Time to move on or just live with him as a poor backup. And as Grier could not push Walker for reps, he is at most a clipboard holder at this point. His upside is lasting his rookie contract without seeing the field. Let's put our focus on Sam, he is our only chance this year.
  3. He is an interesting case study. Never worked hard and simply out talented his surroundings. I would guess the structure and lack of cash in college had more to do with him keeping his weight within reason in the off seasons than anything else. Enters the pro and he basically takes six months vacation every year. He did get his weight in order one year, losing like 30 pounds over summer, and looks in shape. Of course with his size and natural explosiveness he should had worked his knees every day or he was an ACL tear waiting to happen. He made himself injury prone. I wish him a
  4. So 32 seconds in the narrator "forget the numbers and watch the tape" while Darnald completes a contested catch 7 yards deep. What the tape actually shows is the another receiver had both the safety and the corner beat deep and Sam picked up the dink and dunk yards instead. I love for this to work, I want us the win now!, But this did not help my fate.
  5. Lets just not get carried away. Fischer is not a very good tackle, he is an mediocre starter that rode his draft position to an overpayed second contact. Sure, a mediocre starting LT is not a bad thing and, in the $7M range, sure go for it. I just sense someone will, again, fall in love with his traits and overpay him. Lets hope that is not us.
  6. Our secondary will limit the opponents if they can be kept fresh, so get me best available big nasty oline and/or te with the next two or three picks to keep our offense on the field. Will also help us to see if Sam is the real deal so we know what to do at QB next year.
  7. You miss the main reason to cut him. You are not alone, everyone misses this. The base salary is $17M, only $10M is guaranteed right now. So cutting him saves the $7M difference. Not sure if I would only call that "a little Cap Space". This is also what makes him close to untradable. Even if we convert the full $10M to a bonus and eat it today. The trade bait is Teddy at $7M. I'll be very surprised if anyone want this, and we get no cap saving over a cut so we need value to do it.
  8. What about Denver? If we can make them believe we have a partner ready to move ahead of them we can easily pick up a fourth and still get our guy at 9. But given the fact that the easiest way to keep your job is to draft a quarterback and get a new grace period, all qbs will probably be gone.
  9. Could this be an agent play? The tag for lb is basically unusable for off the ball players. So this removed the option for the team to use the lower safety tag as leverage.
  10. I want Ricardo Allen, smart players outperforming his athletic ability that should come on the cheap. We could get more creative with Chinn with a guy the coaches really trust behind him. Granted, there are hard knocks bais in this.
  11. The basic idea here is that this guarantees Hill is a free agent next year. Hill is doing the team a solid for cap relief, had they just tucked on the years at current rate of $12M he might actually outplay it. And with that losing a lot of money in those years. Could happen if he turns into a starter at QB, not a large chance but player tend to believe they are the best ever. So this way he is free at test the market next year, or in the off chance of him turning into the second coming of Elway either play for the ridiculous number or get a really good longer deal. Without it he cou
  12. We just got proof that looking at the day to day numbers are useless as China just revised to Wuhan death toll with 50% (about 1250 new deaths). I'm Swedish and even though there are plenty of reasons, other than the soft shut down, our death numbers are high like larger part older population compared to our neighbors and reporting death at nursery homes, there is simply no idea of knowing if we are doing the right thing right now. And if soft shut down leads to less death in the long run compared to hard, that is actually only sad as while good for us it means a lot more deaths on
  13. You are missing the fact that a lot of infected "no risk group" survived thanks to treatment. And no country in the world has capacity to treat even a fraction of the sever cases if we just let it run lose. Your point assumes it is safe for everyone in non risk groups without treatment. Do you want to risk the lives of tens or even hundreds of thousands on that assumption?
  14. Sorry if not gif approved, but this was my first thought... Aka, we are ______ed
  15. Sorry, I'm not buying. And while Star was a great need, he fell from a projected top ten due to the reported heart condition, so one could easily argue that he was in fact bpa. Even with Benjamin there is just not enough evidence for your case (not bpa in the first) yet. That being said, I would love a TE as well.
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