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  1. A solid B for overall draft grade. Addressed a ton of needs but this draft class is very boom or bust.
  2. Yeah a guy who is no longer on the team is going to make it over him... gtfoh
  3. For a corner Corn can flat out hit and tackle I like it.
  4. I thought lamp was viewed as a guard in the NFL
  5. We took McCaffery over fuging hooker Jesus Christ
  6. @Verge is your source from the Broncos organization? I know you either live or lived in Denver.
  7. They need to move this poo up a month. It's getting fuging ridiculous.
  8. There will be at least 10 better prospects than him available when the Panthers pick at 8. I don't think Dave is that dumb.
  9. I'll take him over McCaffery all day.