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  1. Well, this escalated quickly...

    "meeeeehh Hi I'm from Phoenix, I'm a Phoenician." *kicks them in the shin*
  2. Are you a real Carolina fan, or a 2016 Carolina fan?

    I have aWesley Walls body pillow that I've sleptwith every night since my wife left back in '98. B_tch wanted me to stop getting shitfaceddrunk every night and asking her to call me Kerry. Well I sureshowed her-17 years later I'm happily single and I'm knocking back more shotsof Evan Williams a night than I ever did when she was holding me back. (THAT'S RIGHT, RITA, I KEEP POUNDING)
  3. How Do We Measure Up?

  4. So this popped up in my FB feed today

    Although . . . They just messed the graphic up, I guess? Ah, fug it, let me grab my pitchfork. KILL THEM ALL
  5. Shula named OC of the Year by PFF

    This is good to hear. I still don't know what to make of PFF though. Some of their rankings/grading seems odd and inconsistent.
  6. Seahawks provide intel to Arizona?

    THIS IS AOUTRAGE! Without Seatles assistants they would have never knew which cleats to ware. Somebody should ask JJ Watt what he thinks on all this.
  7. Are you a real Carolina fan, or a 2016 Carolina fan?

    I paid cash money to see Vinny Testaverde lace 'em up for an epicbattle against Atlanta's Joey Harrington at BOA. I'm not proud.
  8. Players and Coaches Calling each other out.

    What did Ronny say about Kelvin?
  9. . . . but I'm going to to ask here because I'm too lazy and/or incompetent to seek it out on my own (well, I did click the "Support" button, but submitting support tickets is for the birds - I'm an FAQ type of guy). Is it possible to change your display name? I made this account in 2008, and now that I've returned after a several year hiatus (I had to go to the store), I've decided I don't really like my display name, BUUUUTI don't want to create a new account because my 2008 join date and 250 (250!) post countmakeme appear "hip" and on the "fleek" and just generally provideme with a sense of self worth and belonging that is otherwise lacking in my empty sad, life. So yeah is it possible to change the display name? I've got a few ideas for new names already- I want something that makes people thing "damn, I bet that dude has a sweet collection of artisan crafted fedoras." Thx.
  10. Fantastic stuff at from Brian Baldinger

    Baldingerknowsthere's something magic about this Carolina offense, he just can't quite put his pinky on it. (I'll see myself out)
  11. Perfect choice to pound the Keep Pounding drum for NFCC

    I don't need no dangsearch function because all of my topics are straight up snowflakes. :-)
  12. He is a NC native. He is a professional athlete that lets his personality shine - everybody else be damned. And, like Cam Newton, he is "just a man with a mind for victory, and an arm like a f*cking cannon." (bonus - he carries a bat) Kenny F*cking Powers -"I've been blessed with many things in this life: an arm like a damn rocket, a cock like a burmese python, and the mind of a f*cking scientist." ------ I think this would be awesome. And it would actually work for the Panthers. Let's make it happen, people.
  13. Tag Yourself!

    I read this as Panthers Fan Cam (Newton). lol I was like wat?
  14. Andy Benoit of MMQB (June 2015): Tannehill > Cam Newton

    Plus he pronounces his last name "Benoit" with a hard "t" (EVERYBODY KNOWS ITS PRONOUNCED BEN-WAH, ANDY! YOU'RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE! STOP THE CHARADE!) He probably the correct pronunciation was was too French for a super serious NFL #FILMJUNKIE (It's okay to be French, Andy, you can still watch NFL Rewindand pound Slim Jims all day, bro)
  15. Interesting fan base trend....

    Yeah I hadn't logged into my Huddle account since 2009 . . . then when Bill Voth started posting Igo's photos on BBR I was like "oh yeah, Carolina Huddle." So I'm back now. Contain your excitement.