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  1. Panthers bring back Blackburn

    DB coach in San Diego, yeah.
  2. Who Are Your Top 10 Panthers on the Roster?

    Luke -- Cam -- Jansen -- Short -- Kalil -- Olsen -- Davis -- Stewart -- Turner -- Tolbert That general order.
  3. Favorite songs about relationships

    And now for the king of songs that pull at all of your emotions... About a suicidal boy/man trying to convince his younger brother to join him. About his mother. And for the finale, about an abusive father, a mother, and their baby.
  4. Favorite songs about relationships

    Father / son songs, you say? How about this ~1,500 view gem from some random dude on Youtube? Talk about an emotional song. I broke down the first time I heard this.
  5. Favorite songs about relationships

    Leave was the first song that came on shuffle in my car as I left Chapel Hill for the last time today (graduated Sunday). Needless to say, a tear or two was inevitably shed.
  6. Top 100 players No. 86 Jonathan Stewart

    I understand, I too am a Panthers fan lol, but I still didn't expect to see the guy on this list.
  7. Top 100 players No. 86 Jonathan Stewart

    Interesting, didn't expect to see J-Stew on the list.
  8. Josh Norman (Player's Tribune Column) on the Panthers

    Fantastic article, btw. I guess now that Grantland is gone, The Players Tribune is probably my favorite read.
  9. Josh Norman (Player's Tribune Column) on the Panthers

    The Huddle is honestly the pettiest place on the Internet lol. Yall's favorite player will suddenly become "awful all along" as soon as they leave Carolina. Every single offseason.
  10. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Why not just wait til next round or something?
  11. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    I mean.... I trust Gettleman and all, but come on. How boring is that? Another DT? And that also basically tells us that we're not gonna be re-signing both Star & KK, right? I hope we trade back up into the second to snag a falling Sterling Shepard, Emmanuel Ogbah, or Hunter Henry.
  12. Dont expect more than 3-4 my choice for the night

    And Steve Smith was nothing but a punt returner and slot guy coming outta school.
  13. No way Sterling will be available for that pick. If we want him, we either take him at 30, trade down and take him with a high 2nd, or trade back up into the 2nd.
  14. Norman was not a production of a system

    I think the people who need to let it go are those whining about how he's not worth the money. I 100% agree, and so do 98% of Panthers fans, but that doesn't all of the sudden mean he was awful the entire time. Panthers fan logic is always the same when a player leaves Carolina lol... It's a dumb narrative to hear time & time again.
  15. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Exactly. We were never gonna match the offer, so as old Foxy would say, it is what it is. Wish him well and move on. If anything, it gives us a chance to find yet another defensive gem, be it through free agency or the draft.