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  1. Blitzed way too much and Mike Shula / lack of receivers who can catch.
  2. He never specified what news outlets were claiming which was 6 picks and 4 first rounders. Rumor was also that Boston wanted Justice Winslow. That means that the Hornets along with 9 other teams passed up that deal. You really think we passed up on that trade offer and Boston said fug it and didn’t offer it to Miami right after us who ended up drafting Winslow? I’d link it but I’m on my phone. There’s an article from the observer from 2017 by Rick Bonnell quoting ”no one has reported precisely what Angie offered.”
  3. The Boston draft pick trade scenario is bullshit and has been debunked. If you still believe it that mean us along with like 5 or 6 other teams passed up the same trade so it’s a moot point. Batum is the only real problem on this team currently. His contract maybe be the worst in the NBA. If we had his cap room available we could fill a few holes and pretty much be a playoff lock. Draft a solid 3/4 bench player and give Monk minutes and we should be a playoff team. A lot of this is going to fall on the new coach hopefully being the opposite of what Clifford was.
  4. Eazy-E

    DJ Moore in Panthers gear

    The number 12 is giving me Nam flashbacks of Clay dropping balls and that one game where David Gettis looked like the goat.
  5. Eazy-E

    Burberry Bradberry

    This isn't a thread about two TE sets so I am going to assume OP is trolling.
  6. Eazy-E

    The offensive version of Wade Phillips

    Mike Shula was fuging terrible. Half the huddle could have came up with a better offensive game plan and that’s saying a lot. I am expecting big things on offense this season.
  7. Eazy-E

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    How can you be such a pussy when you’re that big. Norwell is as good as he is because he’s a mean muggin, take poo from no one sob. That’s the attitude we need from our next tackle.
  8. Replace the head on Jerry's statue with Tepper and the football with brass testicles.
  9. Packers with 23 pro bowlers and only two made all pro? Seems legit.
  10. Eazy-E

    18’-19’ Hornets

    This past season all we had to do was bench Batum and MCW and play Monk and we would have made the playoffs. Draft pick and a vet PG who can actually shoot the ball and I think we are in pretty good shape. Our new coach needs to play the young guys over vets. Do this and we are a 45 win team.
  11. Eazy-E

    James Borrego Is The New Head Coach

    Not a fan of this. Left San Antonio after working for them for over 10 years only to not succeed or land a head coaching spot anywhere. Went back to San Antonio after the coaching staffs in New Orleans and Orlando flamed out.
  12. Eazy-E

    Cam at MetGala red carpet tonight

    This poo honestly scares me.
  13. @Carolina-Chuck18Myck Kabongo > Kemba Walker... am I right
  14. Uhh....... 2 Super Bowls
  15. I see Dj getting open and beating his man quite often.Problem is his poo tier QB can't get him the ball on time or on target.