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  1. We got CJ Anderson for peanuts so I guess anything’s possible.
  2. Unless money is an issue, Funch, Moore, and Samuel are the future and it’s looking very bright.
  3. Eazy-E

    White pants

    I also like the Silver pants. Honestly you really couldn’t tell a huge difference between the white and silver with the blue jersey imo. We should just do matching pants with with all jerseys. The black on black looks great, our color rush was probably one of the best in the nfl, and we already always wear white. Would be interesting to see a silver jersey to go with our helmets and pants. If designed properly it could potentially be an awesome look.
  4. If he was at least an inch taller and 10 pounds heavier he would have been a first round lock. He is the least of my worries in our secondary.
  5. Better than Amini on his ass in the backfield. Thumbs up in my book.
  6. Where the huddle doctors at? Is this a smart move?
  7. Eazy-E

    Where's Corn?

    5th rounder who missed his rookie season. I’d say he’s on the outside looking in. He will need to make an impression during the preseason with guys like Doss stepping up.
  8. The only answer to this question is left guard.
  9. The wire is the goat and sopranos is a close runner up. Game of thrones season 1 was fantastic but it’s been all down hill from there. Just seems like a lot of lazy confused writing. I get the same feeling from west world. Don’t get me wrong. GoT is great but it’s no where near The Wire or Sopranos. Loved breaking bad but it is hard to compare to HBO shows. Regular cable has to follow too many guidelines. Yes they pushed the boundaries but imagine if the show was on HBO or Showtime etc. Mr. Robot is probably my favorite show still on the air right now. I don’t include comedies and stuff. They need a separate ranking. Same applies to the greatest movies of all time.
  10. Eazy-E

    Cockrell is done

    So uhhh Breeland... how’s that foot of yours?
  11. Eazy-E

    Titans cutting Kevin Dodd

    Word is he doesn’t have the passion to play football anymore.
  12. Eazy-E

    Hornets Summer League

    I live in Charleston and CofC had an awesome run this year. Joe Chealey is a baller. Would love for him to make the roster.
  13. Eazy-E

    Trade Idea!

    Would probably have to swap lamb in for MKG for the bucks to be interested
  14. Eazy-E

    Tepper Presser Takeaways

    When Bill Voth asked about the team president search and said what are you looking for in the next guy and the triggered woman next to him felt the need to add or woman had me dying. Get over yourself. At least Tepper laughed it off.