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  1. I noticed Ealy get stoned by right tackles quite a few times in that video.
  2. When your kicker is shanking field goals left and right I'm not really going to credit the opposing team for that.
  3. As far as the Panthers are concerned we beat the Chargers and beat ourselves against the Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders. Could have easily been 4-0 against the Afc west. Don't know about the rest of our division.
  4. You mean the division where two of the teams don't have Qbs?
  5. Looking at that list: Why did this year have to suck so bad for offensive tackles.
  6. Ross would make a much bigger impact day one than Howard. Even if it is a reach Newton forgot about special teams and Ross's return ability.
  7. The guy blasted like a 75 yard punt or something. I just remember watching it and my jaw hitting the floor. He's a beast.
  8. I feel the same way about OJ Howard. Glad we suffered a 6-10 season to draft a second string TE in the top 10.
  9. But but but guise 55 milliOn dollarzzz omg
  10. Jesus Christ can we just pin a post that says Sanjay_rajput loves OJ Howard so we don't have to read a new thread about it everyday ffs.
  11. Bring in the ban hammer
  12. Steve fuging Smith. I would cry tears of joy.
  13. What ever contract Charles Johnson signed is probably the same contract that was offered to Ginn.
  14. Just give me John Ross please.