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  1. Larry Webster looking pretty explosive off the line
  2. I'm fully torqued right now
  3. Very hard to believe something like that was kept under wraps for so long only to be casually revealed by an acquaintance of yours while smoking some stogies.
  4. Someone is going to have to replace Ginn's speed or this offense is screwed.
  5. Why don't we wait and see what Happens with the GM position first.
  6. Is it too crazy to think that this had more to do with guys like Morrison and Beane leaving after being with the franchise for so long? Beane had been with the team for 19 years and after only a few years of Gettleman left for Buffalo. Front office turmoil usually stays behind closed doors but I'm leaning more towards that then JR firing Gettleman for not handing out fat contracts to vets.
  7. This is pretty much what I have been thinking as well. I think the Beane part also played a big factor. He knew he was next up for the GM job but left anyway to go to Buffalo of all places who's owner isn't all there either. I think that along with growing concerns within the locker room was the last straw.
  8. GM Candidate: Ryan Cowden

    Cowden apparently does. Tenn's last two top picks were OT in 2016 and WR this year. He is definitely on the top of my list for GM.
  9. Oh I agree this is fuging stupid. I am just trying to look at it from both sides. Some people aren't able to keep their egos in check and this is the result unfortunately. I am just hoping we don't hire another Hurney.
  10. I am just quoting it as the media portrayed it. People around the league looked at us like we were idiots even though most of us knew it was the right thing to do.
  11. Didn't the players like Harbaugh but the owner didn't?
  12. I am not saying I agree but I am sure plenty of teams would be fed up with the bs eventually too. The Josh Norman fiasco was all I heard about last off season and we went on to go 6-10. Bad press is bad press and it's not a good look for a team.