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  1. Players you want gone this offseason.

    I don't necessarily want to outright cut anyone at this point. Many of our starters would be more than serviceable backups with the exception of CJ, Adams, Shepard and Anderson. But that is more due to age. I really want to see some competition brought in at corner, safety, WR, and TE2.
  2. So how is the Panthers GM search going?

    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet FollowFollow @RapSheet More The #Texans have hired a search firm and are going through the process of hiring a GM to replace Rick Smith, sources say. External names expected to receive interest: Nick Caserio & Monti Ossenfort (#Patriots), Brian Gaine (#Bills), and Brian Gutekunst (#Packers).
  3. Kurt Coleman

    I blamed last year on him playing a different role as SS.
  4. It is hard for some to admit that they benefit from Packer privilege.
  5. Does the NFL dare punish the golden franchise?
  6. If we win this Sunday

    If I'm resting anyone before the playoff run its Stewart.
  7. 100% of money raised was refunded through gofundme.
  8. A message to the burn it down brigade

    Honestly, I am tired of our current coaching philosophy. I, at a bare minimum, want a new OC. I am so tired of taking the full play-clock to run an offensive play, even when we trail by 14 points. I am tired of a team that would rather take a knee going into the half than try to put points on the board. I want a team that comes after the punt block when we have them pinned inside the 5 yard line. I want a team that occasionally runs a trick punt play, or occasionally goes up-tempo to throw a defense off. I want a coach that understands we have a mobile QB and designs WR route trees and roll-outs to take advantage of this. Does this make me any less of a Panther fan? I am not happy with the direction of the team and want to evolve. I have followed and cheered for this team since day 1 and will not stop regardless. I made it through 1-15.
  9. Official Panthers at Saints Gameday Thread...

    Glad we flipped the field.....
  10. We need a controversy this week.

    I can always start a GoFundMe.......
  11. Samuel out for the season!

    We need to use this as an opportunity to go steal someone that has been stashed away on a practice squad somewhere. For example, lets add some insult to injury and steal TE Thomas Duarte from the Dolphins.
  12. It’s a Panthers Monday!

    We need a statement game. Set the tone for the rest of the season. Time to make teams fear the Panthers!!!!!
  13. Thank you Veterans

    I joined the Army shortly after 9/11. I come from a military family and was definitely the black sheep for choosing to go to college. After our country was attacked, I felt compelled to join the service and help our country. Shortly after, I found myself in Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with the attacks on our country. I did not agree with being there, but was fulfilling my duty. When IEDs, RPGs, and AKs start going off, reasons for war diminish. It quickly becomes us vs them. When your friends start dying do to cowardice bombs on the side of the road, or RPG ambushes, it really fuels the fire. You quickly learn that the people you are fighting in Iraq are often not Iraqi, but people coming from other countries, fueled by an anti-american religious ideology. The same religious ideology that causes them to fly planes into buildings. This fact almost helps me justify Iraq. Better to use their country for our fight than our own. I still have difficulty justifying our continued presence in these countries. I realize a lot of what is happening is simply fueled by the military industrial complex. Knowing my friends died for their greed also makes me sick to my stomach. People like to stereotype veterans just like any other group. We have varied political beliefs, religious beliefs, and social/economic backgrounds. Many of us feel that their is nothing more embarrassing than being thanked for our service in public. I am sure until I thanked the OP for making this thread, no one on here even knew I was a veteran. However. Your freedoms are defended by these individuals who chose to serve. We live in a world with threats. These individuals chose to train in military tactics, weapons proficiency, and must keep peak physical condition, in order to stand ready in case they are needed. They are relocated away from their families, paid almost nothing, and many do it our of a sense of duty. I completely understand if you don't want to "thank" a veteran. But they are not the ones you need to be shittin on either.
  14. Thank you Veterans

    It was an honor to serve and you never get tired of hearing that your service was appreciated. Thank you for the thread.