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  1. Should Dex be banned?

    It's terrible and shouldn't be classified as a beer. Maybe something like alcoholic sparkling water.
  2. Should Dex be banned?

    If I recall correctly, he also is a regular consumer of Michelob Ultra. I also say no.
  3. This thread is going places
  4. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    I am not trying to defend him just going off of basic football knowledge. The offenses run in college and the level of competition are very different from the NFL. I mean there is a reason he was a 4th round pick. It sounds like with your assessment of not giving up any sacks he should have been a first if not second round pick. It is why I said I want to watch him and Remmers compete throughout camp. He can prove this reporter wrong. Williams should be able to beat out an undrafted free agent, at least I hope he can. It just makes the Panthers stronger.
  5. Saints stealing ideas from The Huddle

    They should sign Brandon Boykin while they're at it
  6. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    I just want to see Williams and Remmers battle it out during camp. I wish we had competition on the O-line like we do at wide out.
  7. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    College and the NFL are two totally different beasts.
  8. Game 7

    Dagger. fuging pathetic effort.
  9. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    May have to bite my tongue. Let's go Nic
  10. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    Batum fuged up the rotation. Should have sat him out. It's like 4v5 when he's been on the floor
  11. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    Was there a single shooting foul in the 3rd?
  12. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    Officiating in the last 5 minutes was absolutely horrendous
  13. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    Just let Batum rest his ankle. He has no air under his shots
  14. What about 2013 against the Patriots for the game winning touchdown. "TED GINNNN....CAROLINA, TOUCHDOWN!"