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  1. What ever it takes, give me Jackson, Reid, and Chubb please.
  2. Don’t know much about Breaux. How does he compare to Breeland?
  3. Was going to say the same thing. A girl I worked with jumped off a cruise ship in a similar manner. It was an edm cruise and people involved say she was taking a bunch of “Molly” and all of a sudden went bat poo crazy trying to fight her husband and friends and decided to jump off the boat. She left behind a young daughter. Really fuging sad.
  4. Long story short we sucked last year and still suck now but it’s still early in free agency and the draft is still to come. We can only get better because it would be incredibly hard to be much worse. Just giving my optimistic opinion.
  5. Nice to see someone with reading comprehension skills.
  6. Once again making assumptions instead of just answering the question. Why not just reply with the how and why the secondary is so much worse? We’re on a football message board. No one here is a professional. You also never explained the ptsd comment.
  7. Ptsd about what? I’m sorry you aren’t able to share opinions in a reasonable manner.
  8. Do you have reading comprehension issues? When did I say I was a professional? All I did was state my opinion and how I was able to come to form that opinion. What do you do and how do you come to the conclusion that we are worse?
  9. If you read the post I already mentioned how Worley was benched numerous times and he isn’t on the team anymore. That’s all you need to know to see how the team and coaches felt about him. Coleman was a captain. It is hard to bench that. Like I said there are quite a few upgrades on the market still and it will be hard to get play from the safety position worse than what Coleman gave us last year.
  10. Sorry I don’t have all 22 film and I’m not going to dig up a bunch of pff stats because I don’t always agree with them. All I can do is rewatch games and focus on individuals and their play. How else would you like for me to evaluate players?
  11. Kurt Coleman and Daryl Worley were fuging awful last season. You guys may disagree with me but I can just go by the eye test and what I saw play out on the field. Coleman regressed significantly in pass covereage and couldn’t tackle to save his life. Worley has some of the stiffest hips I’ve ever seen for a corner and has to play 10 yards off his man because he isn’t fast enough to get his body turned around. If you go back and watch his interceptions they all came when he got burnt by his man and the QB underthrew his target. The safety market for free agency is moving slow and there are still 3 or 4 guys out there who would be upgrades to Coleman. I don’t even think Colin Jones would have been any better or worse, that’s how bad Coleman was. Worley was benched and split time with Seymour. In our playoff game vs the saints Gunter came in and looked better than Worley in limited time. I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing him back. Basically the coaches even knew he wasn’t good and tried what ever they could to replace him. We now have Corn Elder and Cole Luke coming back from IR and it isn’t crazy to think at least one of them could give you better corner back play. It is only about a week and a half into free agency and we still have the draft. Upgrades will come. Remember we played the Patriots in Foxboro last year with Demetrious Cox and Kevon Seymour and came away with the W. Chill with all the doom and gloom. The secondary is no worse than last year and there is still plenty of time to get better.
  12. This kind of post is how I know you’re trolling or don’t know what you are talking about. Amini isn’t on the team anymore.
  13. I am actually content with our wide receivers. Get Willson and I think we are fine on offense until the draft. We need to sign a safety and corner before the draft so we are not forced to pull a Gettleman and draft 3 secondary players praying for one of them to work out.
  14. Clifford is a fuging stubborn pos and needs to go ASAP.
  15. Looked like the team at the start of the season that we were all excited about. Then we rushed Batum back and proceeded to lose like 15 of the next 20 to ruin our season.