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  1. fug Yes wow can't believe he fell to us
  2. You have to take Monk here
  3. Which is still 100% better than Bumlee.
  4. Our system was friendly enough for fuging Al Jefferson to come here and tear it up, and he is/was one of the most non-athletic big me out there. I know their offensive games are majorly different but our system is one of the few in the league that will help get the most out of what Howard has left. Honestly none of this really matters because we some how got out of Plumlee's contact which I am still dumbfounded by after a good nights rest.
  5. No back to back winning seasons, Cam has an injured shoulder. The Oline is a big question mark. We play in arguably the toughest division in football. I love the additions we made but I am tempering my expectations. Last season was a huge kick in the groin. I'm not trying to go through that again.
  6. We all thought this last year and look what happened. When Kelvin is zoned in he is a beast but the amount of times he gave up on routes/plays last year was heartbreaking.
  7. Your posts are usually a diamond found in a pile of poo. Thank you and keep them coming.
  8. I live in Charleston and it is definitely one of the best cities in the Carolinas. Lived in Charlotte for 10 years and moved back to Charleston if that tells you anything. Ive never been to Seattle but I've been to Portland twice in the past 6 months and loved it. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful. I'm sure if I lived there my whole life though I'd like a change of scenery. Also coming from the west coast to the south is going to be like going back in time 30 years. The south is the least progressive region in the United States. It kind of sucks.
  9. Couldn't tell you the last time I was this excited for camp / preseason
  10. A solid B for overall draft grade. Addressed a ton of needs but this draft class is very boom or bust.
  11. Yeah a guy who is no longer on the team is going to make it over him... gtfoh
  12. For a corner Corn can flat out hit and tackle I like it.
  13. I thought lamp was viewed as a guard in the NFL