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  1. Cam Newton and Panthers cards are hot on eBay

    The Contenders? It's the product, Contenders, Chrome, National Treasures, Five Star, Exquisite, they're the big ones that are most wanted in the hobby. I've been lucky enough to pull 5 Cam rookie autos myself, sold one of them since it was a dual auto with Mark Ingram, but have kept the rest of course.
  2. Cam Newton and Panthers cards are hot on eBay

    Cmon Jason, you know better than to say this Cam's top rookie cards will never come close to holding their value like those three, and it has nothing to do with Cam. All 3 of them have very few nice rookie cards, SIGNIFICANTLY less than Cam.  There are only a few "high end" rookies of those three guys, while Cam has probably 10 different "high end" products with another 30 other standard products he was in.
  3. Panthers pride at work and school

    I'm keeping with what's worked in the playoffs.... wearing the same pair of jeans and button down shirt with my purrbacca shirt underneath just as I have each Friday since the playoffs began. I've been good the last 9 days at work, been able to concentrate and get stuff done for the most part.  But today I haven't gotten a single thing done, way too mentally not here today.
  4. Interesting comments from Bronco CB Harris

    I live in Michigan and have a BWW that I've gone to for every game (except ones shown on local TV here) since I moved back here after college starting with the 2010 season. Have had the same bartenders every year, so they know me and make sure the game is put on whatever tv is right in front of me, I love it.
  5. Interesting comments from Bronco CB Harris

    I love how we get no respect all year long, it motivates the players and the fans embrace that mentality too. Then for the first time all year we finally are being talked about as the favorites and when the other team tries to play the no respect card our fans dismiss it as overconfidence and start talking about a shut out. Stop acting like bandwagon Seahawks fans, all he said is he felt they deserved more respect for beating the Patriots twice this year, the exact same thing our players were saying about beating Seattle twice and still not getting the proper respect.
  6. Which way would you prefer to win?

    As much as I want to just dominate them, imagine how amazing the memory would be of an 80 yard last minute TD drive by Cam punctuated with a Cam to Olsen TD with just seconds remaining to win the game
  7. My CEO is Cooler Than Yours

    I told my boss that win or lose, I'd probably be a little late Monday as I'll be moving a little slow that morning.
  8. Pro bowl thread

    What the hell? no panthers in the pro bowl at all? #norespect
  9. Future Hall of Famers on This 2015 Tteam?

    If TD does something crazy in the SB like plays with a broken arm and gets 20 tackles, a INT, and wins MVP, that literally could put him in the HOF. Terrell Davis is widely assumed to be a lock for the HOF at some point, even though he only played 5 years in the NFL. Given the respect he has around the league, the story of him coming back after the 3 ACL's to have the 3 best years of his career and be considered one of the best LBs in the game during that time, winning Man of the Year award, and an epic SB game could be enough to get him the Terrell Davis type of consideration. It might be a long shot, but the story that could take place given the broken arm could be what is needed to give him a big push for HOF considerations, especially if he has another great season or two.
  10. Broncos enjoying the underdog role

    I'm not sure this is something we should make light of as it's something our team has used as motivation all year long and we've seen how it has worked. I'm not saying I think we're going to lose because of that, but it's not something I would dismiss either, not with how Rivera has used it to motivate his guys all year long and has openly spoke about how it has helped the team stay focused this year.
  11. When did Cam first give the ball to a kid?

    I'm not sure when it started exactly, but in sure he was doing it his rookie year because I remember he gave away a record setting ball that they then had to get back from the fan and give them something else. Think it was the TD ball from rushing record for a QB that he gave away
  12. Anybody else worried the NFL won't let Peyton lose his last game.

    While that's true that most don't get that magical ride off into the sunset, to play devils advocate..... Has there ever been an all-time great like Manning, at a position like QB, who reached the SB in what was pretty much known to be their last season? I'm not saying there is a conspiracy to get him that ring, but it's a pretty unique situation that I doubt we've seen before. Even more so with his injuries this year and then coming into the game week 17 to secure the #1 seed and then proceed to the SB unexpectedly.
  13. 89 Panther 4 Life! Bottom Line

    I'm actually curious to know what his kids reactions to this season have been. I've got to imagine they're still Panthers fans, but gotta be weird around their dad given the situation, hahaha
  14. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    Love that intro pic of Stew, about to be the wallpaper on my 24" monitor at work for all to see!!!
  15. TD having surgery this morning

    Yea, if he is physically able to play, he will, I really don't think the pain is going to be a factor here. We've seen the guy dislocate a finger while shedding a block, only to pop it back in place while running the RB down and make the tackle. I'm not worried about him being the able to play through the pain, guy is a true warrior and it's solely going to come down to whether he is physically able to play or not. I doubt he even cares about long term damage, I'd be willing to bet he'd take the SB win and play in it, even if he could end his playing career by doing so.