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  1. He was in 2020, but nice debate technic to bash on a detail instead of the discussed point. Answer this instead, do we will more or less games with Baker than Sam/Corral?
  2. The rational is that he is a proven top ten QB with the right support, while being an ahole or whatever he is. Sam is a proven bust and Corral is a mid round rookie. The rational for not getting him is we want to lose, or think we will lose regardless.
  3. They didn't, that was the bargain chip that "won" the competition. There is probably some kind of external insurance policy to regain some, or most, of the cash. But that only helps the owners pockets, the call space is still gone. They can of course sue both Watson och his agent and try to prove they withheld information. But again this pays back actual money, not cap space.
  4. Good, gives him and Tepper some to talk about...
  5. I've been on the "move him to the slot" train since he signed the extension reasoning that contact was terrible for a RB, which reality had proven, but good for att rb/slot hybrid. Just use him exactly like we used Samuel and he'll easily give us a 1000 yards a season.
  6. He is gaming us. If we start to win this statement makes all the sense. "It was just a matter of time" If we suck, Rhule is gone and we will get the "You always want to believe but what my business taught me is that sometimes you got to be willing to take a loss and move on".
  7. I would be very surprised if there is not a very strong order from Tepper not to spend that cap. I'll be hard enough as it is to get a decent new head coach once Rhule is gone, but with lots of cap and a promise of a last say over the roster at least you can make a case.
  8. Plenty of teams, like the Rams, will think Mayfield is enough to keep them in contention if their starter goes down. With this year's draft done it makes sense for the browns to wait. Just add three voided years and it is just about five millions this year. So no problem to fit the contract. Yes Baker needs to sign that contact without getting more money, but he will get a chance to play on a contender and there is no way he turns down that.
  9. Looking at that list, one can see why the Rams trade for proven players and ignore the casino that the draft is. I guess trading for unproven players makes little more sense even if this was an all time miss. And regardless nothing excuses the option pick up.
  10. The easy way to win in poker is to get the best hand from luck. Another way is to convince the opposition you have the best hand when you don't. But what really sets the best players apart is to convince people that even if they know they have the better hand, you will protect yours so much that it will still not be worth while to bet. Tepper knows Darnald suck, he also knows he get a lot better deals on qbs is he can convince everyone he think Darnald is the best hand. And obviously he has the fan base och local media fooled...
  11. Possible outcomes They get a boatload of picks from a desperate gm/coach. They get a feel for the interest in Willis so they know more if/when they need to trade back in late the first to get him. Regardless their cost is nothing so it would be dumb not to float those rumors.
  12. The season was not lost, yet, at the time. Are we going to starting hating the front office for trying not as well? I take a fools hope that Rhule and Darnald would turn things around, in season when there was nothing else to do, over giving up. (Of course, both should have been dumped after the season when even a fools hope was gone. But that is not the discussion here)
  13. Not long ago, we had guy called Bersin in this role....
  14. I never understood why teams don't take the Cousins route here. Let him play on the option and tag him once or twice. That roster can win in the playoff with Baker at those costs, he is good enough for that. But not with him at top tier money that he probably think he deserves. Sure he will not like it and might even threaten hold out. But does anyone actually think he will sit out when the games start? Add a Fitzpatrick/Heinicke type gunslinger as at backup and Baker knows he loses the team and city the first Sunday if the backup balls out. What is the downside, bad press? We all know winning cures that. He balls out, gets to the SB and demands $50M? I think I take that "problem" I know it is not this simple when humans are involved, to but I'm still surprised this almost never happens.
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