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  1. Wow an 81 year old rich, white, southern man possibly racist and sexist. WHAT A SURPRISE! SHOCKING!
  2. Hornets at Rockets

    Wow they start calling fouls and we start cutting into the lead what a surprise.
  3. Hornets at Rockets

    We aren't that good but that run was sparked by 4 blatant fouls at the rim not getting called.
  4. Hornets at Rockets

    Getting absolutely fuged by the refs. Stop blowing the whistle and the Rockets go on a 25-4 run or some poo. Was the same fuging thing when we played Golden State. fug the NBA.
  5. If I am a Packers fan I would pray they just sit him the rest of the year. Let Hundley get reps and try and make him look good while still losing. Get a high draft pick and try and trade Hundley in the off-season. I mean poo, the browns were about to trade a second rounder for fuging AJ McCarron. Maybe if the Packers were healthier it would be worth it but the Packers offensive line is terrible and I don't see how it is worth risking re-injuring your 34 year old QB for a wildcard spot. Just ask the Cowboys.
  6. I heard people were able to get sideline tickets to that game for like 6 dollars
  7. Made probably the catch of the year. He gets a ton of poo from us but the guy has some hands.
  8. I don’t even think I hated John Fox this much.
  9. Time to Tank

    If Batum wasn’t playing like a French pos and would score 15 to 20 ppg like he should, we would be wining. Instead he is scoring 5 to 8 a night on like 20% shooting and turning the ball over like crazy.
  10. Wish we would have just traded KB for Watkins early in the season. He would be a perfect compliment to Funchess.