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  1. Carolina Panthers: Legacy of Linebackers

    Don't sleight James Anderson either. He was a tackling monster for a few years.
  2. Best Hip-Hop Cypher Ever?

    I moreso meant live cyphers, but Tech is good too.
  3. video of Cam responding to criticism

    "I know who I am, and I'm not about to conform nor bend for anybody's expectations, because your, or anybody else's expectations will never exceed mine."
  4. Best Hip-Hop Cypher Ever?

    Fun fact: The first guy, Chris Rivers, is Big Pun's son. 
  5. Best Hip-Hop Cypher Ever?

        Odd post, but I don't know where else to share this, so forgive me if it seems out of place. But holy sh*t, how perfect is this cypher? All 3 hold their own and bring something unique to the table. Instead of trying to top each other's verses like most cyphers, they complimented each other's verses and worked together to spit the sickest cypher I've ever seen. I listen to this thing probably half a dozen times a day, lol.
  6. Cam to reporter "We'll be back"

    I surely hope so. The NFC isn't gonna be a joke all of the sudden though. I'd expect the Hawks, Cards, and Packers to contend again, but there are a couple others that could be trouble too.
  7. With Cam as QB do we have a shorter 'window'?

    I think we have the NFL's biggest window right now. We've got a great young core gaining experience and getting better.   This wasn't our year, I mean who honestly expected to make a Super Bowl appearance back in August? We've got time, we'll be back.
  8. Lets dispel the "small market" persona

    Those numbers are flawed and misleading in the sense that you're thinking about it, as those numbers only count people within the actual political boundary of the cities. Jacksonville is the largest city by area in the continental United States, so its population is inflated.   Is greater Jacksonville actually more populated than, say, Miami? No, because much of what we know and think of as Miami are technically separate cities and suburbs surrounding Miami.
  9. Lets dispel the "small market" persona

    Look into MSA (metropolitan statistical areas) if you want a more accurate reading. Looking into just the population of cities themselves is dumb. For example, Jacksonville is the highest city by area in the continental US, which in turn makes its city-proper population quite high. However, Jacksonville is still one of the NFL's smallest markets because it's metropolitan area is barely larger than its city-proper.   TL;DR: This is absolutely pointless lol. Look at this if you want to do this at all, but still, a team's reach is more than just its direct market (aka the city it's based in).
  10. Who Else Will Start Wearing Team Gear Again .. Later

    I'm a traditionalist I suppose. I think the new logo looks sleeker, but I prefer the older one if for nothing else than nostalgia factor.
  11. Who Else Will Start Wearing Team Gear Again .. Later

    If we lose, I'm giving you the full blame.
  12. Who Else Will Start Wearing Team Gear Again .. Later

    Same. Before, during, and twice after. I think the team feeds off of steady masturbation habits.
  13. Who Else Will Start Wearing Team Gear Again .. Later

    I don't rep my Panthers gear often anymore either, moreso because I get weirdly superstitious about wearing it, but I was thinking the same thing with the logos. All my sh*t has that classic logo on it cause I haven't bought new gear in ages, and I'm sure most of the Huddle is in the same boat. I feel oddly proud of myself for that, but I digress.
  14. Aussie tennis check dabs in honor of Cam

    Not Azarenka... Gross.   Can we trade her dab for some Bouchard or Ivanovic dabbing?
  15. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    Lol I love the Panthers. Am I doing this right?