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  1. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Sorry if it has already been discussed in this thread, didn't read all of the pages, but doesn't Stephen Hill still have to serve a one game suspension from last year (was on IR)?
  2. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    I really don't see Brown getting cut. It's not a 100% guarantee, but it'd shock me.
  3. People also need to remember that we still have a lot of money to spend if we want to pick someone up off the free agency market. Gettleman's proven he is willing to do that and we are closing in on the deadline where it won't affect our comp pick next year. So for those of you begging we add something to our offense, it's not too late for that.
  4. The scenario involving Norman is easily the better one for 2016. It's not a fair question. It makes it seem like our decision was just limited to 2016. Bradberry and Worley, along with deciding not to sign Norman to a long-term contract, go far beyond just a single season.
  5. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    Man, the rage that will ensue on the Huddle if we draft a quarterback in the 2nd round.
  6. There is no way in the world we pick that early.
  7. Your final predictions (#30)

    I think it'll be Vernon Butler
  8. It is draft week people... look alive...

    For some reason, I thought the draft started Friday. Thursday is PERFECT. I have the night off Thursday/Friday, don't mind missing Saturday plus that begins early in the day anyway so I'll still be able to catch it. Sucks the draft is on finals week though.
  9. The schedule

    Do teams usually do anything different when they have to travel to play West Coast teams back to back? Seems like it would be illogical for us to come back to Carolina but I don't know the NFL rules and if we'd be allowed to stay out there.
  10. Henry averaged 5.6 YPC on nearly 400 carries at Alabama. How was he a volume back? He isn't as good as Gurley as a prospect, but anyone expecting to get a top tier prospect at the 30th pick is expecting too much. I know a lot of people like to hate on Henry, almost primarily because he played at Alabama (and people have to stop letting Richardson cloud their judgement - recent Bama backs have been pretty damn good, and all of them were lesser prospects and athletes than Henry), so I shouldn't bother getting into a debate about it again. I'll just say that while I question his durability or if he is the best route we should take at our pick, I have very little doubt about what he could provide to our team.
  11. Teams in the NFL aren't going to care much about this (not saying it is right or wrong) as long as it isn't bringing bad publicity. And since the general public hasn't heard of this guy, thus probably hasn't even heard of the incident, this isn't going to prevent the Panthers from drafting him if they like him enough. Same with like Terrell Suggs. Dude has a sketchy history but nobody cares so it isn't something they are going to worry about much. Lets not forget that Greg Hardy only got suspended/deactivated/whatever you want to call it because of public outcry when the Ray Rice video came out, nobody other than Panthers fans even peeped a word about it beforehand. If we like him and he is at the top of our board in the later rounds, this incident won't stop us from drafting him. What we will do is just check out his character and ask him what happened, so it'll play a role in the interview process.
  12. I've thought it would be Derrick Henry for awhile now. He is exactly the kind of guy Gettleman would take. His potential for injury due to his height scares me, but I love him as a talent.
  13. Kuechly a bust? One Bucs fan thought so

    The only thing I realized by reading that thread is how much better this site's layout is than just about every other team/fan site I see. I would get sick of posting there after awhile.
  14. Panthers ink Boykin

    For some reason I completely forgot about Ed Dickson. His contract is dirt cheap (relatively speaking).