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  1. Personally, I am a military veteran. Tours in Iraq, and shrapnel in my back to prove it. I support people's right to protest in anyway that does not infringe upon the rights of others. From the Boston Tea party to Rosa Parks, protests have helped shape our country. We continue to evolve as a country through protest. Last week, we celebrated 50 years since our country legalized interracial marriages. Only 50 years and 4 days ago (June 12th, 1967), marrying someone of a different race was illegal in 17 states. We are still making progress to this day.
  2. Kaep's situation is really interesting if you break it down. He wanted to draw attention to racial injustice in our country. He chose not to stand for the national anthem. Instead of drawing attention to his cause, it drew criticism about his patriotism. To make matters more interesting. He is a borderline starter talent at QB, who has stated he wants to be a starter, and has not signed with an NFL team. Leading us to speculate as to the reason. All of this falls during a very heated political climate. A time of "us vs them" politics, that many would argue has this country more divided than any post-civil war period in our history. Really really interesting if you take a step back and look at it.
  3. Damn. I want them to have no excuses when thoroughly whoop them this year.
  4. Think his first day is tomorrow
  5. #Anal
  6. I minored in biology, and get a kick out of when I can use any of that useless knowledge in the real-world.
  7. How do we feel about David Newton here at the huddle?
  8. Your username is so dorky. Good on you. haha
  9. It should be noted that all of those prescriptions are empty. A number of them may have been used to deal with temporary issues. I would absolutely hate to be in a position to sacrifice my lifelong passion for fear of long term health repercussions. While it may be easy for you or me to say hang up the cleats, I can't imagine this is an easy decision for him.
  10. There are a number of medications prescribed for individuals post head-injury. One of the most common is stimulants like ritalin, concerta, methadate, etc. Dopamine agonists such as Levodopa are often perscribed to patients exhibiting posttraumatic parkinsonisms. He is likely on an SSRI such as Zoloft as depression is common post-injury. Anti-convulsants, such as Phenytoin. intracranial pressure reducers, like Mannitol. There are also a number of medications used for specific problems, like antispasticity medications (Zanaflex), NMDA receptor antagonists (Nuedexta or Namenda). He could also have a large number of electrolyte and vitamin specific meds. So much could depend on the specifics of his injury. Without access to his medical file, I can only speculate. However, regarding what has been released to the public about his specific physical symptoms, it appears his head injury was more complicated than a concussion. The first thing that came to mind for me was a shear injury with micro-hemorrhaging, likely subcortical/cerebellar. Again, this is complete speculation.
  11. In a weird way, lets try and find a silver lining. This injury isn't going to hold him back at all. He may miss a few weeks of upper body weight training and some hand specific drills. But otherwise, no big deal. However, maybe this injury reminds the FO that injuries to our CBs are a real possibility and we need to consider bringing in more depth. Don't get me wrong, I love what Bradberry brings to the table. I am not a Worley hater either. But if we were forced to play Elder or Captain on the outside due to injury, we would be in a rough spot. I would love to bring in a Vet simply for backup. Tracy Porter, Brandon Flowers, Sam Shields. A lot of these names have injury concerns, but we would be paying for a backup
  12. For a second, I thought they had released Madden 18 stats.... Who gives a poo about 2017.
  13. I couldn't even bring myself to type his name..... haha
  14. Again, we have no idea why he was cut. Maybe a new headcoach and GM wouldn't want to deal with a locker-room distraction. Maybe he asked to be released? Maybe he is secretly a kid cuisine dinner? I trust our front office to do their due diligence. 6'7" 325 pound men with his physical gifts do not grow on trees. Maybe I have too much faith in John Matsko. I tend to think he can make a tree stump serviceable. He resurrected Oher's career. Took an UDFA out of New Mexico who wasn't even invited to combine and made a ..... serviceable... tackle out of him.