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  1. Hornets vs Hawks

    I spoke to soon. Glad to see frank picking it up
  2. Hornets vs Hawks

    Frank is fuging terrible
  3. Hornets vs Hawks

    Home opener let’s go boys!
  4. That same game we ran a reverse type play for Samuel that he took 31 yards. If you watch it you can tell he clearly has some jets.
  5. Lucky poo like that is the difference between a winning and losing season.
  6. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    I really hope he just comes out and tells everyone he had diarrhea.
  7. Hornets at Pistons Thread

    I’ll give Monk a pass for his first game but Frank played like poo. Couldn’t shoot and was wild with the ball in his hands.
  8. What does our fullback do?

    He stands on the sideline
  9. Wilks on Luke's condition

    I hope they are just being extremely cautious and he is fine.
  10. Been like this the Panthers entire existence. I love JR for bringing football to the Carolinas and have just accepted that nothing really is going to change until he is gone.
  11. What the fug does this team do during practice? Between fuging tip drills, muffed punts, 2 minute offense, etc. Do we practice run blocking against tackling dummys?
  12. There is about an 80% chance we are running when Stewart is in the backfield. Our “evolved offense” is insanely predictable because Shula has no idea how to use our personnel. Add in the fact that we wait until the last possible second to snap the ball and teams have tape on our new offense, we are screwed. I don’t think Kalil will make a difference if Shula is still going full retard with the play calls.
  13. Should we bench Worley?

    To add to him lacking the instincts, him not recovering that muffed punt was terrible. His reaction was so delayed. It’s like he didn’t comprehend that the ball was on the ground.
  14. Should we bench Worley?

    It’s just not clicking for him unfortunately. He looks lost on the field and is always a step behind.
  15. I blame the Q band thing